TDS Rant! : Smart Move or Loser Mentality?

There are some polarizing discussions going on about a decision made by Joe Philbin just before the half in the game vs. the Buffalo Bills, Miami was down 9-0 but managed to get the ball with just over two minutes to go before the half (2:21). The Dolphins had all of their time-outs (3) you can’t save them or carry them over so instead of trying to get into scoring position for a field goal at the least or a TD at best, Philbin decides to run the ball and the clock out and his reasoning was he wanted to get into the half and make some adjustments to come out and play better… ( 20-10 was the second half score)

Ok, if you want to fall for that lame excuse don’t count me in! I fall squarely on the side of those of you  who disagree with that decision; in fact I am willing to bet just about every other HC in the NFL would have tried to score with their two minute offense that they practice. To put our tail between our legs and quit is a sign of weakness and cowardice! What the hell are they spending all that time in practice on the two-minute drill for? What kind of message are you sending the players the fans and our opponents?

It was an inexcusable decision and it shows a loser mentality! As long as there is time on the clock our goal should be to try to score? Could it have made a difference? YES! Score a field Goal and or a TD with the two-minute drive and the momentum could have changed and that they were getting the ball in the 2nd half is all the more reason you take your shot!

I was upset in the New England game when we had 30 points and could have went for a TD and the calls seemed to be conservative and they went for a field goal and 33 points! Was that a kind gestre to Belichick? Get a clue Philbin old Bill would have stuck a dagger in the Dolphins hearts and ran the score up!

The sad part is that the puppets at the Finsiders  the team owned radio and TV program have sided with this poor decision and tried to convince those of us who know better that it was a wise call. Joe Philbin has not earned that kind of leeway the guy is 17-19 in two seasons and with that kind of cowardice weak-minded thinking that they didn’t want to go into the half down by 16…..REALLY!

Ok, it would have been justified had they came out in the second half and turned the game around and pulled out a win, but they didn’t, in fact Buffalo put up 20 more points in the 2nd half! This decision just might come back to bite Philbin in the ass if they continue to lose and have another unimpressive .500 season. This is a playoff or bust year for Philbin and with his conservative attitude he must be clueless to that reality.

This fan is vehemently opposed to that decision and Philbins walk in the park conservative nature! PLAY TO WIN!

Ahhhh I got that off my chest!

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TDS Merit Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 3
Denver Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals
Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers
San Diego Chargers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins
New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans
St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
New York Giants
Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars

TDS Weekly Predictions: Week 3

Match up Prediction
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22
Atlanta Falcons 25
San Diego Chargers 19
Buffalo Bills 26
Dallas Cowboys 24
St. Louis Rams 19
Washington Redskins 23
Philadelphia Eagles 26
Houston Texans 27
New York Giants 15
Minnesota Vikings 26
New Orleans Saints 27
Tennessee Titans 16
Cincinnati Bengals 24
Baltimore Ravens 24
Cleveland Browns 24
Green Bay Packers 21
Detroit Lions 29
Indianapolis Colts 32
Jacksonville Jaguars 25
Oakland Raiders 17
New England Patriots 28
San Francisco 49ers 20
Arizona Cardinals 25
Denver Broncos 25
Seattle Seahawks 28
Kansas City Chiefs 19
Miami Dolphins 26
Pittsburgh Steelers 14
Carolina Panthers 27
Chicago Bears 23
New York Jets 25

TDS Rewind Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo: Dominated In another Loss to Buffalo

After over 6 scoreless quarters counting the shutout last year Miami finally made a field goal to end the embarrassment of being shut out again in Buffalo. Even though we avoided the shut out it was a one-sided game as Buffalo dominated the Dolphins. Miami played poorly in all three phases as special teams, Offense and Defense can all take credit in the loss along with some questionable coaching decisions.

After an excellent start of the season beating New England in Miami the Dolphins Miami plays so poorly today that I am not sure what we can expect from this team this season. It is early and we have to regroup and move on.

Buffalo seems to have Miami’s number as the Dolphins have lost 4 out of their last five vs. the Bills and hopefully we will avoid another sweep by the Bills this season but I am sure Buffalo feels confident that they can beat Miami anywhere and who am I to argue after the last 3 matchups?

