Young Puppies On The Outside

The Dolphins have one of the Oldest Defenses In The NFL with an average age of 28.18 years of age. I like having a veteran Defense, as they have the needed experience to play well and so far this season it is paying off. The only drawback with older players is injuries as their bodies after taking such a beating over the years and father time will always win.

Miami spent their last Draft addressing the Defense so there is some youth sprinkled in among our ELDERLY defensive unit.

The one position on defense that is manned by two of our youngest players starting is the Corner Back position where we have two young puppies that seem to have some bite. They seem to be playing very well and the future looks bright as long as they can first stay healthy and continue to grow in this defense.

Puppy number 1 is last year’s 2nd round pick Xavien Howard (24 years old) who has manned the right side of the defense since being slotted in his Rookie Season despite having his share of injuries he has played well when in the game and his future as well as the Dolphins future looks very good as Xavien continues to grow.

The other puppy is this year’s 3rd round pick Cordrea Tankersley (23 years old) that has as of two weeks ago started on the left side and after being thrown into the fire against one of the best in the game Dree Breese. After the game both Michael Thomas and Drew Breese reportedly complemented Tankersley:

Tankersley said: “I talked to (Saints wide receiver) Michael Thomas after the game. He told me that he liked my competitiveness and I also talked to Drew Brees and he said he liked my competitiveness, as well. Just hearing it from those guys gave me a lot of confidence.”

Both young Corners are almost identical standing 6’-1” and weighing just under 200LBS . They also are the type of corners the Dolphins covet tall and can play press coverage on the line and still protect down field. As they grow in strength and knowledge the future seems to have both sides for our corner backs covered very well.

They are not the only Puppies on this defense growing on this team as names like Harris, Godchaux, Taylor and McMillan look to become household names as they grow up in their Dolphins uniforms.


Time To Open Up The Offense!

Miami’s lethargic offense has been an eyesore, so painful to watch and the distractions this team has faced cannot but be part of the problem. At the end of the day nobody cares about the issues all we care about is winning and losing.

Thankfully the Dolphins are at least at .500 and have time to fix whatever is ailing our offense.

As the unofficial owner of my beloved Dolphins I have some suggestions for our Young Head Coach. It’s time to open up this offense! Quit treating it like it’s an old broken down Jalopy and realize that you have some horsepower under the hood that needs to be let lose!

I know you are enamored with the run game and establishing the run and I get why, you have a true workhorse in Jay Ajayi who can enforce his will on opposing defenses. The problem is the opposing Defenses know this and have been stacking the box to stop our run game and have so far had success in stopping the run.

There is an old cliché that says “There is more than one way to skin a cat” it’s time to try a different way. It’s time to pass your way out of this situation. You have at your disposal three very good WR’s that so far have been muted you have a rocket armed QB that has not thrown the ball down field enough and you can change your direction by using the pass to set up the run.

If defenses are stacking the box DARING you to run the ball then make them pay and take them up on that dare! Yes I know it might cause some issues with your desire to control the clock and the down and distance but what do you have to lose because so far this season your offense looks like crap, stuck in the mud and boring as hell!

It’s time to complement that Defense that is playing great right now. If the defense can maintain their level of play and our offense can raise their level to at least match the level of play they had last year then this team will be complete and can on any given Sunday beat anybody!

I would love to see that happen.

Byron Maxwell’s Stock Has Plummeted

Byron Maxwell is AWOL! No not like Lawrence Timmons who actually did go missing before our first game against the Chargers. His disappearance is by design! It is so bad that he has been a healthy inactive for the past two weeks and with his replacement and our defense as a whole playing well without him I see no end to this apparent breakup.

Where did things go wromg?

Let’s  go back to THE TRADE if you recall the last year the Dolphins traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for Cornerback Byron Maxwell and Linebacker Kiko Alonso in exchange for trading down 5 spots in the 2016 draft that have them drafting 13th instead of 8th.

Miami felt they made a good trade because they got two potential starters and they also got a top player who slid in the draft that they never dreamed they would get even had they stayed at 8th. (Tunsil)

Things started off good and both players traded for seemed to be paying off but not to long into the season last year Miami began to have problems with Byron Maxwell to the point where they benched him.

