The saysMikey Game Preview: Miami vs. Denver

This should be a great game as Denver so far this season has not proven to be invincible by any means.The Broncos come in with a 7-3 record (which could easily be our record also) and will have the Mile High home team advantage after playing three away games in a row. Denver lost 2 out of 3 of those games and were soundly beaten by New England and St. Louis while The Dolphins are playing for the first time in ten days after a Thursday night victory over The Bills. Manning has thrown for 3301 yds. with 30 TDs and 9 interceptions with 6 of those 9 int’s coming in the last 3 games.

Overall on offense the Broncos are ranked 5th in the NFL in PPG with 29.3.,3rd in total yds. with 412.9 yds/game, 2nd in passing yds. with 323/game, but is a lowly 89.9/game in rushing yds. It is interesting to note that in his 13 career games against Miami Manning has a passer rating of 79.8 the lowest against all teams in the NFL. On the other side of the coin, the Miami defense has been able to hold their opponents to under 64 yds. rushing in five of their ten games this year.

The bad news for the Dolphins is that since Manning has been with The Broncos they are 19-2 in regular season home games and also the weather forecast is for a very chilly mid 20’s temperature at kickoff. The good news for Miami is our stellar defensive play and that the Broncos have a lot of players banged up right now. I think it is must that The Fins have a solid running game to have a good shot it. Keeping Manning off the field as much as possible is the best defense against Denver so look for a lot of Lamar Miller.

We have had our are we a good team game (Green Bay), and our statement game (Buffalo), and now is our how good we really are game. The Dolphins are not interested in any moral victory here- it’s win or lose from here out with no excuses. The Broncos may be a little miffed about losses in two out of their last three games, but we should only see that as an incentive to hand them another loss. Miami is a -7.5 point underdog which is understandable since the game is in Denver but I would certainly take that cushion if I was a betting man. I am looking for a Dolphin win and forget the point spread. The defense once again paves the way for a 28-24 Fin victory making it their best victory in the past few years. Yours Truly, saysMikey.

TDS Merit Power Rankings: Week 12

Week 12
Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Miami Dolphins
Seattle Seahawks
Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
St. Louis Rams
New York Giants
Carolina Panthers
Washington Redskins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Jets
Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders

TDS Weekly Predictions: Week 12

Match up Prediction O/U
Kansas City Chiefs 25 41
Oakland Raiders 19
Cleveland Browns 24 45
Atlanta Falcons 25
Tennessee Titans 21 48
Philadelphia Eagles 30
Detroit Lions 20 44
New England Patriots 27
Green Bay Packers 28 48
Minnesota Vikings 23
Jacksonville Jaguars 21 50
Indianapolis Colts 33
Cincinnati Bengals 23 46
Houston Texans 27
New York Jets 19 42
Buffalo Bills 26
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 49
Chicago Bears 28
Arizona Cardinals 23 44
Seattle Seahawks 25
St. Louis Rams 19 43
San Diego Chargers 27
Miami Dolphins 24 47
Denver Broncos 27
Washington Redskins 21 44
San Francisco 49ers 26
Dallas Cowboys 26 47
New York Giants 24
Baltimore Ravens 26 48
New Orleans Saints 25

Ryan Tannehill’s Worth?

Ryan is making a case for the Dolphins to make a commitment at season’s end; the question is what should they do with Tannehill? Has he earned a huge payday or should the Dolphins kick the tires another year and just pick up his 5th year option? He is not  at the franchise level of the top QB’s in the league but he is one of the top 2nd level QB’s and with the problems the Dolphins have had replacing Dan Marino up until drafting Ryan Tannehill it really is a no brainer what Miami should do.

We have seen enough of Tannehill to know he will never be an accurate deep passer thus making a player like Mike Wallace somewhat useless especially on the deep routes. Ryan is still developing he has made strides and with better play calling and finally using Ryan’s mobility we see the true potential of Ryan Tannehill.