There are a number of problems that are starting to be a pattern foremost of them is the accuracy of Ryan Tannehill. Ryan once again seemed to have poor ball placement as he had very poor touch on short passes and threw behind his receivers again and under threw Hartline on what could have been a touchdown. Mike Wallace’s touchdown catch was really a save of another pass that could have been placed better. It appears that Ryan’s accuracy is getting worse and if it continues it will derail his potential big pay-day and potentially cost him his starting job.

No, I am not calling for Ryan to be replaced now but I do think it is time to start considering other options if this accuracy issues persist beyond a few more games. And I am officially calling him out as I am having second thoughts about this kid. Sufficient time has passed and he is not playing up to the expectations of a starting QB. I will address this issue in a future article.

Special Teams seem to be unraveling as well as blocked punts, muffed punts and poor coverage played a huge role in the game. The Dolphins allowed a block punt, kickoff return for a TD and our pro bowl kicker shanked at least two punts, Buffalo had the field position advantage throughout the game and had it not been for our Defense playing good the Bills could have won by more than they did as they could have went into the half with 21 points rather than 9.

The Defense to their credit was put in a no win situation by the special teams play and or our poor offensive play as Buffalo had excellent field position all day. With that being said they still should have played better as they were unable to pressure E.J Manuel who played a very solid game.

As for the coaching I question the decision at the end of the first half when Miami had the ball and it was just under two minutes and we had 3 timeouts (none of which you can carry over) and Philbin decides to run the clock out and go into the half. It shows the coach gave up on the offense and put his tail between his legs and went into the half down 9-0 when it could have been 9-3.

It should be noted that the player I wanted Miami take a chance on late in the draft this year Seantrel Henderson, played a very solid game as he shut down Cameron Wake as he had zero sacks and very few pressures on the Buffalo QB and much credit should go to Henderson who held down his side of the ball. Bottom line is this game erased the great feeling I had leaving Sun Life Stadium and left me unsure what we can expect from Miami. I am concerned about the accuracy issue and the loss of Knowshon Moreno.

This team needs to find a way to play consistently good football 60 minutes and so far they got away with not playing that way week one and they were torched today due to poor play that ultimately reflects on the coaching. Miami now vs. Buffalo have been shut out 7 out of the last 8 quarters.

Miami 1-1 now comes home to face a good KC team who also lost today so somebody will have a two game losing streak after next week’s game, hopefully a little home field advantage along with better play will push Miami ahead of KC next week.

What are your thoughts on the game?

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TDS Preview: Miami @ Buffalo Week 2 “The Big Pay-Back!?”


  • When : Today, 1:00 PM (on CBS)
  • Where : Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, New York

With a Third of their wins last season being their sweep of the Dolphins I’d say it’s payback time as Miami travels to Buffalo to face a team that seems to have had similar issues that the Dolphins have had these past few years as they have not lived up to their potential. If they had the Dolphins on their schedule all 16 games last year they would have maybe made the playoffs as Buffalo have been a thorn in our sides for years. I still remember them being the one team that kept Miami from making the Super-bowl during the peak of the Marino years as they always seem to have our Number. In fact I had misgivings all last year before each game we faced Buffalo as I knew they had the talent to beat Miami and with my concerns over both units as our Defense was unable to stop the run and our offense could not run the ball.

Not the case this year as we go into Buffalo with the top rusher after week one our excellent free agent signing Knowshon Moreno who sit atop the NFL rushing stats after week 1 with 134 rushing yards he gashed the Patriots with last week and add to that the 8th ranked defense and we have a legitimate shot at winning this game and with a win the Dolphins would be in the driver’s seat with a 2-0 record and more important a 2-0 division record as well!

This is a huge opportunity for the Dolphins to send a statement that they are for real and a great chance to pay back one of the three teams that foiled their late season chance of making the playoffs the other two being the Jest and the Dolphins themselves!

This would erase the bad lingering taste in my gut that I talked about with my season opening rant ( . I still have some concerns as Buffalo will have their season home opening game as they went on the road and pulled out a win against Chicago in Chicago. The Bills offer a similar challenge Miami does as their rushing game is one of the best and they have a solid defensive front. Miami still have the better talent and if they can correct the mistakes especially on offense and contain the Bills running game Miami will come away with the victory.