Byron took the benching well and when given another shot he seemed to make the best of things and so you would think he would have picked up where he left off last year and play even better this season.

The one issue I have had with Maxwell is he seems to think more of himself than his actual play justifies. This season he seemed to fall off when Miami had a joint practice with the team that traded him to Miami last year the Philadelphia Eagles. Building up to the joint practices and he seemed to have on his mind proving to the Eagles that they made a mistake in trading him away.

Philadelphia must of had the same thing in mind proving why he was traded.

Needless to say reports coming from the joint practices was the Maxwell was being beaten like a drum and in the preseason game they continued to beat him like a drum and he has never quite been the same.

His play this season has been bad and to make matters worse is he is not being disciplined entirely over his poor play but word is he was not playing the way he was instructed but he did what he wanted.

Well if you go solo and still get beat like a drum that is worse than playing the way you’ve been instructed and getting beat like a drum. Now officially he’s suppose to be injured but he was set to be benched just about the same time he got injured in practice.

The bottom line is Byron Maxwell’s days are numbered in Miami he’s making to much money to be inactive and since he is basically an insubordinate unless there is some injury that requires for Miami to use him I expect him to be either traded or cut in the near future.

Stay Tuned!

Player Backlash Is About The Same Thing: Black vs. White!

Image result for Colin Kaepernick kneeling

I find it funny that some are SHOCKED about the resurgence of White Ideology and the ugly head of racism that still exists (as if it really ever went anywhere). It’s here and here to stay, you cannot eradicate it because it is an idea that can just as easily be hidden as it can proudly be displayed like the confederate flag.

This political issue that has by design divided the sport I have loved since childhood is not about Patriotism, which is just an excuse to lash out against what those white ideologist hate the most. Black Men standing up against the institutionalized deeply entrenched racism that is weaved through every fiber of the law and culture and has been since our founding Fathers.

Black Leaders have been attacked throughout history every time they have the courage to speak out! There are plenty of black martyrs (living and dead) that have paid a heavy price taking on the mantle to try and invoke change. Colin Kaepernick is paying a heavy price for his actions, is he being blackballed or is he on a blacklist or did he let a black cat cross his path or has the wicked witch of the west (All Dressed in BLACK) cast a spell on him?

The reality is the NFL though mostly comprised of young very well paid Black Athletes is still OWNED BY VERY RICH/WEALTHY WHITE MEN who will only back the players if their bottom line is not perceived to be affected. The bottom line is controlled by Whites that have the money to support the game, who can afford to buy season tickets, merchandise, along with the White sponsors and Television Executive that all are pandering to the White consumer. (WELCOME TO THE LAND OF THE FREE …HOWEVER EXCLUSIVE)

Donald Trump has played his had masterfully from his election on down to this NFL standoff because the numbers are on his side and that will not change anytime soon. He will win this one because of who the NFL owners are and whom the consumers comprise of.

Numbers don’t lie 70% of the US population is White (not including Hispanic Whites) if you took half of that away (35%) you would still have more than the total amount of the minority population of the entire US. Why do you think there is a focus on limiting the Hispanic population (Build a Wall) that is swelling out of control while the Black population has leveled off at around 10-12%?

The league will soon crack down on the protesting because the GREAT DIVIDER has played this one correctly as he knows the NFL owners will run in fear if they think their money will be affected. Look for some secretly conceived way to appease the Black players while at the same time acquiesce to the strong hand that the President holds.

I just want to go back to a non-political NFL League or at least the appearance of one!

Getting To Know: Matt Moore


Matt Moore was picked up as an UDFA and made Dallas Cowboys practice squad in 2007 according to Wikipedia:

On September 1, 2007 the Cowboys waived Moore during their final preseason cuts.[10] The Cowboys intended to sign Moore to their practice squad had he passed through waivers.[7]However, the following day, he was claimed off waivers by the Carolina Panthers.[8]

While in Carolina Matt Moore started 13 games (played in 22 games) in his 13 starts he had a 7-6 record he threw for 16 TD’s and 17 INT’s

Matt Moore had his greatest opportunity in 2010 when then Carolina Coach John Fox gave him the starting job but after six games quickly benched him. Matt Moore ended up 1-5 throwing 5 TD’s and 10 INT’s and was benched and eventually let go. It also concluded John Fox Run in Tennessee as head coach.

