Dolphins Crazy Trades On Draft Day


I was somewhat surprised with the 2016 Miami Dolphins NFL draft more than the obvious slide of first round pick Laremy Tunsil as I would have thought that they would have drafted more heavily on the defensive side of the ball when they actually went more towards offense. (6 out 8 picks were offensive players) Miami already possessing 3 talented young WR’s was considered by many to be set at that position and I had thought if they took a shot at getting a WR it would be later in the draft like maybe the 6th -7th rounds.

Miami traded back into third round and gave up quite a bit to get Rutgers WR  Leonte Carroo  in making the deal they gave up a 6th round pick in this year’s draft and a 3rd and 4th rounder in 2017. The problem I have with this is WR was not as big a need as maybe another CB or Young DE or LB’er and considering the youth and strength of our WR’s this was a move I still struggle to understand.This guy will have to be one hell of a player to justify this move IMO.

Potential Players in the 3rd Round passed up with the trade:

Vigil, Nick ILB 6’2″ 239 Utah St.
Fackrell, Kyler LB 6’5″ 245 Utah St.

Both players were taken just after Miami traded up for Carroo and to me they were more of a need and at the value they were drafted it would have been a good fit. But to give up our 3rd and 4th round picks for 2017 is really what puzzles me because I hate giving up picks and unless this guy becomes a pro bowl player next year I fail to see the value.

Miami also had another trade earlier that to me also wasted a 2016 4th round pick unnecessarily as they traded up 4 spots to get a guy who from all appearances should have fallen to them at their original selection spot at 42. They traded up to get a much needed player in Baylor CB  Xavien Howard he fits the size and type the Dolphins new DC Vance Joseph covets and now it’s time to coach him up and see if they can have him start opposite Byron Maxwell. I like the pick because we needed a CB but the explanation by new GM Chris Grier as to why they felt the need to trade up and get him was refuted by the way the draft played out.

Grier said they traded up because they felt a run on CB’s was about to start and so they traded up the 4 spots to get the player they targeted. Well the facts are that the next CB taken after we traded up to get Xavien was when the Vikings too Alexander Mackensie 16 spots later with the number 54th pick.

Potential Players in the 4th Round passed up with the trade:

Goodson, B.J. OLB 6’1″ 242 Clemson
Kwiatkoski, Nick ILB 6’2″ 243 West Virginia
Campbell, De’Vondre OLB 6’4″ 232 Minnesota
Morrison, Antonio ILB 6’1″ 232 Florida
Martinez, Blake LB 6’2″ 237 Stanford
Lowry, Dean DE 6’6″ 296 Northwestern

Another move in the 5th round really sent me up a wall as they traded with New England yes a division rival and to make it worse the Patriots turn around and spin that pick into a future pick for them. Here is what happened. Miami gave New England our 5th round pick No. 147 and got two sixth-round picks (No. 196 and 204) and a seventh rounder (250) from the Patriots. New England then turns around and trades the pick they just got to from Miami in a package deal to Seattle for the 224 pick in 2016 and a 4th rounder in 2017.

Potential Players in the 5th Round passed up with the trade:

Benenoch, Caleb OT 6’5″ 305 UCLA
Dahl, Joe OG 6’4″ 304 Washington St.
Ioannidis, Matthew DT 6’3″ 299 Temple
Haeg, Joe OT 6’6″ 304 North Dakota St
Shell, Brandon OT 6’5″ 324 South Carolina
Brothers, Kentrell OLB 6’0″ 245 Missouri
Westerman, Christian OG 6’3″ 298 Arizona State
Hogan, Kevin QB 6’3″ 218 Stanford
Vaitai, Halapoulivaati OT 6’6″ 320 TCU
Drango, Spencer OG 6’6″ 315 Baylor
Williams, Antwione LB 6’3″ 245 Georgia Southern
Toner, Cole OT 6’5″ 306 Harvard
Collins, Alex RB 5’10” 217 Arkansas
Cooper, Fahn OT 6’4″ 303 Mississippi

One last crazy thing was they traded back with the Vikings for a pick they gave them earlier in the draft…Friday night Miami traded with Minnesota and acquired pick # 86 to move back in the third round to draft  WR Leonte Carroo in exchange Minnesota got our pick number 186 and two 2017  (3rd and 4th round picks) draft picks. Once we came to pick number 186 that we traded to the Vikings the Vikings trade the pick away…..TO MIAMI!!!! Yes we traded for the pick we gave them earlier. They did draft a player I want to succeed in Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant. But it underscored the craziness of the 2016 draft for Miami.

