TDS Prediction: Super Bowl XLIX

Seattle Seahawks 22
New England Patriots 26

Enjoy the game!

End Of The Season (2014-15) Stock Report

(Definition of the 4 categories the players fall under)

1. Players on the Rise: These are players who I feel can start for this Dolphin team they are playing the best on this team and are very good examples for the rest to try to live up to…Some can even be starters for any team in the NFL.

2. Players stuck in Neutral: These are players who might have potential but so far have been average or unimpressive, they are just collecting a check but is not thinking of the short life the NFL provides it’s players (an average of 4 years) if they don’t capitalize on their opportunity now they will soon be looking back at the wasted youth and say “I wish I would have done more” NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP! They can either do one of two things move their stock up or down but staying in neutral will eventually be deemed as falling stock.

3. Players whose stock is falling: These are players who for some reason like suspensions, injuries or just not playing to the standard they need to make the team, they are not living up to their potential or pay, either way it’s not a good thing for them or the Dolphins. It’s time they crap or get off the pot. Because they will end up traded or cut if their stock continues to fall.

4. Players under the Radar: These are players who can “if given the opportunity” take it to another level; they are young and full of potential and if properly coached can be special.

Players on the Rise:

Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry, Ja’Wuan James, Dion Sims, Cameron Wake, Reshad Jones, Mike Wallace, Jelani Jenkins, Brandon Albert

Players stuck in Neutral:

Mike Pouncey, Dion Jordan, Rishard Matthews, Brandon Gibson, Daryn Colledge, Samson Satele, Nate Garner, Shelly Smith, Sam Brenner, Billy Turner, Jason Fox, Charles Clay, Jared Odrick, Earl Mitchell, , Olivier Vernon, Dannell Ellerbe, Koa Misi, Philip Wheeler, Brent Grimes, Louis Delmas, , Derrick Shelby, A J Francis, , Jason Trusnik, Jonathan Freeny, Don Jones, , Jamar Taylor, John Denney Daryn Colledge, Dallas Thomas, , Will Davis,

Players whose stock is falling:

Cortland Finnegan, Matt Moore, Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee, Knowshon Moreno, Caleb Sturgis, Brian Hartline, Jimmy Wilson, Randy Starks

Players under the Radar:

Damien Williams, Terrence Fede, Chris McCain, Anthony Johnson

If I forgot anyone or listed a player no longer on the team please let me know. Also let me know if you agree or disagree with my rankings and who you would change. I have been known to edit it if I agree.

Why Signing Mike Tannenbaum Was A Good Move

I am still upset about the season and when I first read about the decision to sign former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum I was ready to rip the move. But before I let my continued frustrations with the decision to retain Joe Philbin after yet another season where this team failed to make the playoffs especially with the talent we have I actually decided to think about the move and the more I thought about it the better I liked the move and here is why.

The biggest issue facing the Dolphins is they had two first time people at the top making the decisions and one thing holds true when you do things for the first time “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”. No matter how well intent you might be, the facts are you will face decisions that you just might not have anticipated or just don’t have enough experience to deal with and make the best decision due to the lack of experience.

Well we now have one man making the call and everybody except Joe Philbin (more on this later) will report to Tannenbaum , this in no way undermines Hickey but now he has on his side a wealth of experience that will be available when he makes decisions. So something that was lacking has now been added and that is the years of experience Mike Tannenbaum has under his belt in addition to his connections and at the same time he is just 45 years old.

This move has made the Dolphins better and any move that does that gets my full endorsement.
Welcome Mike Tannebaum to Miami and now GET TO WORK! He will fully take over February 1st 2015

Here is his bio from Wikipedia:

Mike Tannenbaum (born February 14, 1969 in New York City, New York)[1] is a professional American football executive, who recently served as the general manager for the New York Jets of the National Football League.[

Cleveland Browns[edit]
Tannenbaum worked in the Cleveland Browns’ personnel department acting as an assistant under Bill Belichick.[1]

New Orleans Saints[edit]
Tannenbaum worked as an intern in the New Orleans Saints personnel department while he attended law school[1] In 1996, he worked for the team as a player personnel assistant.[1]
New York Jets[edit]

Tannenbaum was hired by the New York Jets on February 19, 1997 as the Director of Player Contract Negotiations.[1] Over the years, Tannenbaum served in numerous administrative positions with the team including Senior Vice President of Football Operations and Assistant General Manager.
Tannenbaum succeeded Terry Bradway as the team’s new general manager in 2006.[4][5]
Tannenbaum signed a contract extension with the team through 2014.[6]
Following the last game of the 2012 NFL regular season, Jets owner Woody Johnson announced that Tannenbaum would not return for the 2013 season.[7]

The Dolphin Seer Rant: (Feeling Betrayed)

I am pissed!

