Looking back at our 2016 draft class

We often obsess over the new Rookie class, truth be told most rookies need time to develop and depending on the position it could take 2-3 years or more to truly see potential but potential can only take them so far they need to step up as soon as they can and prove their worth. It’s the world we live in; Patience has lost its virtue there is no time for it and little time for these young players to catch on.

Now that is not in every case as some rookies shine right out the Gate. You need look no further than last year’s Dallas Cowboys as they had two Rookies and very important positions shine their first year out. Now they have expectations on them that can be hard to live up to. Sustainability is the key to longevity in the NFL and big money contracts.

So I will take a look at the 2016 Rookie Class and discuss where they are and if they have a long future in the NFL. There is no better place than to start with our surprised blessing first round pick that was sabotaged draft day and as his stock plummeted from a projected top 3 pick down into the waiting hands of Miami.

Laremy Tunsil was truly the steal of the 2016 draft as teams needing help at one of the most coveted positions in the NFL Left Tackle passed on Laremy and watched him slide down the draft board. Fortunately for Miami our management was there to break Tunsil’s fall and what a player we picked up!

Laremy spent his rookie season playing left guard but gave the team enough confidence in him that they traded aging veteran Pro Bowl Left Tackle Brandon Albert this off season in order to move Laremy to his natural position. The Dolphins (barring a serious injury) will have the most important job on the offensive line manned for the next 10 years by young LT Laremy Tunsil just 22 years old!

A+ Grade

The next pick was another very important position that being CB so in Round 2, with Pick 38: Miami selected Xavien Howard, CB. Out of Baylor. Xavien has an up and down rookie season but showed a lot of promise. Injuries were the only thing that hurt his rookie season but when healthy and as the season moved on his play making ability shined through and the Dolphins have a solid starter opposite Byron Maxwell as well as some nice depth on the bench.

Grade B+

In round 3, Miami selected RB Kenyan Drake RB (Alabama) Miami at the time had serious questions after the departure of Lamar Miller in free agency so the search was on to bring in more RB’s to compete with the relatively unknown and not yet proven Jay Ajayi so Miami drafted Drake who displayed some very exciting play making abilities in both the run game and special teams as a returner. He has earned more touches for this year and should be groomed to be the #2 RB to be that next man up should we lose Jay Ajayi for any length of time.

Grade B

The next pick was a highly questionable move that did not pay the dividends one would expect for what Miami did to attain the pick. If you recall Miami traded back in the 3rd round with the Minnesota Vikings (86th pick overall) and gave up their 6th rounder, and our 3rd and 4th round picks in 2017 for WR Leonte Carroo out of Rutgers University. He was pegged as a comparison to Anquan Boldin and Marvin Harrison but quite frankly did not have a good rookie year due to a host of things but more importantly his learning curve as he had some problems grasping the playbook. So far early this season he is showing improvement and hopefully will prove the Dolphins made a very smart move when they gave up a bevy of picks to get Carroo.

Grade C

In round 6 Miami went with SPEED that kills as they drafted diminutive WR Jakeem Grant Texas Tech who was rumored to clock a 4.1 40 yard dash but later listed as a 4.3 40 time at his pro day. Grant was used as a return man and had quite a few spectacular returns but had issues with holding on to the ball and more importantly recovering from his mistakes. But with the speed he possesses look for coach Gase to use him in special was on offense to get him in the open as this kid is dangerous.

Grade C+

The Final pick was also in the 6th round where Miami drafted Jordan Lucas who played mostly on special teams and is being groomed at Safety he did not stand out last year at least in my eyes and I am not sure if he can hold on to a roster spot if he does not do more to shine this year.

Grade C

These guys are the future and with most of them they seem to have a bright future in Miami as long as they continue to develop and hopefully can avoid any major injuries  I still felt that year Miami needed to draft defensively but now that we have these young talented players and had a year to observe them I am excited for their futures in Miami  as the Dolphins regain their rightful spot as a contending team in the AFC.

TDS Rant: Adam Gase Not Above Reproach!

(((((Let me make this perfectly clear! I LOVE ADAM GASE….SO FAR!)))))