Like I said I am not a fan of trading away pick especially 3rd or 4th round picks where you can still find solid players who can contribute and even surprise, Miami will get compensatory picks next year but that would be additional picks they can use especially when you consider they are sending messages that they are not one player away wisely buying time for this regime.

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a scout (ex or current) and that I became quite aware that teams actually have their own grades on players that do not compare to the sources I use like (CBS So you truly will never know what teams are planning and I have to fight the urge to call what the Dolphins did a disappointment because I just don’t know.

They say they got the players they targeted based off of their evaluations of the players and who am I to argue with the so-called experts but I (being the arm chair GM that I am) feel they made some mistakes that could have prevented them from getting a couple of players in the 4th and 5th rounds that they devalued for the players they drafted and to even give up future picks strike me as excessive when it was to draft a WR considering that that is a recognized strength of the team.


Where’s Waldo…I Mean Dion Jordan?


The watch is on as the time has elapsed for Dion Jordan to apply for reinstatement from his yearlong suspension (his third suspension) and so far no word! The GUY is M.I.A and no-one have a clue what is going on. Rumors have him from being no longer interested in football to the Dolphins are leaving to door open for him to come back if he is interested. I have read he is out of shape the last time he was seen.

Newly signed Kiko Alonso his former college roommate made a bold statement that Dion would come back with a chip on his shoulder, the only issue is he caused his own problems. Who knows what to believe when it comes to Dion Jordan?

One thing we do know is he is most likely the biggest Bust in Dolphin history he is reaching a point where it just might be getting to late to redeem himself if it is not already. Realistically what can we expect from this guy? His play when he was here was not even good enough the crack (no pun intended) a starting job and he even struggled going against 3rd team players.

When he failed his first test he gave an apology that seemed to be contrite and sincere but that only works once with me for him to turn around and fail a test 2 more times is just an admition that he values self pleasure rather than the long term view of what is for the team and his future.

He had to see the money Olivier Vernon got from the Giants. Dion needs to grow up and man up and do his best to try and not only pay the Dolphins back for selecting him when they did, he also has a very narrow window to try and rewrite the narrative he currently has (BUST)

The most resent news on him is that the Dolphins do not need to use the 5th year option on him as he has been “paused” as one writer so helpfully put it, meaning his contract is suspended along with him until he gets back and play so if he comes back this year (don’t hold your breath) Miami retains the right to him beyond 2017. Ideally if it is still possible for Miami to get a bag of chips on this loser the Dolphins should make the deal.

Unfortunately they might want us to give them our first round pick next year too.

Where is Dion Jordan? Come out, come out wherever you are because the games are over and it’s time to come to work and earn a living doing the things you do or is it already too late?

Alpha Dogs Wanted!


Remember the hit song Who Let the Dogs Out? Well the answer to that question was Joe Philbin. The Queasy former head coach did all he could to rid this team of the Alpha Males. Anybody he deemed a problem or who spoke up to him, he refused to deal with and those players found the door opened as they were either cut or traded away. I still remember in his first season he developed the leadership council of veteran players after some grumbling after he cut Ocho Cinco after his incident with his now ex wife. The players wanted to have a voice and shortly after just about every player on that council was gone from the team. I questioned the Dolphins Mental Toughness two years ago in my article entitled (Where’s The Mental Toughness)

Well needless to say the Dolphins minus the Alpha Dogs had issues as they seemed to lack the ability to rise above mediocrity in their play they lacked leadership and they often were bullied by the very teams in our division that were just tougher. It’s like the Bills and Jets knew they could smack Miami in the mouth and they would back down thus Miami being swept by both teams had a lot to do with them being more physical than Miami.

Things are changing in Miami, it all started with hiring Adam Gase who himself is described as an Alpha Male and culminating with the type of players they are bringing in through both the free agent market and the draft. The players acquired are much bigger, stronger and or faster. They are also looking for what GM Chris Grier described more than once as “Alpha Males” their mental makeup needs to be tough nice guys need not apply and I happen to agree with this stance as I have had enough of seeing this Dolphins team being beat up and pushed around.