I am so tired of mediocrity and I know you my fellow Dol-Fans are too! I had high hopes for this season and especially after the collapse last year in the final two games of the season. I felt this was the year we finally get to the playoffs! In reality the Dolphins SHOULD be in the playoffs. The fact that they are not in my mind is all the reason why they should have fired Joe Philbin, in addition the other factor that should have been pursued was to bring in Jim Harbaugh as head coach for the Dolphins, and that did not happen. That is the main reason for my Rant the failure of the owner to go after Jim Harbaugh for the Dolphins.

Why am I so upset? Well it all started when one of the Dolphin beat reporters let it be known that the Dolphins owner would rather have Harbaugh take the coaching position at Michigan over the Dolphins job. As a diehard Dolphin fan I feel betrayed! The owner is a big Michigan booster/supporter but he also owns the Miami Dolphins and to me he put the Dolphins second!

If ever there was a time to question ownership now is it! I have been a big fan of Stephen Ross up until this latest betrayal! I am not going to call for what is basically impossible like some bitter fans do, such as he sells the team but I will not invest the money I invested in the Dolphins next year or ever until I feel this owner is 100% committed and to sabotage the Dolphins who are in desperate need of a coach with some balls and not one who cower against the Alpha Males and would rather usher them away than deal with and manage them.

I find that trait in Philbin to be a weakness and eventually undermine everything that he is trying to work for. The Owner used the win against Minnesota to proclaim Joe Philbin would be back when all common sense says he should have waited for the least game of the season when the season was over and review the season and make a well-informed decision.

That was not to be the case and the only reason was he wanted to stop all the speculation about Jim Harbaugh and the Dolphins as he would rather see the University of Michigan get Jim Harbaugh  rather than the Dolphins, So we are stuck with Joe Philbin despite all the evidence that he is not head coach material, as he is allowed to come back to play out his contract.

Like I said I feel betrayed and no longer will buy into what the Dolphins are selling until I see real evidence that the owner is truly committed and quite frankly I do not believe that is the case right now.

Ahhhh Rant over!

Agree or disagree…

Chime in!!!


Once again with something on the line (a potential winning season for the first time since 2008) we see a Joe Philbin coached team implode as they were manhandled by the 3-12 Jets at home in Miami. Out coached, unprepared and dominated! They have failed to protect their house.

So they enter into the offseason with more questions than answers and things are getting ugly as Mike Wallace our best receiver was benched for the 2nd half for disciplinary reasons. Have you noticed a pattern as Joe Philbin has had issues with players every season starting with the cutting of Chad Johnson in his first season as the Dolphins head coach?

The curious question that I still have is why is it the owner endorsed Joe before the last game of the season? I still contend it was to allow Michigan to go after Jim Harbaugh without the Dolphins being an option for Jim. Word is Jim will be headed to Michigan as their new head coach and I am sure some thanks to Stephen Ross is what the university owes as I am sure if the Dolphins went hard for Jim that he might would have considered the job. If my speculation is correct I say Mr. Ross really needs to consider selling this team to someone that will put the team first at all cost!

So in the meantime we are replaying the Tony Sparano era where he fired his OC, DC and did serious damage to Jeff Irelands reputation with his poor coaching. Now last season Joe has fired his OC, and it would be borderline negligence if he does not fire Kevin Coyle and is there anything into his not endorsing both coordinators as there still are some issues with the abrasive nature of Bill Lazor. No matter what Joe Philbin hired his staff and his coordinators Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle have proven to be worthless as this team is in much more disarray than they should be and really what good will another season with Joe Philbin do?

Miami today played typical Joe Philbin football, unmotivated, uninspired, going through the motions football. The only thing I am happy about is I spared myself the embarrassment of going to the game live despite having season tickets as I had a feeling this would be an ugly game.