So what exactly should Miami do with Ryan? Ryan will be eligible for a 5th year option and Miami would be foolish not to take advantage of that option. He has not done enough to warrant top money but he has done enough to stick around beyond this season. Hopefully the coaching staff will remain intact through this year and with another year under Bill Lazor maybe just maybe Ryan’s game can continue to improve.

Miami still needs to push Ryan by looking to improve the backup QB position and hopefully they will look to draft another young QB in the top 3 rounds to come in and compete with Ryan and finally replace what to me has been the biggest waste of money (next to the contracts of our starting WR’s) Matt Moore’s contract.
Ryan is playing his best Football and if he continues playing this well Miami might be forced to go beyond picking up a 5th year option but for now Tannehill is not worthy of being paid top Dollar like some of the top QB’s in the league. His inconsistent play leaves room for some concern but another season with his new OC and with another offseason of development we will have a win/win situation as Ryan will have that 5th season to prove his worth and answer any doubts and the Dolphins will also have had enough time to see if Tannehill is the long-term option or if they need to go in a different direction.

The best thing that can happen is Ryan continues to excel and the Dolphins as a team continues to play well enough to be contenders for as long as Ryan is our QB. A playoff berth this season would be a huge step in the right direction for all involved and with 6 games remaining in the regular season Miami is in the hunt for the playoffs and hopefully unlike last season they will break that drought this year. Tannehill has a lot to say in this matter his play will be a major factor in if we make the playoffs or not because as he goes so does this offense.

I have no doubt our owner would be more than happy to pay Tannehill his worth and the good thing for Miami is our new GM did not draft Tannehill so he can be more cautious and make sure we are not overpaying for Tannehill’s services. My hope is we do find Ryan Tannehill worth a huge pay-day and maybe just maybe just beyond the horizon.
Do you think Ryan Tannehill should be given a huge contract offer at season’s end or should the Dolphins should pick up the 5th year option and look at him one more season before making a huge commitment?

The saysMikey Post Game Rap: Bills vs. Dolphins

Miami’s D put the hammer down last night limiting The Buffalo Bills to just 3 field goals and earning a 22-9 victory as Ryan Tannehill was 26-34 passing for 240 yds. and 2 TDs. Lamar Miller also ran for 86 yds as the Dolphins owned the second half scoring 19 points in the final 18 minutes. The late scoring drives of 80 and 63 yds. were a welcomed sight since The Fins had only 1 TD in their last 33 possessions vs. The Bills. The Dolphins took advantage of Buffalo’s weak red zone production (1 TD in their last 9 trips) and held the Bills to 2 field goals in their first two drives of 67 and 85 yards respectively.

With a 12-9 lead The Dolphins overcame a fumble by Jarivs Landry on a kick return as our D kicked in and former Dolphin Dan Carpenter missed on a 47 yd. field goal attempt. This seemed to turn the tide as we also had an intentional grounding call on QB Kyle Orten good for a 2 point safety. Although he was sacked 5 times by The Bills D, Tannehill had a passer rating of 114.8. Meanwhile Bill’s CB Leodis Mckelvin who had guaranteed a Buffalo win left the game in the first half with an ankle injury.

Not enough can be said about our D as we led in total yds. 330-227 and really shut down their rushing game holding The Bills to only 54 yds. on the ground. This was a sound defeat as The Fins won just about every statisical category and again showed the ability to turn things around in the second half which is a tribute to both the coaches and the players. Though it seemed neither team was especially big about playing a Thursday night game, it does alow us to get some much needed rest and recovery over the next 10 days. At 6-4 we are in an excellent position for the playoffs and will be needing all the fire power a week from Sunday as we travel to Denver. What a great game! I look forward to seeing that one. Yours Truly, saysMikey

The saysMikey Game Preview: Buffalo vs. Miami

Well, our nemesis is in town this Thursday night and we don’t have the time or luxury to “what if” the Detroit game. Both teams enter the contest with 5-4 records making this an almost must win game for both clubs in order to make it to the playoffs. The Bills have taken the last three games with a 2 game sweep of us last year and winning in Buffalo earlier this season. Both teams lost a tough game last week with Buffalo falling to The Chiefs after some 4th quarter lapses. This should be a very physical game as you have two hard nosed defensive teams who are going to really go at it.