Bigger, stronger and faster is exactly what they got as gone are the 5’-9” Brent Grimes of the world replaced with 6’-1” Byron Maxwell and newly drafted 6’-0” Xavien Howard two players who bring size and mental toughness as they will be playing press coverage and challenging WR’s at the line disrupting their routes.

“When we say alpha, it’s those guys that love football, that are mentally and physically tough. They’re not afraid of challenges; they love to compete. It was stuff that we talked about a lot through the process and obviously you guys have been around Coach (Adam) Gase. He definitely has that mentality. We’ve tried to change the roster, the guys we added, especially on the pro side, too, through free agency. We’ve been aggressively looking for players like that. I think that’s the only way you can win.” (Miami GM Chris Grier)

One of the more intriguing picks was 5’-5” WR/KR Jakeem Grant who is by far the shortest player on the team if not in the league but he was clocked (unofficially) at 4.1 forty his official recorded speed was 4.3 either way the kid has speed to burn but you have to be concerned about his ability to stand up against these professional players who are the best of the best and huge. But make no mistake he posses the one quality that the team needs more of an attitude and mental toughness needed to fight in the trenches. What’s the saying “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” and this kid seems to get it. He will be my favorite player to root for.

The Dolphins are holding true to their mantra Bigger, Stronger, Faster and hopefully we will see different results come game day against our division opponents as hopefully we can compete against the Bullies that beat us up last year. I have a feeling having a Alpha Male as head coach who is not afraid to handle a few more Alpha Dogs on this team  and appears to have (found a way ) to deal with them will help out greatly.

Manna from Heaven or Fools Gold?

NFL: Combine

It had to be manna from heaven when Laremy Tunsil fell into the Miami Dolphins lap at the 13 pick of the 2016 NFL draft or is this shiny big nugget FOOLS GOLD?

Laremy Tunsil was projected to be a top 3 pick in the 2016 NFL draft and in some cases he was the very Top player on some teams’ draft board. A strange thing happened just about 15 minutes before the draft started, the biggest day of this young man’s life. A video popped up on his Twitter account showing him wearing a gas mask with a bong attached to it and taking a hit that had his eyes just about roll to the back of his head.

Now if you have a side on the pot smoking issue or not the fact is it is against the law in some places and against the rules in professional sports and the Dolphins have had their share of issues with players smoking marijuana.

The most famous example was star running back Ricky Williams who walked out on the Dolphins because he preferred the healing powers of smoking marijuana over the continued abuse heaped on him by one of the worst head coach’s in Dolphins history. You need not go back that far as former #3 overall pick and official “BUST” of the 2013 NFL draft Dion Jordan who is currently still suspended but eligible for reinstatement has issues with drugs.

I believe teams need to take risk because in order to win you will need to have some players who are mentally tough and most mentally tough players tend to be problem child’s so you see that shinny gold piece sitting there and you think it’s Gold but remember the cliché “All That Glitters is not Gold”.

Laremy Tunsil will make the decision the Dolphins made to draft him either a Boom or Bust there is no other way this can go it’s one way or the other.

Reason for concern:

There are legitimate reasons for concern as Laremy is not a choir boy he has had his troubles and his (BONG HIT VIDEO) is not the only time he has been involved in an incident that involved marijuana former college teammate Robert Nkemdiche  fell 15 feet at a hotel and police found a small amount of marijuana in his room and Nkemdiche later admitted that Laremy Tunsil was with him in that room.

So Laremy Tunsil smokes marijuana that fact is obvious, the question is does he have an addiction to marijuana or is he able to be smart and stop smoking during his playing days?  He is on the radar of more than just the Dolphins and the league as the whole world witnessed the video and now it is just a matter of time before someone will say I told you so if he should be suspended for the use of drugs.

Manna from Heaven:

This is a talented guy he is a legitimate potential ALL PRO player and as I noted earlier you have to take some risk and you hope you get rewarded for the risk you take. “This was a No Brain er” as our young head coach Adam Gase described it regarding the pick and if this kid stays out of trouble and delivers on his potential we have a solid pro bowl LT for the future who should barring injuries be a fixture on the left side of Miami’s offensive line for 10+ years or more.

For now he is like manna from heaven but remember the story about manna? It spoiled after a day as they were told not to gather it but eat it that day.

Hopefully Laremy Tunsil is more than manna and his glitter is real gold. Only time will tell on this kid and he should be grateful that the Dolphins stopped his million dollar per slide fall from grace atop the draft board and he proves again that the number 13 for the Dolphins is more good luck than the traditional view of the number 13.

