We Shall See

I must admitt what we have seen from the Dolphins these past two weeks is the team I felt we had all along. How good are they? We shall see tonight as the Dolphins face the best team in the NFL in the New England Patriots.

Yes they are the best because they won the SB last year and currently are undefeated.

What am I expecting from Miami? Even though a win would be great and what I want realistically what I expect is a team competing to the end and one that does not get blown out.

A blow out would be a major setback and would do serious damage to Dan Cambell’s chances of getting the job permanently.

Hopefully we will see a team focused and poised and one on a mission determined to send a message that they are the contenders everyone anticipated at the beginning of the season.

I am looking forward to this game more than any as it will tell us all what we truly are dealing with and I have a good feeling we have the real deal.

Go Miami!

Am I Dreaming?

Ok pinch me and wake me up. On second thought let me keep dreaming.

Allright I will still keep my homer in check for another week because let’s be honest the past two opponets are two of the worst teams in the league.

Now on a short week going into New England to face an undefeated Patriots team we will finally see if we are the real deal.

A win or a close game will bode well anything short of that will leave room for doubt.

For now I am as happy a fan as can be as for the second week in a row I witnessed a team I expected from day one.

Whatever Coach Campbell is doing is working and it could simply be as easy as not overcomplicating things and let them play.

Whatever the reason you have to like what you have been watching these past two week as they fought their way back to .500 ball.

The one thing that has happened is Miami finally beat Houston for the firts time ever. Are we headed for a special season….?

Stay tuned!

Making A Believer Out of Me

I’m not going to get too high on the first game of the new regime at the same time I must say I finally saw what I was looking for from day one a Dolphin team inspired and playing to their potential aggressiveness on both sides of the ball something I’ve been preaching for the last 4 years.

Like I said it is just the first game of the Dan Campbell era but it finally looked exactly like what was expected.

Now the opponent was a 1-4 Titans team that is young and need of time to come together but the Dolphins won the way they should have against an opponent like Tennessee.

In my book I give Dan Campbell an A+ for his first game but I need to see more of the same to make me a believer but I am ready to buy in if they produce more consistant play like what they produced today.

Great game Miami!

How bad can this season get?

Looking at the shedule we all had thought that the first three or four games would be the easy part of the schedule most considered the Dolphins going 3-1 maybe 4 and 0 but here we are going into the bye 1-3 having yet faced our toughest opponents.

Realistically looking at this situation we find that we have another first time head coach as our interim coach and he seems to have the right attitude but realistically What can you expect from a guy who is behind the eight ball?

This is not the ideal situation for a first time head coach to be thrown in after the head coach being fired four games into the season and even though I’m not complaining that they got rid of Joe I still think it should have been a much more exexperienced former head coach that was brought into the fray the same people that they are trying to get to come in as defensive coordinators should have been considered for the interum head coach position.

I will not consider this season totally lost yet but I’m looking forward to the next game to see what product they’re able to put on the field.

Just looking at the schedule alone I count 10 more losses this year for this team at the minimum so we’re looking at a 4 and 12 season anything above that I would give Dan Campbell credit but at the end of the day there needs to be a total house cleaning of the coaching staff I am not going to give up on Tannenbaum just yet but I do feel we might want to look at replacing everything else including Hickey.

What do you think how bad can the season be chime in


The Dolphins spent the better part of yesterday trying to find a replacement for Kevin Coyle unfortunately they are finding out it’s going to be harder than what they think.

The several attempts they made to try to replace Coyle is unknown but at least three coaches have been contacted and so far no one has taken the offer.

This is no easy task because who wants to jump aboard a sinking ship as the Dolphins season is practically over and changes will continue at season’s end. These former coaches are probably looking at an opportunity to maybe come in and coach the Dolphins. Who would want to come in under Dan Campbell when they see an opportunity to be in charge?

So for now the Dolphins are stuck with Kevin Coyle and hopefully with some encouragement they can make whatever changes necessary to get this defense on track the good news is that they did get some help on offense a much more experience coach to come in and assist Lazor stay tuned.

Bring Back Mike Nolan!

The last time the Dolphins defense was any good it was run by Mike Nolan the current linebackers coach for the San Diego Chargers how ironic that we have a guy running this teams defense who is probably better suited to be the corner backs coach while the Chargers have one of the top defensive minds running their linebackers.

If the Dolphins had any sense they should do whatever they can to bring back Mike Nolan and put him in charge of our defense once again cuz when he left they were a top defense in the NFL.

In fact he should have been the guy considered for the interum head coach.

Coyle Should Be Next!

The most disappointing of all units in my opinion has been the defense and Coyle is that someone to blame as well as some players others like myself have complained about Kevin Coyle as the defensive  coördinator for the past few seasons this guy is clueless when it comes to how to set up a defense in my opinion he never qualified for the position if the Dolphins don’t fire the defensive. coördinator then once again I will question the competence of the new head coach and anybody in management as this guy needs to go asap.

I want to give the new coach of benefit of doubt he sounds like he knows what the problems are something  I’ve complained about since Philbin’s been here the aggression on both sides of the ball you have to be aggressive and attack on both sides of the ball and for whatever reason this team has been passive and timid in their approach to the game.

Hopefully as Campbell gets himself together and get everything organized if it’s not too late maybe they can turn some things around a 500 or better season for him would bold well. I still prefer a much more experienced head coach somewhere down the line but no matter what if you want to fix things now you can’t fix it with the same defensive coördinator and to some extent even the offensive coördinator needs to be questioned, I’m not sure if Philbins been dipping his hand into the playcalling  but somewhere there has been a failure fundamentally throughout this team and getting rid of Philbin is not the full solution to the problem.

More needs to be done  than getting rid of Philbin. To change the culture you need to get rid of Coyle. The players contentment is paramount to getting on track and many players want Coyle gone.

Helpfully they are not done and we will soon get more good news of house cleaning.


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