Miami at Dallas Review


I was looking forward to this game because I expected to see this “Great Defense” and improvement from our offense that seem to be staggering throughout camp and early preseason, and lo and behold they get to Dallas and the Defense gets exposed!

Yes once again we can use the excuse that it was just preseason and blah blah blah… but I am extremely disappointed in how this Defense played, no pressure, poor tackling and the inability to stop the run for a second straight week. There was nothing good about the way this defense played, unlike the week before where the backup defense played pretty decent except against the Run.

On the offensive side of the ball once again they started off slow but they got themselves in gear, the much-maligned Ryan Tannehill had a very good game. Unfortunately Matt Moore was injured on a cheap shot and after Matt Moore was out we seem to have problems with the other two quarterbacks on the roster as both failed to really do anything significant in the game. (Practice Squad Players)

The running game once again was not as effective as you would like, but for a second straight week (from my viewpoint) Isaiah Pead seems to be the best back on the roster. Wide Receiver Kenny Stills had a very good game as he caught a deep ball and scored both touchdowns for the Dolphins. Stills is quickly becoming a go to deep threat and Ryan Tannehill’s ability to hit the “Deep Ball” on target was a pleasant thing to see.

Tight end Jordan Cameron had another bad game he dropped an easy touchdown, it was a slant pass from Ryan Tannehill and a nicely designed play by coach Gase.

A pleasant surprise is when the Dolphins decided to put Laremy Tunsil in at left guard with the starting lineup and Jermon Bushrod on the other side at Right Guard. Laremy Tunsil seem to have a very good game, he made a few mistakes but that can be expected for a rookie who is learning a new position. The sky is the limit for this Rookie as he flashes signs of being a very solid left guard and with the way Brandon Albert is playing we just might need Tunsil to go to his natural position (left tackle) in the near future because  Branden Albert is not having a good preseason. He’s been beat like a drum, looks slow and maybe his age is finally catching up with him.

Cornerback Byron Maxwell also got beat like a drum throughout the game, he showed poor coverage skills and prove to be a liability also fellow free agent signee Kiko Alonso played poorly (for a second straight week) I’m starting to realize he doesn’t seem stout enough to be a middle linebacker, after two weeks it is obvious that our run defense is going to be a problem again, I still feel Miami need to upgrade all three linebacker spots because neither linebacker in my opinion are playing up to NFL starting level. Linebacker has become my biggest concern next to cornerback.

Once again keeping everything in perspective this was a preseason game, there are still many things that need to be worked on. There were some good things but far too many bad  and the score itself 41 – 14 proves the Dolphins have a lot of work to do before meeting Seattle week 1.

Much credit goes to Dallas, especially their backup quarterback rookie Dak Prescott, who sliced through Miami’s defense like a hot knife through butter (4 TD’s), I’m not sure if he was that good or our Defense was just that bad, remember back in camp when the Defense dominated our offense and we all question whether it was just how bad the offense was or how good the Defense was? I think I said it was probably a little bit of both the defense was not that good and the offense is not that bad.

After yesterday’s game I’m starting to question whether the defense is good at all, but I do see some promise in the offense.

Overall this was a very disappointing game there were some bright spots such as the play of the offensive line & Ryan Tannehill but there were some very dark spots on the defensive side of the ball with their lack of ability to stop the run, their lack of ability to tackle, & lack of pressure and penalties.

The Studs:

(On Offense) Ryan Tannehill/Kenny Stills

(On Defense) Abdul-Quddus, Isa

The Duds:

(On Offense) Jordan Cameron

(On Defense) Byron Maxwell & (The Entire Defense)

Next Up Atlanta (preseason game 3) for what is traditionally the dress rehearsal game for the regular season. Hopefully we will get preseason week one Defense and week two offense to show up for week Three…:)

Miami at New York Giants Review

Dolphins Giants FootballBill Kostroun/AP Photo

After a shaky start the Dolphins seem to get on track for first-year Coach Adam Gase, it didn’t take long to realize that this team has a different mentality.

It was the defense that sparked change in the game, after giving up an early touchdown they gave the Giants no room to breathe.

The defensive backs that’s been a concern showed promise. The spark plug of the game was definitely WR/Return Man Jakeem Grant.

There were problems especially early on in the game as Miami’s first-team offense and their first team defense did not do as well as expected starting off the game.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not have a good game with very limited reps, but as usual neither did the offensive line that was there to protect him. Unfortunately there’s no more excuses for Ryan he’s going to have to make things happen no matter what the conditions now!

The starting linebackers also did not perform very well they were quickly pulled from the game by defensive coordinator Vance Joseph and you could tell he was not happy with their performance.

The touchdown the Giants had early in the game the running back basically ran over Kiko Alonso and made his way into the endzone.

The defensive unit missed tackles allowed too many rushing yards and did not perform well early on.