Miami’s 2016 Draft Class


The 2016 draft has come and gone and once again surprises abound as Miami’s first pick in the draft slid down the draft board only to be stopped by the Dolphins in a great value pick at 13 when they selected what was considered a top 3 pick at the very least and in some cases the best player in the draft.

Day Two was a day where Miami traded their way into and extra pick in the third round but gave up any pick in the 4th round. Day three Miami decided to trade away their 5th round pick and ended up with two 6th rounders and 3 7th round picks and eventually traded one of the 7th round picks to move up at the top of the 7th.

At the end of it all Miami selected 8 players to join the team and I am sure they have a host of UDFA they are inviting to camp as we speak.

Here is the list of the New Miami Dolphins Rookie Class of 2016:

Laremy Tunsil OT 6’5″ 310 Mississippi
Xavien Howard CB 6’0″ 201 Baylor
Kenyan Drake RB 6’1″ 210 Alabama
Leonte Carroo WR 6’0″ 211 Rutgers
Jakeem Grant WR 5’6″ 165 Texas Tech
Jordan Lucas SS 6’0″ 201 Penn St.
Brandon Doughty QB 6’3″ 213 Western Kentucky
Thomas Duarte TE 6’2″ 231 UCLA

Miami surprised me somewhat as I thought they would have been a little more focused on the Defensive side of the ball and instead 6 of the 8 picks were offensive players. I did not like giving up on our 4th and 5th round picks as well as a 3rd and 4th round pick in 2017 and I get it that you don’t hit that well in the lower part of the draft but I still feel you never know what can happen unless you take your shots.

I am not going to waste my time putting a grade on this draft I have no clue about most of the players beyond the first day. The Dolphins put a lot of time and money into drafting these players and for now all I can do is hope for the best and support them in their efforts so welcome to Miami to our 2016 Rookie draft class.



Miami Dolphins 2016 Draft (Day 2)


Miami traded up twice on the 2nd day of the 2016 NFL draft and snagged 3 players that GM Chris Grier said were “targeted players” the first trade was curious to me only in that I think that they did not need to trade up when they did. I felt the player they targeted would have been there at their original spot.

It was about 4 picks away before Miami made their pick at 42 when a trade was announced Miami traded their 42nd pick and their 4th round pick this year # 107 to Baltimore for their 38th pick. Miami proceeded to pick CB Xavien Howard from Baylor.

Now I want to first say that all teams have their different grades that they build their draft boards off of and Miami obviously graded Howard higher than I had in my armature draft grade as he was more likely to be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round from my draft grade.

GM Chris Grier said they felt a run was going to be made on CB’s at that time and they felt the need to trade up and get Howard when they did. The problem is the draft did not go the way that they thought as the next CB was taken 16 spots later by the Vikings at 54. Now I will not be overly critical of that move even though I felt they did not need to trade up the 4 spots and give up a 4th round pick what I feel is still a value pick in order to get Howard who I feel would have been there at 42.

The fact is they got who they wanted and if this player turns out to be the next Revis than who cares? By the time we find out either way who will truly remember that they gave up a 4th to move up 4 spots in the draft in the 2nd round? (Other than me):)

Miami with the 3rd round selection the 73rd pick in the draft took RB Kenyan Drake of Alabama a pick of both value and need and I happen to really like this pick as he fits exactly what our new head coach Adam Gase like to do with his RB’s he is a very good multipurpose player who can play special teams, catch the ball out of the backfield and brings speed back that was lost when we lost Lamar Miller in free agency. I like the fact that Drake is just about 6’-1” tall too. I look forward to his role on the team being expanded as I feel this guy could be special if he can do the one thing he failed to do in college stay healthy. He complements Jay Ajai and will supplant Jarvis Landry in the return game hopefully (See Jarvis Landry Special Teams)

I thought we were done when we took our 2nd pick on day two in the draft but much to my surprise in more than one way (even though I had a feeling they might trade up in the 3rd round) Miami trades back into the 3rd round surprise number one and then what was the biggest surprise was they drafted a WR a position many do not feel is a position of need and to top it off they gave up quite a bit to do it.

With the 86 pick (traded by the Vikings to Miami) in the 2016 draft Miami selects WR Leonte Carroo from Rutgers. He is a big, solid WR at 6 foot tall 211 LBS. Miami gave up a lot to do this and that is why I find that move quite curious because like I said WR is a strength on this team and to add another one this early in the draft when we have other needs and three very good young WR’s on the team raised a few eyebrows including mine.

