TDS FFL 2014 Update!

With a little over a week away from the live draft on (Saturday, Aug 30, 2014 at 7:00pm EDT) we still have a few (3-4) slots available for any who are interested in playing FF this year. Can you help out in making our 2014 league more challenging? The more teams (Goal 10-12 teams) we have the better the league as it becomes more challenging to get the best players. If you have never played before and always wanted to why not take the challenge? It really is not that time-consuming if you are able to invest 10 minutes a week or less you can set your roster and be done.

If you need help or have questions just post here or e-mail me I will get back with you. Once again it is easy to sign up, the draft is fun but even if you cannot make the live draft the computer will draft for you and it tends to do very good job in selecting for you.

If you were a member in the past we would love to welcome you back if you are on the fence please get off and join us this year.  I do have something planned for the former winners and thank you for your patience and participating.

Link to The Dolphin Seer FFL: CLICK HERE TO JOIN! (

If you have problems with the link let me know ( I can e-mail you an invitation, come join the fun!



Time’s Up!

As the Dolphins work their way to selecting the 53 man roster there will be some very tough decisions Like which WR’s to keep and let go or trade? And some not so tough decisions, In particular I am targeting two players who were drafted high and have been on this team enough time to have shown something but quite frankly have been Major disappointments one I have been calling and or implying that he’s been a bust for the last two years and hopefully he will be thrown off the Island this year.

Daniel Thomas has been a huge disappointment in fact as much of a fan of Ireland that I was ( I still feel he did a very good job for Miami) clearly drafting Daniel Thomas was a bad move in fact I recall being high on DeMarco Murray (who has run for twice as many yards and scored just about twice as many TD’s in his career than Thomas) that season and didn’t even have Thomas on my radar but as always I defer to the experts and hope for the best for any rookie drafted by the team.

Thomas is a big back but runs like a small RB he lacks the power you would expect from a person his size and he just might be better suited for the old school offenses ones that run the ball and use strong defense to win games. He is a backup at best not worthy of a 2nd round pick. I am convinced his time is up in Miami and would be shocked if he remains on this team the best we can hope for is that Hickey is on the phones trying to sucker “oops” I mean convince some team that Daniel is worth trading for but Miami should not waste any more money or time in this guy because enough is enough!

The other person is a player who I had a little more compassion and patience for due to how his career started with Miami. Our former OC showed him up and called him out in Hard Knocks and from that point forward he has been a disappointment. Michael Egnew is the guy that was ripped by Mike Sherman on Hard Knocks and I recall Sherman aptly said the way he was playing he would have been cut by most teams…. Well maybe he should have listened his advice and cut Egnew loose his rookie season as just like with Daniel Thomas he’s been a huge bust and major disappointment,I bear no I’ll will towards either player but my patience has truly run out on both players and more than enough time has passed for these two to show some signs of proving worthy of their draft selection and it is time to move on.

There are now younger players on the team like UDFA RB Damien Williams and 2nd year TE Dion Simms that need to be looked upon as legitimate backups deserving of more time invested in their development.

We know the draft is a roll of the dice and sometimes you hit on late round picks and flop on the early round picks hopefully for the most part it is rare but in the case of Miami our 2nd round picks under Ireland have disappointed to say the least and downright awful if you realistically look at it. The only saving grace is he did hit on his first round picks and ironically maybe had better success picking up undrafted FA’s who made the team like Devon Bess and Dan Carpenter to name a few.

So what do you think? Is it time to move on from the two players listed? Or should Miami continue to invest time in them? Are there other players on your radar who you feel have had enough time and need to be added to my list?

Chime in!


The Dolphins and Cowboys and The Pink Elephant

It’s time to get serious this Saturday as the Dallas Cowboys visit Sun Life Stadium to take on our Dolphins. There are so many positives to talk about on our roster however it is hard to ignore the pink elephant in the room. That pink elephant is our anemic running game that has produced just over 100 yards the first two games. It’s probably safe to say that Dallas Thomas will not be starting the game after his abysmal performance last week so Billy Turner and Shelly Smith will see if they can do the job.

Dallas enters the game 0-2 after giving up a total of 64 points to the Chargers and Ravens. After choosing to draft Zack Martin on the OL instead of bolstering their anemic defense and also losing Demarcus Ware to free agency the Cowboys seem to remain defensively challenged. Martin will probably have a good year, but unfortunately he gained recognition earlier in training camp for steam rolling All Pro LB Sean Lee during no contact drills and putting him out for the season.

But back to the pink elephant. In looking at the game replays the OL is not getting any surge off of the ball or creating any gaps. When you have a player as fast and powerful as Damien Williams it takes only a shred of daylight for him to make good headway, but it’s just not happening. Incredibly, The Fins are averaging just 2.1 yds/rush in our two games with 1 TD. Without some type of balance in the offense it’s going to be tough for any scheme to be successful in the long haul. When you look at the Denver air assault last year, it also featured Knowshon rushing for more than 1,000 yds. as well as his receptions out of the backfield.

