Bryant has Mike Evans size and 4.42 speed

NFL teams could not wait to see Sammy Watkins of Clemson perform at the NFL combine and have a chance to meet with him. The 6’1″ 210 pounder is the all time leading receiver for The Tigers accumulating 3391 receiving yds. as well as running some and returning kicks earlier in his career there. Teams were very impressed at the combine with Watkins speed and elite caliber receiving potential. What a number of NFL scouts also new about was the “other” Clemson receiver #1 Martavis Bryant. At 6’4″ and 211 lbs. with 4.42 speed this “other” receiver was able to haul in 42 catches for 848 yds. and 7 tds in his junior and final season. Combined with his raw speed is a 39″ vertical jump which lets him play even taller. Mike Evans of Texas A and M has gotten way more attention, but he also had Manziel throwing to him. Bryant was initially tabbed as a second round pick with all the talent available at WR in the draft which could make him available to us if we “take the best player available” and have taken care of the OL as best we can. The main knock on Bryant is that he makes the difficult catches, but sometimes drops the easy ones. My guess is that he probably runs so fast he is taking off before he gathers the ball in, but on a more serious note I’m sure that can be improved. Of course a big/fast receiver is probably on everyone’s list and San Fran, the Ravens, Eagles, and Rams have all shown high interest in this draftee so it will be very interesting to see where he shakes out. Even with Wallace here the Dolphins have shown that they are impressed with Bryant and have extending an invite to him. Let’s follow Bryant and see what happens and the other player of interest is our own Mike Pouncey who MarkeyH wrote about in THE Dolphin Seer today. As Always, Yours Truly, saysMikey

What to Do With Mike Pouncey?

It seems like there is some ominous cloud hovering over the last man standing in the wells report, Mike Pouncey our talented Center is the only survivor as coaches and players were sacrificed. Gone are Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito and John Jerry along with last year’s O-line and strength coaches.

Mike Pouncey reinforces the hypocrisy of life in that if he were not as talented he too would have been off the roster. Fortunately for both him and the Dolphins he is one of the top young Centers in the game so he is still on the roster.

Mike Pouncey is now coming to the end of his rookie contract and is looking for an extension. The Dolphins have the option to pick up a fith year by May 3rd and I see no reason for them not to do that. Pouncey has earned a big pay day and the Dolphins need to eventually pay him. As my readers may know I am a big proponent of taking care of our home grown talent and despite the hatred that Jeff Ireland garnered he did get this one right when he drafted Mike Pouncey in Round: 1 in 2011 Pick, 15. Pouncey quickly became recognized as one of the best centers in the league and his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey who is a pro-bowl center for the Steelers that came out a year before Mike established himself as a top Center in the game and when he fell to injury it opened up the door for Mike to get recognized and voted to the pro-bowl. So we have a top center in the game and he has played out his contract and will soon be due a big pay day.

Seems like a non issue until you think about some of the issues the Dolphins have faced with Pouncey. Mike has not been the most mature player you would want when you consider the incidents he has been involved in. First he was truly one of the bullies in the infamous bully gate that sent Jonathan Martin running home. Even before that came to light Mike Pouncey stirred a few feathers when he wore a hat with the words free Aaron Hernandez soon after the arrest of Hernandez on murder charges and despite some media pressure to apologize none came from Mike, his brother claimed it was the Dolphins who told Mike to not respond, but regardless it is that he put this team in such a bad light considering the seriousness of the charges facing Hernandez. And consider the fact that Mike Pouncey has been sopeniaed by a grand jury in the Hernandez case of gun running and murder. Now in all fairness to Pouncey it could only be due to the fact that he was a roommate with Hernandez and nothing more.

The fact is Pouncey is no choir boy and he’s been somewhat a thorn in the Dolphins side. But with his talent and ability to play at a high level you can see why despite the troubles he is still on our roster. Some fans have already had enough of him and question if he should be traded. Others like myself feel he is lacking in maturity and it did not help that he had Richie Incognito as a veteran player on the team mentoring him.

So with all the facts laid out as best we know what should the Dolphins do with Mike Pouncey? Should they trade him? Should they open up the bank and pay him the market value for a pro-bowl center? What would you do?