I have not had much to rant about lately with the Miami Dolphins as they have moved beyond the mediocre dysfunctional team we have suffered with over the past decade or more.

When it comes to our beloved young and upcoming head coach Adam Gase. I love his swag, style, candor and I have no doubt that for now he is the right guy in the right place for our Miami Dolphins as this team appears to be headed in the right direction.

But NO ONE is above reproach, and I have some issues with the rash of injuries this team have had, some of which I feel were avoidable and I feel the need to vent!

This venting is directed mainly towards our management and coaching staff (the head of that unit is head coach Gase). I also direct some of it towards the local media who seems to give this wonder kid coach a pass by not directly doing what I am about to do, Rip into the coach for some of the decisions made in his short time as coach where I find it quite curious some of the things that have been allowed.

The first time I was concerned and questioned was the direction they took regarding the knee injury Ryan Tannehill suffered last December that now is proven an incorrect decision to not have surgery but to try and rehab his knee. I am sure Ryan had a lot to do with that decision and some will say you can’t tell a man what to do with his body and up to a point that is a correct statement. But considering the money they have invested in Ryan Tannehill and how very important his role is on the team you’d think collectively they should have persuaded Ryan to have surgery. Now he is out for the year. The injury was unavoidable but the treatment was something the more experienced management team should have been on top of and managed better.

The next concern arose in training camp when our young stud RB was allowed to be beaten into a concussion by our own Defense and the troubling thing was to read reports that Jay Ajayi took several hard shots at the hands of some of our own defenders. You cannot underscore how serious this is because concussions have ended the careers of many players prematurely and to have this happen in training camp the way it did is unacceptable! RB’s life span in the NFL is short enough as it is but to be concussed by your own team is a failure on many levels of management. This one was totally avoidable if the coach had his pulse on his team and is looking out for his star players. Hopefully Jay Ajayi can heal from this and not have lingering affects but is it really possible?

Another questionable decision was to play our rookie LB who was slated as the starting MLB to play on special teams this past Thursday’s game against Atlanta in a meaningless preseason game. Raekwon McMillan was our 2nd round pick in the 2017 NFL draft and he was doing a very good job at his position in camp, where they were preparing him for the starting job another position of extreme importance considering the lack of depth we have at the position and the troubles we had over the past 3-5 years with our Linebackers. This is another SCRATCHING my head decision by the coaches to put this kid in on Special Teams where he has never played before especially in preseason game one. Now he is lost for the season with a knee injury!I also have questioned the past decision to play Jarvis Landry on special teams as well.

I know I am not the coach and as many say hindsight is 20/20 but the fact is there are some dumb decisions IMO being made by this young coach at time that needs to be called out for what they are and hopefully better decisions as he matures into his role as hopefully the head coach of our Dolphins for years to come. That will remain to be seen if he continues to make some questionable decisions that NEED TO BE CALLED OUT!

So far we have lost our starting QB for the season, lost or rookie starting MLB and have our starting RB on concussion protocol due to what I feel are avoidable mistakes and poor decisions.

How many more can we lose before this team is tanked for the season?

Ahhh Rant over!


Ryan Tannehill Out For The Year!

In what was no big surprise and more of a question to why it took so long to decide, Ryan Tannehill finally will undergo season ending knee surgery to fix his partially torn ACL. Today the Miami Dolphins placed Ryan Tannehill on injured reserve, effectively ending his season and now he will have over a year to recover and hopefully be ready for the 2018 season. I am sure there will be plenty of speculation as is already about the money Tannehill is slated to make and if it would be wiser on the Dolphins part to maybe part ways with Tannehill and save millions of dollars from a contract that many deem Tannehill unworthy of. (there is plenty of time for that debate)

I for one wish Ryan Tannehill the best and a speedy recovery and look forward toward him coming back for 2018.

Unfortunately the decision to forgo knee surgery when Ryan first got injured last December against the Arizona Cardinals but instead try to rehab the knee, (even going through stem cell treatment) did not prove sustainable. Ryan  who had been declaring since January that his knee was 100% fine even during OTA’s and the first week or so of training camp he appeared to be just fine.