I’m not sure if it was because they were trying too hard, too anxious, or too nervous, they just did not seem to get off to a good start on both sides of the ball.

What I particularly liked was when the camera would pan over to the sidelines you could see the demeanor of both Adam Gase and Vance Joseph, they were not happy and I kind of like that that they took it personal and the team responded.

If you recall last year when Miami started the preseason the second and third team units were really really terrible, it was embarrassing to see our backups get run over game after game in the preseason.

That was the prelude to how poorly our backups were last year and when called upon they delivered the same results.

This year’s backup units outplayed the starters that is both good and bad, it’s good that we have better depth but it is bad that our starters still are not playing up to expectations.

The fact is Ryan Tannehill and Miami’s offense was outplayed by the Giants backup quarterback and their offense in the opening drive.

There was a time when I would have an excuse for Ryan but I’m all out of excuses and I’m starting to look at him with a critical eye that  others have already done, my blinders are coming off and this year I’m not going to be as forgiving or excuse Ryan, but I’m also not going to be as critical as many others who seem to not realized that there might not be anything better out there for us.

Ryan Tannehill is a good quarterback and he may never be a great quarterback but he’s still better than most quarterbacks in the league so we’re going to make this work for this year and at season’s end if he’s not up to the standard it is definitely time to look for better options.

But for now this is just the first preseason game no need to panic about anything at this point in time but like I said it’s time to really put Ryan Tannehill under the microscope because he is now a veteran quarterback going into his fifth year and he has started every game these past four years so he does take ownership of some of the things that have gone wrong and with Adam Gase  as his coach we are expecting more from Ryan.

Once again the defense played very well they had a series of  three turnovers in a row that put the offense in a great position to score and the offense  scored each time, a fieldgoal and two touchdowns.

Despite throwning an early interception Matt Moore played pretty well in fact three out of the four quarterbacks played pretty decent.

 Isaiah Pead made a name for himself last night as he appeared to be the best running back on the field he ran with speed power and had a few nice gains.

All in all it is what it is the first preseason game of the year, the great news is that there were no major injuries, football’s back and this Dolphin team seem to be a team headed in the right direction.

Oh, by the way did I tell you they won 27 to 10! If Miami can score 27 points a game throughout the season they will be a special team because our defense despite the defensive front starters sitting out the game dominated the Giants the one area where they need to improve will be against the run, the Giants ran for 158 yards that is unacceptable.

Next up Miami will be at Dallas I’m sure they’ll come home, look at the film work on corrections and prepare for the next game.

It was an enjoyable game last night (after they got on track) and this team has promise.  I’m sticking with my prediction that a 9 win season or better is what I can expect from this team and next year I can see them reaching the playoffs.

This is a new feature I will add to each of my reviews throughout the season, I’ll call it the studs of the game and the duds of the game.

Naming both offensive and defensive studs and Duds of the game.

The studs of the game:

Jakeem Grant and Bobby McCain

The duds of the game:

Ryan Tannehill and Kiko Alonso

I’m in pre-season form with my writing as well…on to Dallas!


Final Defensive Piece in Place!

012816_fsf_nfl_dolphins_vance_joseph-vresize-1200-675-high-30If you recall in my training camp preview I had concerns about the cornerback position for the Miami Dolphins and it did not take long for my concerns to become real as Miami has gone through quite a bit of transformation with the cornerback position since my article was written.

The first setback was when our rookie second-round pick Xavien Howard ended up on a pup list. The second setback was when Tony lippett did not live up to what I can say unrealistic expectations.

It did not take long for Miami  to be in desperate need of help at the cornerback position.

I also expressed in my cornerback preview that it would be nice for Miami to bring in a veteran cornerback to compete and maybe win that spot opposite Byron Maxwell. Well my wish has come true Miami today signed cornerback Chris Culliver and quickly put him on the pup list which seems to be a trend now with the Dolphins, they sign  good players who might be coming off injury like Arian Foster for example  and 4 years ago they were able to get Brent Grimes who was coming off an injury and had quite a bit of success with him.

The hope is that player’s like Culliver and Foster could be the latest edition of someone with Talent coming off injury returning back to form.

I like these moves that they’ve made because it shows you that the Dolphins are willing to take some low risk by giving  incentive-laden contracts to talented but injured players with the hope that they achieve their goals and just maybe we add them to Future contracts.

With the addition of Culliver Miami’s defense should be a top defense from the coaching to the players we are set, the only thing they need to do now is to stay healthy and build through the draft bringing young players to eventually  compete and replace the veteran players, but for now there’s plenty of time and room for our veteran players to continue play out their careers and pass it on to young players.

I am truly excited about this defense, I’m excited about this team overall. I know the offense still will take a little time to get into sink but this defense is ready and I’d be shocked if they don’t end up being a top-10 defense this year.