I have concluded  that no matter what no team will have perfect players no matter how hard they try people are people with varying degrees of maturity and if the Dolphins failed to recognize the damage having Incognito on the roster may have caused even for Pouncey as he most likely looked up to Richie and patterned himself after him. Now I am not blaming it all on Richie just pointing out that he did have an effect on Pouncey some positive and some negative.

Not every good player will be good leaders, but what Miami need to do is make sure they build around our young talented center mature players who will not encourage Mike to go astray as Mike has proven to a point he is not as mature as you would hope.

Despite his lack of maturity he is still a top center in the game, young and in his prime. He is our player and deserves to be rewarded with a top salary matching the highest paid centers in the game. The only thing I would caution is to have some exit clause and or some agreement that should he get convicted in anything with the Hernandez case or should he cause any harm detrimental to the team with future incidents the Dolphins can recover some of his signing bonus. (Good Luck With That One)

Mike Pouncey is a great player and still young enough to paint a better legacy and narrative about himself, he will get paid very well by the Dolphins or some other team should Miami decide he is not worth any more trouble. I for one feel we should sign him and reward him for his play, because at the end of the day Mike pounce is one hell of a center and I am tired of seeing the Dolphins let talent walk.

Just include some fine print that gives the team a way out if needed. (Buyer Beware)

As always we invite your opinions……so chime in and let us know what you think should be done with Mike Pouncey



Whatever the regular season record will be this year it won’t end up 17-0 and SI won’t be 60 cents!

Yesterday I did an article on the Who and Where we are playing in the regular season this year. Although it is a little early, I made a bold 10-6 prediction for the regular season and I’m sticking with it. I also included my six picks for home victories and will list my four away game victories below. I feel this strongly because I believe we are just three solid draft picks away from being a force again in the NFL. Markey and I will be doing another poll after the preseason and below are my picks for our away victories and your own poll choices.

The Away Victories are: The Bills, The Raiders, The Lions, and The Jags (I realize I will be leaving for Vegas if these Home and Away picks happen as called!)


We will visit Peyton and the Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High this season

We may not know the when and what time yet, but it’s never to early to take a peek at the who and where and also to speculate what might be! First a recap/reminder of our AFC East standings from last year and then we will look at who and where we will be playing.


JETS 8-8
Dolphins 8-8
BILLS 6-10




We batted .500 last year at 8-8 and the NFL was right on the money with the scheduling of our opponents. They were a combined 103 wins, 103 losses, and 2 ties-amazing! (good thing for computers).
I am going to scroll down the list and see what really stands out and I INVITE YOU TO DO THE SAME. I encourage your feedback and comments.

Let’s see. Of course they are all important games and the first thing that jumps out at me on the list is our own AFC division The Pats, Jets, and Bills have all been very aggressive this off season. The Pats have changed strategy somewhat this year going after free agents that can make an immediate impact and they will be formidable as always. I truly believe Michael Vick will have a renewed career with the Jets and be a real threat again this year. Most importantly, we owe the Bills two defeats from last year to make a winning record in the East a reality.

Scrolling on down, it looks tough as I’m sure it does for all teams each year. If we can get 2 from the Bills or any of our division opponents (or more) and go 4-2 then I am ready to take on the rest of the AFC and NFC games. Looking at those games, we need to TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME FIELD. We were 4-4 at home last year while the Pats were 8-0 and fared the same as us on the road.

Ok, so for my prediction (subject to change after each game!) is 6-2 at Home and 4-4 on the
road with home victories including the Chiefs, Chargers, Vikings, Ravens, Jets, and Bills. 10 AND 6! Thanks and let me hear from you.
Yours Truly, says Mikey.


One Billion and Change? No Problem.

Well, it’s all the buzz today and apparently more than just a rumor. According to WGRZ TV in Buffalo, The Donald and Erie County rep chairman Nick Longworthy met in Manhattan to discuss the possibility of Trump purchasing the Buffalo Bills. The purchase could happen as soon as this Fall if all goes well and Trump would be following in the footsteps of Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson* who recently passed away. The main stumbling block could be Trump’s casino holdings which according to Trump attorney Michael Cohen would present no problem for him to sell. Many of us Baby Boomers remember when Trump owned the New Jersey Generals of the defunct USFL. The USFL also filed an anti-trust suit against the NFL, but that was way back in the 70′s!