But August 3rd during practice Ryan Tannehill re-injured his left knee while scrambling towards the sideline as his knee buckled and he fell to the ground in pain.

This was a very unfortunate turn of events for Tannehiil, in his previous 5 years despite a record number of sacks he seemed to have that iron-man thing going on as he kept getting up despite taking some wicked shots. Now this is the 2nd season and the first full season Ryan will miss games when it seems everything he wanted and needed to succeed was finally in place culminating with the hiring of head coach Adam Gase and going into his 2nd year as the starting QB.

Once again we send our condolences to Ryan Tannehill and pray God-Speed as he goes through the rough recovery process from knee surgery that will hopefully allow him to get back to the team beginning next season…..


Why Signing Cutler Was The Right Move

Let the debate begin you have your Matt Moore fans who’s been looking for some time for him to get the starting job over Ryan Tannehill, now that Ryan Tannehill is off the table for the immediate future what does coach Adam Gates do? In what appeared to be a panic move he goes and signs retired Jay Cutler.

Matt Moore fans need to see things for what they are, this as an indictment on Matt Moore and what Adam Gase thinks about the Dolphins chances with him as our starting QB.I just question the wisdom of hanging on to Matt Moore like they have for these past 7 years, especially for the money they have paid him. If when our starter goes down they look to find a better option at QB than to just go with Matt Moore.

I have never been a big fan of Matt Moore as our backup because I feel that position should have been reserved for a much younger and cheaper prospect that we did our homework on and drafted.

Matt Moore is content as a backup and he also don’t seem to mind that he was passed over by Jay Cutler. That in itself is a problem and brings to question his fire and desire to take over the starting job.

I personally welcome the move bringing in Jay Cutler, because I actually think Jay Cutler is a better quarterback than Ryan Tannehill. Jay Cutler has accomplished things that Ryan Tannehill have not and even though I love Ryan Tannehill and wanted him to succeed the reality is Ryan Tannehill has not taken that next step to the level that Jay Cutler has.

Jay Cutler has a pro bowl under his belt, Jay Cutler have shown the Poise and the thing that really intrigues me is I don’t think I can recall Jay Cutler ever having all the weapons to his disposal to he’ll have here in Miami, especially when he was being coached by Adam Gase in 2015.

Adam Gase in that year he coached Jay Cutler he was able to help Jay Cutler have one of his best overall seasons as a QB not unlike he did with Ryan Tannehill last year. Gase puts Cutler on a Miami team and surrounds him with all the weapons that they have on this offense I see great possibilities for this team to continue to reach the goals that they have for this year. Despite the loss of Tannehill.

Why Cutler over Kaepernick?

The answer plain and simple is easy and as logical as can be; the Dolphins have no issue with Cutler despite many who wanted to use a claim about some T-shirt that Kaepernick wore. The owner Stephen Ross made if perfectly clear if a player (EVEN Kaepernick) would help a team win he would think that teams would do what they can to sign such a player.

The main reason in fact the only reason Cutler was chosen over Kaepernick was because the head coach Adam Gase already had a relationship with Jay Cutler from Chicago as was noted earlier. Cutler knows the system even though there’s some terminology changes that he’s going to have to adjust too but the chances are greater that Cutler can come in and pick up our system much faster than Colin Kaepernick who just might not fit our system requiring coach Gase to have to make up a completely new system that would fit Kaepernick well.

I am sure had Cutler turned down the request to come to Miami and play for Adam Gase than we most likely would have had Kaepernick high on the list as a replacement for Tannehill.

Adam Gase now has the opportunity to still accomplish his goals for 2017 with Jay Cutler at the helm who is either a step above or just as good as Ryan Tannehill in this system.

Only time will tell…..

Fins Up!

Jay Cutler signs a deal

It is official the Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler to a one-year 10 million dollar deal with incentives that can push it  up to 13 million dollars,  very similar to what was reported by yahoo.com a couple of days ago.

This must mean that the Dolphins have more definitive answers as to what will happen to Ryan Tannehill for the remainder of the season, all indications point to Ryan having season-ending knee surgery.

