The saysMikey Game Preview: Miami vs. Jacksonville

Our 3-3 Dolphins take on The Jaguars, 1-6, in Jacksonville this Sunday with a great opportunity to go on a run. Both teams are looking for back to back wins and our Dolphins need to develop some consistency to get on the winning side of 500. The 1-6 Jaguars play tough and have a young team settling on rookie Blake Bortles to guide their ship. The Dolphins have had a tendency to play “down” to the level of their opponents so I believe this is a pivotal game for us. The Fins have averaged 13.7 points in the first half the last three weeks as opposed to just 8 points in their first three games.

So what is going to make The Dolphins play to their potential? I believe that Lazor called a great game last week and he needs to show his stuff this week against the beat up defense of Jax. Tannehill had what was probably the best game of his career last week and the read option along with our ability to run made him very effective passing. All games are important, but this one is a must if we are to establish ourselves as true contenders. The defense for Jax has played well the last 3 weeks drumming The Browns 24-6 last week and holding their opponents under 20 points for those 3 games. Their offensive line played their best game of the season allowing only 2 sacks on Bortles and enabling Denard Robinson to run for 127 yds. on 22 carries. The Jags will be without the services of injured MLB Paul Posluszny and DE Denard Robinson.

So what is the winning formula for Miami? 1) To keep Lamar Miller going (81 carries, 391 yds, and 4 Tds) which will allow Tannehill to be successful in the read option. 2) Spreading the wealth. We were reintroduced to Charles Clay last week in Chicago along with catches by Wallace, Landry, and Hartline. 3) We are looking strong on D and have Dion Jordan returning this week which will certainly bolster an already scary defensive line. so look for Bortles to be hurried a lot and on his back some 4) My MVP for last week, the Coaching Staff. to again be committed to Tannehill’s running and the diverse play calling that was so successful vs Chicago. 5) We need a better performance from both Sturgis and Fields on Special Teams.

The main thing I will be looking for is that we do not play down to the 1-6 Jags. There are many teams like us close to a .500 record who want to be playoff contenders, but we have the best overall talent of any of those teams. This should be a mild route for the Dolphins 31-17. Yours Truly, saysMikey.

TDS Merit Power Rankings: Week 8

Denver Broncos
Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots
Detroit Lions
San Diego Chargers
Seattle Seahawks
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals
San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers
Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans
New York Giants
New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins
St. Louis Rams
Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans
New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars 
Oakland Raiders 

TDS Weekly Predictions: Week 8

Match up Prediction
San Diego Chargers 23
Denver Broncos 27
Detroit Lions 24
Atlanta Falcons 23
Minnesota Vikings 26
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
Buffalo Bills 23
New York Jets 22
Chicago Bears 22
New England Patriots 29
Seattle Seahawks 30
Carolina Panthers 28
Miami Dolphins 26
Jacksonville Jaguars 22
Baltimore Ravens 28
Cincinnati Bengals 24
Houston Texans 23
Tennessee Titans 22
St. Louis Rams 21
Kansas City Chiefs 30
Philadelphia Eagles 25
Arizona Cardinals 26
Indianapolis Colts 27
Pittsburgh Steelers 24
Cleveland Browns 25
Oakland Raiders 22
Green Bay Packers 28
New Orleans Saints 26
Washington Redskins 21
Dallas Cowboys 30

The saysMikey Post Game Rap: The Dolphins vs Da Bears

We finally went out and played a “normal” game against Chicago and were dominating on both sides of the ball. In my Game Preview, I pointed out four keys to victory for us to win the game. 1) Putting points on the board first and early, 2) Putting a lot of pressure on Cutler, 3) Win the turnovers battle, and 4) have a good coaching game on both sides of the ball. We put up points in every quarter in this balanced performance scoring first and never really being challenged after that. We allowed only 224 total yds. and the Bears managing just a meager 4.6 yds/catch. Most impressively The Dolphins forced 3 turnovers that included 2 fumble recoveries and 1 interception off of Cutler. The coaching and playing was on spot the entire game with where we racked up 393 yds. vs. 224 for The Bears as Cutler was held in check for the most of the game.

Ryan Tannehill scored a fist half passer rating of 155.1 and finished the game at 123.6 going 25-32 and 256 yds. The running game was solid if not outstanding and the defense was stifling for most of the game. My game MVP, however was the coaching staff. No playing not to lose which I was really looking at closely after the early leads we held. The defensive scheme was very solid allowing The Bears only 52 yds on the ground as were the special teams with the exception of 2 Caleeb Sturgis field goals misses. Special Cudos to Rashad Jones on his 50 yd. return on his interception also. The Coaching staff never looked timid in their play calling and the O even converted on 2 of 3 4th down calls.

So how did I grade out The team? The Offense: B+, The Defense B+, and Special teams a C with the 2 Sturgis misses. An honorable mention goes to Ryan Tannedhill for game MVP, but the nod goes to the Coaching staff with an A- rating with an excellent game on the road. Our next stop is in Jacksonville and let’s put a little butter on this roll! Yours truly, saysMikey.

Ryan Tannehill: Where Does He Stack Up?

Ryan Tannehill is in a critical year as he will at season’s end put the Dolphins in a position to make a decision about his future, do they pick up a 5th year option or shop in the draft for another QB? Or do they shell out the big bucks and lock Ryan up for the next 4-5 years?

This is not an easy decision as Ryan has not really taken this opportunity and made the decision easy for the Dolphins as his accuracy leadership and play has lead this team to a 2-3 record in a year that should be his breakout season.