In trading with the Vikings, Miami gave up their 6th round pick #186 this year our 3rd and 4th round pick in 2017 for a WR? Once again our GM Chris Grier said he was a “Targeted Player” that they coveted and so they went and got him. Adam Gase said he will compete with the current WR’s for a starting spot. Obviously something is going on here to feel the need to bring in another young WR to the mix of what appears to be a solid group of young receivers on the team.

I will trust that they know what they are doing but I am a bit miffed by the two trades they had in day 2 of the draft as we have given up 2 picks next year a 3rd and a 4th and we earlier gave up our 4th round pick to move up 4 spots for a player who I truly do feel had they waited he would have dropped to them at 42.

That is the fun of playing GM we have different ways of doing things and grading players. Now I do not have the resources nor have I invested the money and expertise that the Dolphins have in how they graded out the players and who they have targeted.

One thing is clear the Dolphins made the picks for a reason and they will have to live with them I want whatever they do to work and I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best.

The good thing about day 2 is they did address two glaring needs in CB and RB And as they said they got 3 players they “Targeted” so welcome to Miami rookies!

Day 3 is just about an hour away good luck Miami!

Miami Draft Laremy Tunsil!


It was day one of the 2016 NFL draft and just about 15 minutes before it started Bizarro World popped up as a scene that was straight from the weirdest movie you’d ever seen there is a video posted of one of the top picks projected in the draft (Some had him ranked as the number 1 pick) where he is wearing a mask and a Bong attached to it and someone lighting up that Bong that was loaded with the wacky grass that many debate if it should be legal and some states have legalized smoking it.

The star of the video Laremy Tunsil was the number 1 ranked OT coming out of college and no fewer than the number 3 ranked overall player coming into the draft by many draft so called experts. ( )

See also

Well needless to say the star in that video fell as fast as any falling star from the heavens as his draft stock plummeted and the free fall was on. He dropped and dropped and dropped out of the top 10 and then I realized he was falling right in Miami’s lap. So when he was there at 13 I was screaming take him take him at the Television and being true to their draft board Miami had the guts to take the best player on the board. The pick was in and YES! They selected Laremy Tunsil our young OT for years to come.

You could not find one mock draft of the millions of mocks out there that had Laremy Tunsil on the board at 13 and I am sure first time GM Chris Grier and the draft team was just as shocked as I was to see him land at 13 where the Dolphins picked him.

The Risk:

There is some risk involved with this draft pick as Miami do not need any more drama with top picks as the very issues that Tunsil displayed on that now infamous video we have ironically our young OLB/DE draft bust Dion Jordan taken number 3 overall in the 2013 NFL draft who has been suspended for the past two years due to drug use, the irony of it is he was eligible for reinstatement on the very day we took the mask wearing pot smoking Tunsil. I don’t even want to imagine this kid getting suspended and the circus that will create with the media down here.

They already are making snide remarks towards the kid’s unfortunate situation and it is unfortunate that someone sabotaged this kid and there is some suspicions that his issues with his step father has something to do with this cowardly attack on what should have been the best night of this young man’s career. But as the saying goes you reap what you sow, but still that was messed up!

In his defense the video is reportedly two years ago and he has passed all drug test submitted to him these past two years.

The reward:

The risk is well worth the potential reward and considering what was left on the draft board as potential options some players with injury issues or questions as to their worth at 13 where the Dolphins were drafting. (If you like players take them anytime) Miami did the right thing and took a chance on Laremy.

Miami drafted what is considered a future ALL Pro left tackle who will fit on the line day one at one of the 5 spots on the offensive line most likely at Guard starting out but sometime in the future he will roll over to the Left Tackle spot where it is currently manned by 31 year old Pro Bowler Brandon Albert or they just might move Albert to guard either way the Dolphins added a young talented player to their offensive line that already have 3 former first round picks on it. This was not only a great value pick but it also was a NEED pick as Miami’s offensive line issues have been ongoing for far too long and if this pans out Ryan Tannehill and whomever our RB’s will be should be very happy.

Now on to day 2 of the draft tonight around 7 pm EST we will have rounds 2 & 3 and it looks promising that Miami will have a shot at another potential starter as the talent that has fallen into the 2nd round will benefit the Dolphins who draft early in day 2.


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