I do feel that this is the right decision for Miami to bring Jay Cutler aboard because of his familiarity with coach Gase and his similar stats to Ryan Tannehill it’s almost as if we won’t lose a beat but once again the same issue with Jay Cutler has been his health as well so hold on folks this may not be the end of the story.

Now the next question is what does this mean for Matt Moore does Matt Moore Remain the backup is Jay Cutler the starting quarterback?

I’m sure that the Dolphins will find a way to try to smooth things over and appease Matt Moore by creating some type of limited competition but the reality is that Matt Moore is not a starting quarterback and Jay Cutler is.

With the money that Miami is paying Jay Cutler it would seem logical that Jay Cutler should take over the starting job, but I’m sure we’ll get answers to that question and many more this upcoming week.

Oh and by the way we have our first preseason game this upcoming Thursday.

Stay tuned…

TDS Fantasy Football League 2017


As the 2017 NFL season fast approaches there might be some room for 1-2 more players in the Dolphin Seer Fantasy Football League sponsored by NFL.com.

If you are an avid FF league player or if you have never played before TDS Fantasy Football league is for you!

Come join the fun this year as fantasy football really does spice up the football season.

Link to The Dolphin Seer FFL: CLICK HERE TO JOIN! (http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/980041)

If you have any problems trying to join the league please let me know by posting in this article or email me at thedolphinseer@yahoo.com


Getting to know our rookies: Isaiah Ford

Isaiah Alexander Ford is an American football wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. He played college football at Virginia Tech.Wikipedia
BornFebruary 9, 1996 (age 21), Jacksonville, FL
Height6′ 2″
Weight194 lbs
NFL Draft2017 / Round: 7 / Pick: 237
Current teamMiami Dolphins (#15 / Wide receiver)

NFL.com Draft Profile


Even though Ford averaged 37 points a game as a high school basketball star, football called his name. Virginia Tech signed the Jacksonville native, and played him immediately as a freshman. Ford earned honorable mention All-ACC honors that year, leading the team in receptions (56), receiving yards (709), and receiving touchdowns (six). His sophomore year was even better, as the first-team all-conference pick set school records in each of the major categories (75-1,164, 11 scores). The production was maintained in a second-team All-ACC 2016 season, with 79 catches, 1,094 yards and seven scores.



Superb athlete with good height. Able to shake press coverage with quick jab step and sudden burst. Feet look spring-loaded underneath. Features big acceleration out of his breaks and is able to create easy throwing windows on slants and crossing routes. Varies route speed to disguise his intentions. Chomps up cushion with his speed and stems defenders into off-balance transitions and false steps. Sustains vertical danger throughout his routes. Can get up and over cornerbacks without appearance of much effort. Tracks the deep ball and has ball skills to finish. Works back to underthrown passes and is able to contort in mid-air to make the catch.


Thin frame needs weight for greater functional strength. Can be redirected off route by force. Will sit and wait too long on throws. Needs to shield throws from defender. Can be late adjusting to off-target throws. Average hand strength as pass catcher. Has speed, but lacks elusiveness after the catch. Lacks instincts for the position. Gets open with speed and quickness rather than being route-savvy. Physicality and athleticism of NFL cornerbacks will take adjustment time. Positional run blocker who can be thrown out of the way by aggressive cornerbacks.


Tall but thin, Ford uses his suddenness to uncover on all three levels and his speed to climb over the top and stress defenses vertically. His play strength is concerning as NFL cornerbacks will consistently challenge him off the line of scrimmage. He also has to prove he can be effective when facing zone coverage. He has the height and speed to be a deep-ball menace in the right scheme, but he has a little lower floor than some Day 2 receiver prospects in this draft.

Isaiah had knee surgery and will miss some time he just might end up on IR which is not the worst thing that could happen as he learns his role in Miami. Injuries are never desired but it’s what you do when injured that can show the coaches if you are ready to be a professional. Isaiah can also add some weight on his thin frame and be prepared to compete either later this  year  or for sure next year.
Welcome to Miami Isaiah heal up add some weight (Oh how I envy your problem) and work on your mental game and toughness and come back ready to compete!
This was the last Drafted rookie by the Dolphins in 2017.