I wrote an article about who was Ryan Tannehill’s competition was and I tied him to his peers most of whom were drafted the same year as Ryan (

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Philip Rivers
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Jay Cutler
  5. Peyton Manning
  6. Matt Ryan
  7. Colin Kaepernick
  8. Tom Brady
  9. Joe Flacco
  10. Russell Wilson
  11. Matthew Stafford
  12. Tony Romo
  13. Cam Newton
  14. Eli Manning
  15. Nick Foles
  16. Drew Brees
  17. Ben Roethlisberger
  18. Kirk Cousins
  19. Geno Smith
  20. Andy Dalton
  21. Ryan Tannehill
  22. Brian Hoyer
  23. Alex Smith
  24. Austin Davis
  25. Ryan Fitzpatrick

I decided to broaden the scope and take a look at the top 25 QB’s according to the rankings of FF numbers and here is how they stack up to date.

As you can see Ryan is currently ranked 21st in the league according to FF numbers. If you look at the NFL stats below for QB rankings he lands around the same spot as he is ranked 23rd

1 Andrew Luck
2 Matt Ryan
3 Philip Rivers
4 Tom Brady
5 Jay Cutler
6 Nick Foles
7 Joe Flacco
8 Ben Roethlisberger
9 Matthew Stafford
10 Drew Brees
11 Kirk Cousins
12 Peyton Manning
13 Tony Romo
14 Colin Kaepernick
15 Aaron Rodgers
16 Austin Davis
16 Geno Smith
18 Eli Manning
19 Ryan Fitzpatrick
20 Cam Newton
21 Andy Dalton
22 Brian Hoyer
23 Ryan Tannehill
24 Alex Smith
25 Derek Carr

Ryan is not making the best case for a contract extension and in fact where he currently ranks in the mid 20’s it begs the question should Miami even invest anymore time in Tannehill? We have the next 10 weeks to come to a final conclusion on what Miami should do with Ryan. If he continues to rank in the 20’s and if this Dolphins team should end up out of the playoffs again this season I know for sure extending his contract beyond a possible 5th year option is out of the question and should Miami be in search of a new HC and GM will the window close on Tannehill’s Dolphin career?

There is still time to turn things around but the one game this year that Ryan played more than adequate in London against the lowly Raiders needs to happen more in the next 10 weeks or his future as the Dolphins starter will be in question.

What do you think, is Tannehill the answer long term? Chime in!

Lamar Miller Coming Into His Own!

It would be an oversight if I did not mention the play of Lamar Miller this 2014 season as Miller is having a career year and I contribute much of it to the wisdom of Denis Hickey as he brought in some legitimate competition during training camp and I feel that pushed Miller to step up his game and the Dolphins are the beneficiary of this as well as Miller.

I was not happy when Miami let Reggie Bush go and for good reason because Lamar Miller was not ready to step in and be our full-time running back and he was not at the level of the veteran Reggie Bush. I still wish he were in Miami but I do feel that Lamar Miller has started to close the gap between not only Reggie Bush, but just about any RB in the NFL.

Lamar currently ranks 14th in the NFL in rushing with 330 yards rushing. Demarco Murray is the top rusher with 785 yards rushing to date. But if you look closely you will notice something. Miller is averaging 5.2 yards per carry and Murray is averaging 4.9 yards per carry. Murray has 159 rushing attempts to Miller’s 63, now you can look at it two ways with more carries will that hurt or improve Miller’s stats?

One thing is for sure Miller is having a very solid season and if he remains healthy he will end up with over 1000 yards rushing this season. Miami has displayed a very good rushing attack and with Moreno out for the season it would seem that Miller will get more touches along with maybe the young back Damien Williams. Daniel Thomas also is back but I am not holding out any hope for him because we have seen what we can expect from Thomas.

The good thing is I have Miller on my FF League team and he’s done well for me this season so I knew he was doing a good job for some time.

I feel Miami should add to his carries per game as Miller has not only run better but his blocking has improved and he is a rising young back with a bright future ahead of him.

This is truly a great story as Miller is a home town born in Florida and went to the University of Miami and now in his 3rd season is etching out a good name for himself and now the Dolphins need to find more ways to involve this talented speedy RB as the sky is the limit as Lamar Miller is truly coming into his own.

TDS FFL Update: Week 6

Well once again SaysMikey won and remains the only undefeated team in the league his modesty will not allow him to gloat but I am proud of my colleague and despite being his latest victim it was a much closer battle than I would have expected but I went down again and now find myself one loss away from being the worst team in the league. It is obvious I am not using my Seer abilities to dominate the league this year and just like the Miami Dolphins I have some issues with the coaching decisions of TDS FF team and I am thinking about firing Markeyh at season’s end but I have a dilemma I need to get past, if I fire the coach how will TDS survive?

Well here is the latest standings after week 6 this is truly the best season of all the seasons and it would be better if at least 3 or 4 team owners actually took care of their teams.

Hopefully next year some of our readers will take a chance and join the league as we are truly having fun. Yes, even with my poor showing I have enjoyed the games.

1 saysMikey 6 0 0
2 No Name Dolphins 5 1 0
3 marks browns 5 1 0
4 steelreserve414 4 2 0
5 Dolphin babe 3 3 0
6 Bucco Bruce 3 3 0
7 killerB’s 3 3 0
8 Crickets 2 4 0
9 Broward Panthers 2 4 0
10 daquan 2 4 0
11 TDS 1 5 0
12 Walkers Cowboys 0 6 0


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