Knowshon will probably play this Saturday and I think we will try hard to establish a respectable running game. The coaches are keenly aware of this importance and I don’t think any of us wants that pink elephant around. Yours Truly, saysMikey.

Grimes Spurs Dolphins’ Surge


Rarely will you see such a clear example of when one play turns the tide as did Brent Grimes’ play on Mike Evans. The Texas A & M rookie was just a few feet out of the end zone when Grimes came out of nowhere to deflect the ball away from Evans and through the end zone for a touchback and a Dolphin possession. Prior to Grimes’ heroics, The Bucs were about to take a 14-3 lead by capitalizing on a Ryan Tannehill turnover and that “here we go again” feeling was upon us. After the Grimes’ play it was like the air was let out of The Bucs balloon.

From that point on The Dolphins were able to work their plan and take over the game for a 20-14 win. The Fins looked very solid on both sides of the ball with the only glaring weakness being a total of only 46 yards rushing averaging only 1.8 yds. per attempt. Despite the meager rushing output Damien Williams continues to impress with his strength and quickness and it looks like he will probably make the team. We were able to accumulate 280 yds. passing with Matt Moore throwing for an impressive 159 yds. and a great touch lob for a TD. Tannehill looks that split-second quicker this season and it helps that the blocking is holding up for him. One stat that jumped out at me was the 3rd down efficiency as we held The Bucs to 2 of 13 on 3rd down conversions while we were able to convert on 5 of 14 third downs.

Jordan Tripp and Terrance Fede continued to impress especially Fede our 7th round draft pick who again displayed great speed and quickness and I believe he is also going to make the team. With Caleeb Sturgis out with an aggravated groin injury John Potter also came through with 2 field goals of 48 and 51 yds. respectively. What I really liked overall was the effective play calling and the much improved tackling by the D. I wish we could have prevented the last 4th down score by The Bucs but we had the padding to maintain the victory.

At this point I am very optimistic on both sides of the ball. What really stands out to me is the potential we have for excellence AND great depth to help buffer injuries and to provide breathers when necessary. The area I think the staff will really look at this week is the running game. I can foresee a trio of Moreno, Miller, and Daimien Williams being very effective, but at this point the OL has not shown that they can provide the gaps. We host Dallas less Demarcus Ware next Saturday at 7:00 and I am really looking forward to seeing what we do in the running game. Yours Truly, saysMikey.

2014 Preseason Game 2 Miami @ Tampa Bay



Another solid game from Ryan Tannehill puts this Dolphins offense in very good position to be successful this upcoming 2014-15 season. It looks like Ryan is developing very well and if you really look at it he really has played solid ever since his rookie season. Ryan looks sharp he is efficient, he is getting the ball out quicker; he is making decisions quicker and all signs point to a very good year for our young QB.

Much credit goes to our new OC as his play calling is REFRESHING! The plays are creative, well designed, and aggressive, and make sense. It is a joy to watch! I am convinced that this offense is on the verge of something special. The Dolphins starting offense controlled the clock and did well against the Tampa Bay Defense as they were able to sustain on their second drive an 11 play 62 yard drive that lasted just about 5 minutes in all Miami held possession of the ball for approximately 11 minutes of the first quarter.

There were some problems as once again our run game suffered against one of the better run defenses as Miami ended the first quarter with 112 total yards 110 of them passing yards in fact the rushing yards were in the negative at the end of the first quarter. Dallas Thomas was beaten like a drum by the Bucks Gerald McCoy all game and at the start of the second quarter the very first play Tannehill was stripped sacked by McCoy as he just abused Thomas on his way to Tannehill. Some are overreacting to the play of Thomas and already are calling for him to be replaced. I feel that would be a huge mistake he is only a 2nd year player and he was playing against one of the best DT in the game a pro-bowl player. Take him to the tape and coach him up and find ways to better get him help if he is having a problem, it’s called COACHING!

The Defense played better as they did not allow Tampa Bay to sustain any long drives and got off the field. The Bucks did have some success in passing and if it were not for an excellent play by Brent Grimes to play through and knock the ball out of the hands of Mike Evans just before he crosses the goal line Tampa would have had a huge play. The Dolphins defense had 5 sacks and did not give up to many big plays the one notable miscue was when Jimmy Wilson did not wrap up Mike Evans and tried to knock him down but bounced off of the big receiver allowing a big play that was textbook bad tackling by Wilson. The Defense had a better showing than week one and I am much more encouraged that they will do better this 2014 season.

Overall I was pleased with the first team units and I must take this moment to give praise to a much criticized play by yours truly…. Matt Moore did an exceptional job as the backup QB. Yes he played against mostly 2nd and third string players but none the less he did have a very good outing. I still feel he is expendable if not for anything but his cap numbers. But I must give credit where it is due.