The matchup: on Offense

Miami enters the game in a three way tie for first place after week one in the AFC East 1-0, averaging 33 points per game which ranks them 9thwith 33 total points so far this year, they are ranked 28th in passing with 169 yards passing they are 4th in rushing with 191 total yards rushing, averaging 5.0 yards per carry as a team.

Buffalo in a three way tie for first place after week one in the AFC East 1-0 averaging 23 points per game which ranks them 15th, they are ranked 29th in passing with 167 yards passing , they are 3rd in rushing with 193 total yards rushing, averaging 5.8 yards per carry as a team.

The matchup: on Defense

Miami enters the game 8th in total defense allowing 315 total yards in week 1 they gave up 20 points last week 15th tied with Buffalo they rank 14th against the pass giving up 226.0 passing yards last week, they rank 11th in the league against the run giving up 89 yards rushing last week.

Buffalo enters the game 29th in total defense allowing 315 total yards in week 1 they gave up 20 points last week 15th they rank 16th against the pass giving up 341.0 passing yards last week, they rank 10th in the league against the run giving up 86 yards rushing last week.


I will go with the TDS weekly prediction that has Miami winning:

Miami 27

Buffalo 25

Keep an Eye on Our Young LB’s

In what is looking (in hind-site) as another bad decision letting Karlos Dansby, and Kevin Burnett go and replacing them with what then seemed to be younger better less expensive options in Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe as both replacements seemed to have problems in our system last season and as of this year both have struggled with injuries. In fact Dannell Ellerbe is now out for the season and Phillip Wheeler missed game one and is still not 100% as he is sporting a cast on his right thumb and plans to play with it Sunday vs. Buffalo.

Koia Misi who was switched to MLB suffered an injury during the game last week which left the Dolphins defense playing without any of their starters at some point last week.

What has not gone unnoticed are the young LB’s who seemed to step in and seamlessly play a sound defensive game as the Dolphins Defense may have played the best game under Kevin Coyle ever last week. Who are these young pups that seem to have held their own and have done so throughout training camp and game 1? Are they the future stars of this defense?

  • Jason Trusnik (30)(starting inside linebacker)
  • Jelani Jenkins (22) (starting weak side linebacker)
  • JonathanFreeny (25) Rotation player
  • Chris McCain (22) Rotation player

As you can see we have some very young LB’s who are gaining invaluable experience and the way the play has not dropped off the least bodes well for our future at the LB spot as we might have some rising stars that will supplant veteran players who do not live up to their contracts……listening Wheeler and Ellerbe?

Who is your favorite LB on the team?

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How Many Points Can This Offense Produce?

If you look back at last week’s game vs. New England the Dolphins put up 33 points for the first time in a while but the scary thing is they left easily 21 points on the field due to mistakes, turnovers and dropped passes and missed opportunities. Now if you take the 33 points and times that 16 our Offense would produce over 500 points this season. Now do I expect that to happen? No! But let’s say maybe between 25-27 points a game? That would put our offense between 400-430 points this season. Contrast those numbers to what Miami have averaged the last 12 years.

Year Points
2013 317
2012 288
2011 329
2010 323
2009 360
2008 345
2007 267
2006 260
2005 318
2004 275
2003 311
2002 378
Points AVG
3771 314.25


In total Miami scored: 3771 points for an average of 314.25 per season. I had to go all the way back to 1986 before I found the Dolphins offense scored 400 or more points 430 in total that year. You know who we had at QB! :) The most points ever scored by the offense in a season were 513 in 1984 and yes Danny Boy was HOT. The least was in 1982 when they scored 198 points in a 9 game strike shortened season.

I know it’s just one game into the season and maybe I am getting ahead of myself but I ask was that not the supposed to be improved Patriots Defense Miami could have put up 54 or more points had they played the perfect game? So considering that this offense is still a work in progress and I expect them to get better as the season moves on am I really being presumptuous? Time will tell but I am really excited about the potential of this offense so stay tuned!

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