What To Do With Jay Cutler?

I sometimes take a position that I feel that maybe I am in the minority with my opinion and this one just might be one of those.

I want Jay Cutler Back!

I feel he is more of a key to finally solving the Quarter Back position in Miami than many might realize. So at least here me out before you recommend a top psychiatrist.

I recently wrote an article on getting rid of Matt Moore and if this guy is on the team another season my head will explode! So I eliminated what I feel is the biggest problem we have had for years in Miami by having a QB that is really hindering the development of Ryan Tannehill  by not being legitimate competition and also has taken up a roster spot for a young QB that should be developed, not to mention the fact that Matt Moore is really not that good! Besides no one can’t argue that Jay Cutler is a better QB than Matt Moore.

This is where Jay Cutler will be different, if he is brought back he wants the starting job and Ryan Tannehill will have to EARN the starting QB position rather than take for granted that he is the starter.

Now I am still a Ryan Tannehill fan and feel he should win the job but I am not 100% sure that he will because for the first time in his career Ryan Tannehill will be matched up with legitimate competition where he will have to battle for the job.

Even though Jay Cutler was somewhat a disappointment this year, much like his career he was up and down all over the place. The difference is he was happy here in Miami and this team is more talented than he had in Chicago. Jay got better as the season went on and I can’t forget or thank him enough for his best game of the season when he beat New England and when you consider that he did not have a full off-season with Miami but came in late whose to say that after a full off-season that Cutler can’t get more comfortable and show that consistency at the QB position that if harnessed will produce that QB we all saw against New England consistently?

So yes I say bring Jay Cutler back and put Ryan Tannehill on notice that he will have to compete for the job and as I also suggested in the article “Time to move on from Matt Moore!” Miami should be in the QB hunt this year for a young QB to toss into that battle and develop and I am not talking about David Fales or Brad Doughty I am talking about a top Rookie in the draft either in the first or second round.

Jay Cutler even with all his faults is the best option to have legitimate competition at the QB position next year, he will either force Ryan Tannehill to step up his game or he will take over and be the veteran QB to hold down the job for the next few years as we develop whoever they hitch their trailer too in the draft this year.

Ryan Tannehill is a good QB and if he fails to win the competition maybe he can be traded for a future draft pick.  Or if he wins the job what happens if Ryan goes down again next season?

Either way I would love to see that battle in Miami next season Ryan Tannehill vs Jay Cutler and our Rookie QB we drafted….Stay Tuned!


Show Jarvis Landry The Money!

The first order of business this off season is to re-sign Jarvis Landry something they should have jumped on a season ago…..

The Good news is they have exchanged proposals and so they are talking and making plans and both sides want to make a deal as Jarvis Landry is happy in Miami and the Dolphins took to long to realize that Landry is their best option at WR.

Miami tried to prop up often injured DeVante Parker as the next coming to the Dolphins pro bowl receiver but as usual Parker proved to be fragile injured and unable to play at a high level injured. Keep in mind Parker has never been close to the receptions that Landry gets but Landry has proven to be injury proof while the disappointing Parker has been injury prone.

I still like our options at receiver  and can only hope that next season Parker can have that much anticipated break out season that is now 3 years overdue. At least he will not be in a position to demand top dollar based off of his performance so far.

Back to the best wide receiver Miami has had in years he a modern day Heinz Ward mentally tough, fearless, great blocker, fierce competitor and an overall great guy who did EVERYTHING right in handling his situation with the Dolphins not getting him singed this past off-season and now it’s time to pay the piper!

Miami NEEDS Jarvis Landry he is the heart of this team and I have said in past articles that if you could clone this guys heart and implant it into every player on the team we would be an unbelievable team, very hard to beat.

Jarvis Landry is by far the best draft pick we’ve had in some time and I love this guy he deserves every penny his agent can suck out of Miami because he played so well with so much on the line and did not become a distraction as many do but he put his head down and went to work and produced his best season as a Dolphin. Good for Jarvis and great for Miami and we finally will be paying a player his worth unlike some others on the team that need to give some money back that they stole like just about every free agent we signed last year.

The Dolphins claim they want to keep their home grown talent and there has been no better player than Jarvis who truly deserves to get paid well.