Since our first meeting this past September, Buffalo has averaged only 15.8 PPG if you omit the 43 points vs. The Jets. The Bills’ cornerback Leodis McKelvin has been talking a lot of smack this week and has guaranteed a Buffalo victory. With Branden Albert out for the season the battle in the trenches should be very interesting and it is essential that Miami hold their own. Buffalo has an excellent defensive front led by Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams and one of their main goals will be pressuring Ryan Tannehill as much as possible. The Dolphins will also be without the services of Cortland Finnegan.

The Dolphins lead the league in red zone scoring attempts averaging 4.8/game after averaging less than 3/game last season. The bad news is The Fins rank 3rd to last in scoring TDs in red zone TD percentage at 46.51% so we really need to get more than just field goals in the red zone. Our defense is tough but we do allow a scary 38.76% 3rd down conversions to first down. Our Fins are tied with Buffalo with 2.1 turnovers/game and I really believe the winner of the turnover battle will win the game.

We are really banged up right now on both sides of the ball but thankfully we are rather deep and versatile. Lamar Miller should be ready to go and Damien Williams could see some valuable minutes to show his skills. This is arguably the most important game that Philbin and company have played during his tenure and I am looking for a 26-24 victory where we are the last team to score. Yours Truly, saysMikey.

Let’s Get Physical!

Miami faces one of the teams that seem to have their number as Buffalo has beaten the Dolphins convincingly the last three times they have met. What do the Dolphins need to do to get over this hurdle?

Miami needs to bring their physical hard nose game as Buffalo’s recipe to beating Miami has been to out-physical them in other words beat them up physically, and it has worked! The Dolphins are more of finesse team overall, yes we have some players that play physical but overall we are not an old school hard nose physical team. It’s time to man up and serve a little of their own medicine to the Bills!

The Bills much like Miami have underachieved these past few seasons as both teams have had the talent to have made the playoffs and both have disappointed their fans in just about the same manner as we find both teams coming off disappointing losses that they both could have won last week and we find both teams at 5-3 and in second place in our division but with one thing different, Buffalo has already beaten Miami this year and in that game we lost Knowshon Moreno to a dislocated elbow and we got our butts handed to us again much like the end of the season last year. Buffalo has dominated and intimidated our Dolphins the last three matchups.

It is time to send Buffalo a message and beat them soundly our numbers favor the Dolphins in our weekly predictions and hopefully Miami will deliver and put themselves back into the playoff hunt by taking sole possession of 2nd place and maybe just maybe the Patriots will also lose as our weekly predictions also have them going down to the Colts this week.

I still am proud of this Dolphins team as they are a much improved team but still have some things to improve on to win the close games as the Packers and Lions losses were a result of both the offense and defense not playing a full 60 minutes but I put the onus on the offense as in both games when we needed them to run out the clock with 2-3 minutes on the clock they went conservative and produced 3 and outs in both games costing us a sure victory and our defense though playing extremely well also let the ball drop by allowing both teams to march down in 3 minutes or less and score TD’s.

That is two losses that in the win loss column that can come back to haunt us, the only positive way to look at those losses is that they are both NFC teams and in the end they are not as important as AFC opponents and especially our division opponents.

As was mentioned Buffalo is actually ahead of Miami by virtue of them winning week two against Miami and now Miami needs to erase this win streak Buffalo has going on and if they let Buffalo out physical them again the Dolphins will find themselves being swept two years in a row by the Bills and add fuel to some of their players overconfidence in this matchup as there has already been some bulletin board material as one of their players has already predicted another ass kicking of the Dolphins so man up Miami and match physical with physical and force with force and come away with a much-needed win!

Go Miami/ Phins Up!


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