Great job Mike Tannenbaum, Adam Gase, Vance Joseph and the entire Dolphins organization you have one fan sold,  but of course I am a homer and it really don’t take much with this team to get me excited.

I truly have reached an excitement level that I’ve not had for years and I really do not see this team letting us down this year, so as their first preseason game comes into Focus a lot of questions will be answered as this team prepares for the 2016 season.

Go Dolphins!

Does Ryan Tannehill have the Temperament?


As I amuse myself watching the political campaigns and battles between the Democratic and Republican respective nominees one thing that seems to be constantly talked about is temperament, does so-and-so have the right temperament to be president of the United States?

That got me thinking about our quarterback Ryan Tannehill one thing that has been apparent about Tannehill  is he lacks that fire that you expect from a starting quarterback and that has held him back from becoming who he could be, a top NFL Quarterback.

That was then under Joe Philbin where Ryan Tannehill never seem to be conditioned to be a top-tier quarterback.

This year things appear to be changing as first we heard about how the offense this past Saturday was dominated by the defense and even coach Adam Gase seem to be not too pleased with how they play.

I thought to myself Ryan Tannehill needs to take ownership of this and sure enough there’s been a development recently of Ryan finally stepping up speaking up and taking charge of HIS OFFENSE this will go a long way in Tannehill’s development under Adam Gase.

Our new head coach has taken a different approach with Ryan then the former coach, he’s giving Ryan more responsibility and making him take ownership of the offense and expecting  more from Ryan and even in some cases demanding more from Ryan to help him understand what his role should be as quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.

It seems his hard work is paying off as reports are the Ryan met with the offense shortly after their embarrassing performance in scrimmage this past Saturday and even more lackluster performance the following Monday but Ryan has taken on the responsibility to push this offense forward and all indications are that they came out and had a better practice on Tuesday because as Ryan said they needed to respond to the challenge the defense threw down Saturday.

Now I’m not here to claim that they will be this great high scoring offensive juggernaut yet but what I do see is the building blocks of turning Ryan Tannehill into a legitimate NFL quarterback thanks to the efforts of Adam Gase and his staff including our defensive coordinator Vance Joseph who have taken the approach to give Ryan all  he can handle and more and let it sort itself out.

These are encouraging things to see about this offense as they continue to grow and develop. If things go  as planned  you can expect to see this offense continued to grow and grow as our quarterback settles into his newfound freedom with a coach who is backing him 100%.

I feel by season’s end that the foundation will be in place for this team to compete for a playoff berth if not this year definitely by next year.

So to answer the question does Ryan Tannehill have the temperament I think we’re starting to see Ryan become the quarterback we all expected him to become and thanks to the Quarterback Whisperer and his strategy things seem to be falling in place for our Young starting Quarterback.

Week 1 training camp review


Well the first week of training camp is over, it ended with a scrimmage and suffice to say things did not go well for the offense but things went exceptionally well for the defense what are we to derive from this?

Well before you jump off the ledge keep in mind that it is only Week 1 we still have about 6 weeks before the season starts but there’s a lot of work to be done and I’m pretty sure every player and Coach will admit that.

Let’s discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as far as camp this week.

The Good:

What’s been good about  camp more than anything is there has been no major injuries to any player so far this year (knock on wood) there have been some nagging injuries that have kept some players like RB Jay Ajayi, WR DeVante Parker, CB Xavian Howard and surprisingly even DE/LB Dion Jordan who has just returned  from  being suspended last year landing on the PUP list.

There’s been a few nagging hamstring injuries and other minor injuries but nothing major, still lost time and missing practice have set certain players back especially rookie players and players who have not been around so hopefully in the near future we can get these people back on the field and practicing.

The Bad:

The bad news so far in training camp is how poorly or slowly the offense is coming into development, Miami still has its offensive line in flux as they experiment and cross-train to try to get the right people in place before the season starts a lot of their evaluations will come easier once they start pre-season games (according to the Dolphins) after that first preseason game they’ll be able to judge more correctly on who should be their starting lineup on the offensive line.

I hope they do that quickly because this past scrimmage proved the defensive line is just too dominant for our offensive line so the question is, is our defense that good or is our office that bad?

It’s probably somewhere in between and a better way to judge them will be when they play against other teams this preseason. Starting this week against the New York Giants.

The Ugly:

The ugly kindof goes in harmony with the bad and that would be the disappointing scrimmage that the offense had, it was so disappointing that even our optimistic coach was irritated beyond belief at the lackluster effort put forth by the offense while the defense received all the praise in the world because they seem to be in midseason form.

I do believe that we will have a top defense even with some of the areas of weakness like our cornerbacks,  we’ll be able to shore that up when some final team cuts take place as I’m pretty sure they’re looking for some CB’s who might become available or they may be considering making a trade for someone for all we know.