I wrote an article about two years ago questioning IF JARVIS LANDRY WAS ELITE Well he answered that question this season with his best performance as a Dolphin and I am writing this before the final game of the season.

Jarvis stats leading up to Buffalo (REC 103/ YDS 895/ AVG 8.7 /TDS 8) don’t tell the truth to his value on this team. His passion sometimes get him in trouble but it is the same passion that drives him to be the best and is second to none in the game IMO.

We need more of what he posses and hopefully  the Dolphins are looking for more players with his passion to stock this roster with. Congratulations to Jarvis for reaching Elite status and now it’s time for Miami to…. SHOW JARVIS THE MONEY!!!!

Time To Pay Buffalo Back!

Yes I know someone will say that I was just a few weeks back hoping Miami would tank the season and get a top 10 draft pick and with a loss to Buffalo Miami should have a chance to get around the 10th spot or close to it.

But I hate Buffalo for so many reasons that have nothing to do with the current team. I still have flashbacks the 1986–1997: Marv Levy–Jim Kelly era that seemed to always match up well against Miami and destroyed our chances to make it to the  playoffs or advance. They went to 4 straight Superbowl’s and loss all 4 (1990 to 1993) in fact they got embarrassed in one Superbowl game by Dallas 52–17 in 1993. I always felt Miami would have done a better job had they made it past the Bills.

Back to the present Buffalo Bills the same Bills that we swept last year they have a chance to return the favor and they had a small part in derailing our Dolphins this year, two weeks ago when Miami was hanging on by a thin playoff hope the Bills served a ICE COLD beat down on Miami and added dirt to that grave Miami’s been digging for themselves all season long.

Now Buffalo NEEDS a win against Miami to make the playoffs and a defeat will end their chances and YES I WANT MIAMI TO KNOCK THEM OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS! Miami has something to play for: PRIDE, PAYBACK and to be the SPOILER! What’s that saying? “Misery Loves Company” It will be a very pleasing feeling to drive that single nail in the Bills coffin as they come down to our House looking to sweep Miami and make it to the post season. NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

The Bills have taken over second place in the division this year as Miami relinquished their 2nd place spot from last season a season that had many of us hoping we would draw closer to the Patriots but now we have fallen behind the Bills and were just one game ahead of the Jets, remember how the Jets was suppose to be tanking the season? Well we found out early on that that was not true as they just about shut Miami out up in New York.

Let’s be honest it’s not like Buffalo has a snowballs chance in hell to win the Superbowl just like Miami they have some work to do to catch New England just like all three of the New England enablers in the AFC East for decades.

Miami, Buffalo and the Jets have been gifting the Patriots just about 6 games per season as they have dominated our division for well over a decade.

The good news is all three teams seem to have good coaching the bad news is all three teams still have questions at the Quarterback position with IMO a healthy Ryan Tannehill the best 2nd place Quarterback in the division.

So I am looking forward towards today’s game and hope Miami will serve a nice worm plate of revenge and avoid being swept by the Bills and offer up a little payback for not only this year but the ugly years of the nineties when they proved to be the road block that prevented Don Shula and Dan Marino from making it to the Superbowl a few more times in their era.

That’s more than enough reasons to want Buffalo to go down today!

Miami Dolphins Stock Report : 2017 Season Ending Report

The Miami Dolphins Stock Market Report:

(Definition of the 4 categories the players fall under)

  1. Players on the Rise: These are players who I feel can start for this Dolphin team they are playing the best on this team and are very good examples for the rest to try to live up to…Some can even be starters for any team in the NFL.
  2. Players stuck in Neutral: These are players who might have potential but so far have been average or unimpressive, sometimes due to injury, some are just collecting a check but is not thinking of the short life the NFL provides it’s players (an average of 4 years) if they don’t capitalize on their opportunity now they will soon be looking back at the wasted youth and say “I wish I would have done more” NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP! They can either do one of two things move their stock up or down but staying in neutral will eventually be deemed as falling stock.
  3. Players whose stock is falling: These are players who for some reason like suspensions, injuries or just not playing to the standard they need to make the team, they are not living up to their potential or pay, either way it’s not a good thing for them or the Dolphins. It’s time they crap or get off the pot. Because they will end up traded or cut if their stock continues to fall.
  4. Players under the Radar: These are players who can “if given the opportunity” take it to another level; they are young and full of potential and if properly coached can be special. They could also be players acquired in the off season (like free agency or trades) but have yet to play in a Dolphins uniform.