Let’s consider for a moment what impact this would have on both the NFL and our DOLPHINS. First, and most importantly, Trump is not just famous now for being rich and famous. He is still extremely competitive, astute, demanding, and detail oriented and has also shown that he will do whatever it takes to put out the best product possible. As a former PGA golf professional I am in awe of Trump Golf Inc. and especially his purchase and renovation of Miami’s own Doral Golf Resort. It is host to one of the PGA’s best Tour events. His diversity is also amazing and not just tied to real estate. We all remember “The Apprentice” and the Miss USA Pageant among other projects. Trump would an incredibly formidable foe in our AFC East Division and the entire NFL in my humble opinion. Stephen Ross, Robert Kraft (Patriots), and Woody Johnson (Jets) are all owners who have supported their teams and this would make our division highly visible and competitive. So let me know what you think of the possibility of having The Donald aboard.

*Mr. Wilson passed away at the age of 95 and was a founding member of the AFL, led his team to 4 Super Bowl appearances, and will be missed.


Matt Prater bombs another FG for the Broncos

There were a number of proposals on the table as usual when the owners met in late March. I will discuss the six rule changes that were approved during the meeting and will save the most interesting proposal and possible Gamechanger for last.

- Approved extending the goal post uprights for 2014 by 5 feet to help eliminate wrong decisions on close calls. I have been wondering for years why this has not been changed, but better late than never. This should make it easier on the refs to make those close calls.
- The “roll on” rule has been in use for protecting the back of the players legs now has an add-on which will protect the sides of their legs. This is great. Nothing hurts worse than seeing one of these injuries except for the injury itself.
- Our game day refs will now have the ability to consult with their NEW YORK COMMAND CENTER when reviewing a play. This may sound like a military operation, but I believe it will result in better and quicker decisions.
– During last year’s NFC conference game between San Fran and Seattle there was an obvious blown call on a fumble recovery. This is now commonly referred to as the “Bowman Rule”. Coaches will now be able to challenge these calls.
- There will now be assurance that the clock is not stopped on a QB sack.(wake up Mr. TimeKeeper!)
- Teams are now required to have the final cut on their rosters after the final preseason game in by 4:00pm EST instead of 6:00pm EST. The entire West Coast breathed a collective sigh of relief. Now for the possible GAMECHANGER!

Many of you have heard that this season for the first two preseason games only there is going to be an “experiment” where all extra points will be kicked from the 20 yard line.
That’s right, a 30 yd PAT. There has been growing sentiment that the current PAT is outdated, boring, and downright superfluous. To point out, in 512 NFL games last year there were only 5 missed PATS! I believe we are headed the way of the jump ball in basketball. Back in the day there was a jump ball after every basket, then a jump ball whenever two players had possession. Boring. I just did an article on special teams and in the very near future there could even be a greater emphasis on the kicking game. Top rated Matt Prater was 96.2% on his field goals and perfect from 30 to 39 yds. last year. Caleeb was ranked 30th and was 10 of 12 from 30 to 39 yds. Imagine you are the QB and just engineered a 90 yd TD drive to possibly tie the game. We can’t go get a beer now, but we have to watch (very nervously)to see if there is OT!
Let’s have fun watching this in preseason and see what you think.
Go Fins, saysMikey


We have good reasons to be optimistic about this season. The following are my Top 10 reasons to be CHEERFUL.

Reason # 10- Come on guys, we do have very nice cheerleaders, but let’s stick to business…..

Reason # 9- If trouble breaks out on the field or on the sidelines we now have Cortland “The Enforcer” Finnegan to settle matters instead of Richie.

Reason # 8- A 2013 team payroll of $73.85 mil seems a little high? Don’t tell the Bears ($104.6 mil)

Reason # 7.- Now that we have 9 Wide Receivers surely someone should get open???

Reason # 6- A new stadium is on the way! (Probably)

Reason # 5- We WILL sweep the Bills- Ya!!!!

Reason # 4- Over/Under on 58 sacks looks like a great bet!

Reason # 3- Stephen Ross WILL spend the money!

Reason # 2- No more mock drafts after May 10th!!!

And the #1 reason to be cheerful this season is: (drum roll……….)
SEE NUMBER TEN!!!! Tadaaaaah!

Well, yes, it is a slow news day and it is pre draft day and pre preseason and pre THE SEASON and there will be plenty of time for more serious matters. I hope you enjoyed my Top 10. Yours Truly, saysMikey


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