Ironically Rex Ryan is the one on the hot seat but he gets more out of his players than Joe Philbin ever could and if Rex had the talent we have in Miami would he be on the hot seat?

This is by far the most disappointing season as I had such high expectations even at one point thinking they would have a better than 9-7 record I had predicted for the season, but we find ourselves back at .500 ball and no indication of any hope for anything better as they were embarrassed by the Jets before our home crowd again!

Why Ryan Tannehill Should Get A Long Term Deal Now

I have seen enough and there are no more questions to be answered. Yes there are still things to improve on but also if you are honest Ryan Tannehill has earned the right to get a long-term deal done and I will tell you why.
Gone are the days of 13 seasons of questions of who will be the answer to Dan Marino and I am in no way even comparing Ryan Tannehill to Dan Marino but he has come in and filled in very adequately when you look at the struggles this team had replacing Marino with anybody.

Ryan Tannehill has started every game since his rookie season and ha s improved each year and it can be argued he is playing not only some of his best football ever but he is playing on par with the likes of any non élite QB but the 2nd tier QB’s .

The Dolphins are set and need only start to groom a backup potential replacement if Tannehill should suffer an injury. What would be foolish is to play around with Tannehill and not step up to the plate and sign him long-term. Don’t bother with the old 5th year option, just lock him up long-term.

Yes, he has some areas to improve on but his progress this year has put him on the steps of Elite as he is as good as any other 2nd tier QB’s and he still has some upside.

The Dolphins need not worry about the QB position as Tannehill is fully entrenched as the starter and as I mentioned other than some injury we are set for years at the most important position on a football roster QB.

Ryan Tannehill’s stats: (

So far this year he has
26 12 3,786 93.2

Headed into Sunday’s game against the Jets these number are proof that Ryan is ascending into a top-tier QB and another season under Bill Lazor can help Ryan become one of the best young QB’s in the game on par with Andrew Luck.
Ask yourself who is it you would replace our young QB with and you might struggle to come up with more than 3-4 names and factor in their age and maybe just maybe one so why waste any time and money as a long-term deal could be cost-effective as you can still argue that Ryan still needs to improve but will that argument hold after next season? If his play of late is any indication I would say no.

What do you think? Should Miami forgo the 5th year option and lock up Ryan long-term or is it wise to take the option and risk him increasing his value?

Chime in!

Not Physical Enough!

The Dolphins as a team has had problems with teams that are physical, in fact I feel that was the strategy by most teams we faced was to challenge our physical toughness. Buffalo felt they could smack the Dolphins in the mouth and they would fold and in fact 3 out of 4 games proved the Bills to be correct. The Dolphins were also smacked in the mouth by teams such as Kansas City and Baltimore. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as this team tries to right the ship going into next season.

Our GM Dennis Hickey needs to start to stock this team (especially on the defensive side of the ball) with bigger, meaner, tougher players. I recall last season I wrote an article shortly before the BULLY-GATE scandal questioning their mental toughness:


Now I see a team devoid of big physical players and also still lacking enough mental toughness. Unfortunately it just might be by design as our head coach seems to shy away from Alpha Dogs looking for the more cerebral finesse players but the problem is this. Until you can matchup against the more physical teams and beat them at their own game when needed I cannot see this Dolphins team winning against the better teams especially in the critical months like November and December where these physical teams thrive in enforcing their will.

It takes a team of all kinds to put together a championship team and the best coaches do not usher talented head cases away but know how to manage them and can usually get them to conform to the program. Look at Bill Belichick and his dealings with players often considered problems by others. Even the troubled RB LeGarrette Blount who upon being released by the Steelers and the very type of RB Miami could use, I knew there was a zero percent chance he would end up a Dolphin. But Bill Belichick had no problem bringing him back to the Patriots and he has paid off with being that bruising style back that gets the tough yards when needed as well as goal line TD’s.

I feel the Dolphins under Joe Philbin coached teams due to his unwillingness to have players that might be difficult to deal with is the very reason they will always fall short as the best players in the games often are Alpha personalities and if you do not want to or even know how to deal with them you will always fall short as many times these are the players when it all is on the line can find a way to motivate an entire team. Something that also seems to be the failings of Joe Philbin.


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