Players on the Rise:

Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry, Kenyan Drake, Xavien Howard, Charles Harris, Davon Godchaux, Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey,  Jakeem Grant, Cameron Wake, Jordan Phillips, Ryan Tannehill

Players stuck in Neutral:

Jay Cutler, T.J. McDonald, DeVante Parker, Cordrea Tankersley,  Vincent Taylor, Mike Hull, Cody Parkey, Matt Haack, Kenny Stills, Damien Williams,  Nate Allen, Bobby McCain, Chase Allen, Laremy Tunsil,  Alterraun Verner,   Julius Thomas, Ja’Wuan James

Players whose stock is falling:

Matt Moore, Kiko Alonso, Andre Branch, Jermon Bushrod, Lawrence Timmions,

Players under the Radar 

(All Players on I/R)

If I forgot anyone or listed a player no longer on the team please let me know. Also let me know if you agree or disagree with my rankings and who you would change. I have been known to edit it if I agree.

Time to move on from Matt Moore!

As many of you who are my regular readers know I am not a big Matt Moore fan never have been, I don’t think he’s a good quarterback and I don’t think he’s as good a backup as many claim him to be, in fact I think Miami wasted money and time and a roster spot on him all the years he’s been here.

It’s time for Miami to move on from Matt Moore (yes call me a hater if you want) it’s time for Miami to get serious with the quarterback position and in keeping Matt Moore they are not serious with the quarterback position.

Here’s how they get serious; jettison Matt Moore, bring back Jay Cutler to fight with Ryan Tannehill and draft a rookie as high as they can and open up the job for the best man who wins. That is how you get serious with the quarterback position by have legitimate competition.

Matt Moore has made a very good living holding the clip board and has done a good job of coming in as a relief and playing well but this year proved what I always knew about Matt Moore is that he is not a starting QB and he is not a true competitor because he has been content to just sit back and be the backup.

You can bet that bringing back Jay Cutler and drafting a young top QB will make things interesting and bring out he best at the QB position for Miami. I like Ryan Tannehill but it’s truly time to push him for his job. I happen to think the most talented QB on the team is Jay Cutler the problem is his inconsistency but I will give him a pass because he had to take time to build chemistry with his receivers.

Cutler will make Ryan Tannehill  take his game to the next level to retain his starting job and the true benefactor of this whole scenario would be the Rookie QB they draft because he will be a hand picked player by this regime and he will be tossed into the fire and hopefully arise as our future QB battle tested.

That is how we solve our QB position and it all starts by moving on from Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill’s security blanket and create true competition in Miami.

I bet that would create an excitement at the QB position that has never been seen before in Miami. Cost be dammed because it is that important that they solve the QB position for now and the future and legitimate competition is the only way.

QB problem solved!


Draft Needs: QB, DE, LB, TE, G/OT, RB, WR

This is my Miami Dolphins list of potential Draft prospects based on needs I will put together an early Miami Dolphins Mock Draft in the near future….

1st Round Prospects

  • Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C.State
  • Arden Key, DE/OLB, LSU
  • Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
  • Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
  • Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
  • Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
  • Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson
  • Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State
  • Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
  • Billy Price, C/G, Ohio State
  • Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU


2nd Round Prospects

  • Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky
  • Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State
  • Maurice Hurst, DE/DT, Michigan
  • Connor Williams, OT, Texas
  • Martinas Rankin, OT, Mississippi State
  • Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn
  • Ronald Jones, RB, USC
  • Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina
  • Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma
  • Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame
  • Harold Landry, DE/OLB, Boston College
  • Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida
  • Marcell Frazier, DE/OLB, Missouri
  • Dorance Armstrong, DE/OLB, Kansas
  • Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest
  • Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia
  • Chad Thomas, DE, Miami
  • Cameron Smith, LB, USC
  • Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State
  • Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State