The Dolphins did win the game 20-14 by the way…..even though it’s preseason itg is still nice to get a win!

What did you like and dislike about the game?

Chime in and let us know.


Silence Speaks Volumes

After the draft you’ve not heard anything from him, at 6”-6” tall 318LBS and in his first year Ja’Wuan James has stepped in and  manned the right side of the line and basically have disappeared. Oh I did read early on that our pro bowl DE Cameron Wake did school him on a move or two but that should be of no big concern because James would not be alone because Cameron Wake is one of the best at his position in the league as many OT’s have had their hands full with Wake so we can take some solace and be happy that we have one of the best in camp helping James get ready for his NFL début.

As for now the Dolphins seem to have gotten their first round pick right and barring any injuries we seem set at the right tackle spot, not only has James excelled but another lineman has quietly stepped in his second year and after being inserted next to his college teammate and close friend they have locked down the right side of the line, and so far in limited play seem to have earned the starting RG position as Dallas Thomas all 6’-5” 315 LBS unlike his rookie season one in which he could not sniff the line despite all the turmoil the team went through and I am sure that motivated Thomas to improve and when the Dolphins drafted James I am sure that also added even more motivation to Thomas and so far it seems to be paying off.

Miami also spent big bucks to man the blind side of the line when in free agency they brought in one of the best at his position Brandon Albert to be our LT at 6’-5” and 310 LBS Albert has been exactly what the doctor has ordered. His veteran presence is exactly the right balance needed to aid in the development of the young players on the right side of the line.

The Dolphins also brought in veteran Daryn Colledge to add even more veteran help on the left side of the line and waiting in the wings is a young draft pick Billy Turner who will have a chance in his rookie season to be transitioned slowly as his place on the line will come soon in the future but for now he will play the backup role and after what Dallas Thomas has shown it is not a bad thing to have a red shirt season but look forward to competing for a starting spot while playing a valuable backup role.

Mike Pouncey’s  absence has brought appreciation for just how good he is, we had some serious concerns after learning about his injury because the silence from the center position (at least on the field) shows just how élite of a player he is. Get well soon Mike. After a failed attempt to convert Guard Shelley Smith who never played the Center position and even with better play from converted veteran Guard and all around backup lineman Nate Garner Miami decided to take the wise move and bring back a veteran Center Samson Satele who was actually drafted by the Dolphins before being traded to the Raiders  and with 98 games under his belt at center I think this was a very smart and prudent move that will now solidify this embattled line from the previous year that made too much noise and was one reason the Dolphins season was such a disaster last year.

So far in the test drive of training camp and our first preseason game things have gone smoothly and as quiet as can be. That is a good thing because the less you hear from your offensive line is a sign that things are working well. Hopefully as the preseason moves along we will still have a silent line that is working like a well oiled engine.

As for now what was a legitimate concern entering the season has been a pleasant surprise and for this Dolphin fan has brought a sigh of relief as I just about forgot about our O-Line as they have worked in silence.


Dolphins, Tampa Bay Preview

Hickey is back in Tampa Saturday night

The Dolphins travel over to Tampa for a Saturday night game and a chance for Dennis Hickey to show his old team what they are missing. In last year’s regular season meeting, the Bucs were able to “get well” against The Dolphins after coming into the November 11th game winless and pulled out a 22-19 victory with a 4th quarter touchdown. I still count this game as well as the two losses to the Bills as the season’s lowlights.

First year coach Lovie Smith inherits a 4-12 team that had an awesome draft which included 6’5″ WR Mike Evans of Texas A & M and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins out of Washington. New GM Jason Licht also signed 12 year veteran QB Josh McCown to a 2 year $12 million deal and he is expected to compete with Mike Glennon as the team’s starting QB and hopefully stabilize the position after the fiasco created by HC Greg Schiano last year. The Bucs fell to Jacksonville 16-10 last week as the OL was their most glaring weakness failing to provide much pass protection or opening many holes for the running game.

As for our Dolphins word is that Knowshon Moreno’s knee is doing much better, but I don’t think he will see any action and it remains to be seen whether Wallace, Hartline, and Clay will either. Priority #1 according to HC Philbin will be our tackling as the display last week against Atlanta was horrible. I have a feeling that we may see more of Jordan Tripp at MLB also as he has made the most of his opportunities on the field, but overall the lack of defense was obvious. We couldn’t stop the run and the Atlanta QBs had their way in the air.

If we are going to make real progress this year, we are going to have to start beating the teams with a worse record than ours! We had some excellent victories last year vs The Patriots, The Colts, The Bengals, but the reality of the finish coupled with the Scandal needs to be exorcised. Let’s take this game Saturday night and put some points up. Yours Truly, saysMikey.


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