In 2011 Moore was signed by the Dolphins on July 28, 2011 to back up Chad Henne. He switched numbers, from 3 to 8. On October 2, 2011 Moore entered the game against the Chargers in the 1st quarter after Henne went down with a shoulder injury. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 167 yards and an interception, compiling a 67.3 quarterback rating.[30] On November 6 he became the first Miami quarterback since Chad Pennington in 2008 to throw three touchdown passes in a game, in their 31–3 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. He repeated that feat in week 11, blowing out the Bills 35–8, and had the highest QB rating of the week. Following the season, he was announced as the Dolphins’ 2011 season MVP.[31]

Moore was announced the starting quarterback for the Dolphins against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wildcard round of the 2017 National Football League playoffs …. This was Moore’s first playoff game. The Dolphins would lose 30-12 to the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

I can see why many fans want Matt Moore to start because in Miami he has been a good relief pitcher he has a 8-7 record as a starter and has played very well in games. The only issue is when Matt Moore play extended games he is not that good.  He has a high turnover ratio between fumbles and INT’S.

The last two games of 2016 -17 while Matt Moore started Miami was outscored 65-26. That is why he is in the backup role and will be the remainder of his career IMHO!


Miami Dolphins 2017 First Quarter Grade


Just like last year Miami has started the 2017 season off slow, the offense is in flux and has not yet established its identity and the Defense is doing a better than expected job and looks like they will be a force finally living up to what has been expected.

This year they have one more win that at the same time last year and find themselves at 2-2 and as one player noted they are who they are a 2-2 team. The question is where are they headed?

The answer is complicated because Miami has a much tougher schedule this year than last and starting the next game on the schedule if they continue with such an anemic offense despite the Defense playing at an Elite level it will not be enough to beat the better teams, if they can’t get this offense on track and at least improve their abysmal 10.2 points scoring per game 32nd in the league to at least putting up what they did last year just under 23 points per game. In fact Miami’s offense is currently 32nd in total yards per game, 32nd in passing per game and 31st in rushing yards per game.

This has been totally unexpected as going into the season the biggest concern was on the defensive side of the ball and in particular against the run.  Pleasantly the Defense is (as of this report) 5th in the league against the rushing yards per game, 4th in points allowed per game, 7th in total yards allowed per game, and 21st in passing yards allowed per game (and improving)

This has been a very trying young season as Miami has dealt with so many distractions starting with the loss of their starting QB Ryan Tannehill in training camp with a knee injury they decided to try and rehabilitate instead of operating on it in the off-season.

They brought in Jay Cutler to replace him and so far he has struggled along with the offense. The next distraction came from Hurricane Irma that forced Miami to have the first game of the season, a home game vs Tampa Bay rescheduled, then moving early to California escaping the hurricane and having to totally move their operations with them to play the Chargers. They then had to  go East to play the Jets and follow that up with a trip overseas to play a London (Home Game) SMH against the Saints.

Miami did not play well against the Jets and Saints and had it not been for a last minute touchdown vs the Jets Miami would have been shut out  in both games! Added to that they lost their bye week in all of this and will play all 16 games without a break. (Tampa Bay also have 16 straight games) They finally played their first REAL home game against the Titans that thanks to our Defense they won that game.

Miami also have been dealing with another SCANDAL that has rocked the team with another social media video release.

So at the first quarter mark they find themselves at 2-2 and still trying to get the offense out of their funk. Only time will tell if they can get that done but the next game up in Atlanta would be a nice time to make that happen.

When you consider what this team has been through I say 2-2 is a positive and they have time to turn this season into another success season like they did last year shortly after the first quarter of 2016.

Grade C

Another Video Scandal This Time A Dolphins Coach

This is breaking news that does not look good for current Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster. No wonder our Offensive Line is playing like Crack I mean crap!

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Miami Dolphins Statements

Chris Foerster
“I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions. I want to apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals.”

Team Statement
“We were made aware of the video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior. After speaking with Chris this morning, he accepted full responsibility and we accepted his resignation effective immediately.  Although Chris is no longer with the organization, we will work with him to get the help he needs during this time.”