3rd Round Prospects

  • J. Moore, WR, Maryland
  • Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State
  • Will Hernandez, G, UTEP
  • Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio
  • Matthew Thomas, LB, Florida State
  • Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
  • Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State
  • James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
  • Sione Tehuema, LB, Southeast Louisiana
  • Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson
  • Terrell Edmunds, LB/S, Virginia Tech
  • Rasheem Green, DE/DT, USC
  • Jaylen Samuels, TE, N.C. State
  • Braden Smith, G, Auburn
  • Simmie Cobbs Jr., WR, Indiana
  • Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa
  • Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, DE, Oklahoma
  • Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama
  • Maea Teuhema, G, LSU
  • Porter Gustin, DE/OLB, USC
  • Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State
  • Oren Burks, LB, Vanderbilt
  • James Hearns, DE/OLB, Louisville
  • Luke Falk, QB, Washington State
  • Micah Kiser, ILB, Virginia
  • Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis

4th Round Prospects

  • J. Chark, WR, LSU
  • Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh
  • Sean Welsh, G, Iowa
  • Mark Walton, RB, Miami
  • Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
  • Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia
  • Deon Cain, WR, Clemson
  • Andrew Brown, DE/DT, Virginia
  • Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
  • Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State
  • Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas
  • Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon
  • Steve Ishmael, WR, Syracuse
  • Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan
  • Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State
  • Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State
  • Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State
  • Breeland Speaks, DE, Ole Miss
  • Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
  • Jeff Holland, DE/OLB, Auburn
  • Martez Ivey, G, Florida
  • Adam Breneman, TE, UMass
  • Kyle Hicks, RB, TCU

Some of these players will be a Dolphins player in the near future

2017 Déjà vu

Back at the midway point again. In fact Miami actually will not even meet that substandard as the best they can do is 7-9. Take away two years in this past decade plus and Miami has been right about where we landed this season. Just about .500

One more game and the season is over, the good news is they can spoil it for the Buffalo Bills and knock them out of the playoffs by beating them. That is the only possible joy left this season for the Dolphins and their fans.

There was only one game that Miami played this year where they seemed to put everything together and that was when they beat New England at home two weeks or so ago, the next week they went to Buffalo to play a very important game and once again showed the inconsistency that has plagued this team throughout the season. They have been up and down like Jekyll and Hyde.Unfortunately that has been the story for our Dolphins is their inability to play consistently well week to week, that is why they’re going to continue to be a .500 team or worse until they figure it out.

The frustrating thing has been they seemed to have no answers for what has gone wrong and had the same tired excuse just about every week; they need to “LOOK AT THE FILM” and “CLEAN UP” some things. I suggest they upgrade from whatever generic cleaner they are using and get TIDE PLUS with OxiClean  because they failed to get things clean enough even up through their recent loss to the Chiefs. Turnovers and penalties has doomed this team the majority of the season.

I still like Adam Gase and our management in place but realize it’s just going to take more time to build this team through the draft and to bring in maybe one or two valuable free agents that can help improve on what we currently have. This team has enough talent to make the playoffs but they are not talented enough to overcome mistakes and penalties that have doomed them this season far to often.

The coaching staff needs to come up with solutions that they implement to solve these problems up to and including getting more talent.

I like the talent that we have on the team (we just don’t have enough) I like the superstars on the team but we have far to few. I can only think of maybe one or two players on his team that any other team would love to have the first person that comes to mind is Ndamukong Suh, he is still one of the top defensive tackles in the game and I’m happy to have him on the team, another player is Reshad Jones he is still one of the better safeties in the game and Jarvis Landry our best receiver on the team.

We have enough good players but we don’t have enough star players, we have some young players who did step up this season and we can look forward toward their development next season.

Kenyan Drake, Jakeem Grant, Jordan Phillips made strides this season. DeVante Parker was a huge disappointment this season but injuries played a part of that just like every season. Other disappointments were Andre Branch, Kiko Alonso, Lawrence Timmons.

Our Rookies had a solid season the biggest surprise being  Davon Godchaux  who was our best rookie. We lost rookie LB Raekwon McMillan before the season started so we will have him back next year and hopefully his red shirt season along with rookie Gaurd Isaas Asiata Miami will essentially have two more rookies added to their roster next season along with whoever we add through the draft.

Speaking of the draft Miami will most likely be drafting around the midway point in the draft the same spot they have been all to unfortunate to pick on average this past decade plus as they have been stuck averaging exactly the 16th pick in the draft, a sign of their being mediocre far to long. Never bad enough and never good enough.

That exactly explains their 2017 season disappointing!