One thing for sure is that this defenses only weakness most likely will be at the cornerback position from the lack of experience and depth  and then secondly the lack of depth at the linebacker position as well.

For now there’s no reason to panic I’m pretty sure that big smack down the Dolphins offense recieved at the scrimmage will be motivation for them to step up their game, I am pretty sure the pressure will be on them from the coaches as it was obvious Adam Gase was not happy with the offensive performance and we have our defense to thank for that.

Is this Ryan Tannehill last chance?


Ryan Tannehill is entering  a critical season and his success  or failure as well as the team’s will have a lot to do to do with his future employment as a Miami Dolphin.

In all estimations looking at his numbers for the past 4 seasons Ryan Tannehill has been a good quarterback but he is not an elite quarterback and unfortunately for him his contract dictates that he must be an elite quarterback in order for the Dolphins to continue to Shell out the money that they tied themselves to Tannehill when they signed him to a Future Contract.

The good news for Ryan is that the Dolphins have done everything they can to help him to become the success that he and the team wants him to be, the bad news is in  the last 4 years he’s had 3 different offensive coordinators, and he enters this year learning a new offense, some will argue that Ryan is the reason why he’s had 3 different OC’s.

One thing for sure there are no more excuses this year, Ryan Tannehill must take it to the next level or his options are limited.

Keep in mind that no matter who you are veteran quarterback or Young quarterback once you start a new system there’s going to be some growing pains and at least a year of a learning curve the question is will Ryan be granted this year for that learning curve and could he and the Dolphins still not make it to the playoffs but Tannehill be retained?

What can be a possibility is that Ryan Tannehill starts off slow but as the season goes on he picks up the offense he improves each week and at the end of the year they are on fire as a unit, that is the only way that Ryan Tannehill can survive this year even better if he starts off on fire and maintain that consistency throughout the season.

The way he ends the season will determine his future more than anything else because Adam Gase, Mike Tannenbaum and any of the Dolphins executives will run away from him as quickly as possible should he fall flat on his face, but at the same time if Ryan does have huge success they will welcome him with open arms.

It’s all up to Ryan now there’s nothing else that can be done for him it’s now time to take that next step.

I have been a Ryan Tannehill backer ever since he was drafted but this is the last year he gets my unconditional support before I jump on board with many who are already convinced that he is not the one.

Ideally the hope is that Ryan will develop into a top-15 quarterback show progress throughout the year and at season’s end has convinced everyone that he truly is the quarterback of the future for the Miami Dolphins.

Go Ryan Tannehill and go Miami Dolphins!

Training Camp Battles The Quarter Backs



This is the last of our series Training Camp Battles and we saved the best for last.The quarterbacks!

There is no battle for the starting QB position as Ryan Tannehill will begin his 5th season as the starter for the Miami Dolphins.

We can sum up Ryan Tannehill career  similar to the Dolphins win loss record these past 4 years he is batting about .500.

There are some who see potential in Ryan and there are others who feel it’s time to move on because they think he does not have what it takes to be a franchise QB, one thing is for sure this might be the last year for Ryan to make a case for himself with the Miami Dolphins.

The good news for Tannehill is that he has in his corner a coach who seems to be very interested in helping him to succeed and also a person in Adam gase who has had quite a bit of success working with other quarterbacks, from some of the top quarterbacks to some of the worst quarterbacks as he’s worked with both Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow and had success.

Many are looking for Adam to get that same success with Ryan Tannehill. That is why the Dolphins hired him and that is what they expect from him.

So far (as with all new relationships) things seem to be working out well but we have a season ahead of us in which we will find out if Gase and Tannehill can be joined at the hip and married or if a divorce is imminent?

Along with Ryan Tannehill much to my chagrin has been Matt Moore his sidekick he too has been with the Dolphins Ryan’s entire career as his backup and he’s made a good living as a backup for the Dolphins these past 5 years. One thing’s for sure there’s a possibility that Matt Moore will have stiff competition in this year’s camp because in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL draft Miami drafted QB Brandon Doughty who has an opportunity to showcase himself and possibly push for the backup role it all depends on how well he picks up the system.

Current quarterbacks on Miami’s roster.

6 Doughty, Brandon QB
2 Dysert, Zac QB
8 Moore, Matt QB
17 Tannehill, Ryan QB

The only question is how many quarterbacks will the Dolphins keep on the roster most likely they’ll keep two.

Can Brandon Doughty improve enough to put Matt Moore’s  job in jeopardy? Are the Dolphins willing to risk putting their Young quarterback who they’re developing on the practice squad?

As training camp is on the way these are some of the questions that will be answered and we have a short period of time before the season starts hopefully we will see the relationship between Ryan Tannehill and Adam Gase merge into a solid working relationship and if they can accomplish that things could be on the upswing for the Miami Dolphins.

Go Miami!


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