Where Do The Dolphins Go From Here?


It is not the end of the season and we don’t have an insurmountable hill to climb to get back on track but Miami does have a long way to go (from all appearances) to become a winning team and it’s on both sides of the ball that serious issues need to be fixed. Unfortunately some things cannot be fixed because it is a talent issue or a bad fit issue that can only be addressed via trade or at season’s end and most likely it will be an off-season fix.

The Dolphins lack the talent they need  to make what they are trying to do work on defense they do not have the right LB’s in place not one of our starters are true starting material and after years of trying to turn these guys into legitimate starting LB’s it’s time to move on in the future. I do not feel our LB’s are big enough, strong enough or stout enough to man the position full time. We need bigger, stronger, faster LB’s to be able to stand up to these huge offensive line men and currently I do not feel that is what we have. Also the current group is too often injured throughout the seasons and that does not help either.

The CB position also needs to be continually addressed through both free agency and the draft as it is quite apparent that Byron Maxwell is not the answer and his contract should be voided as he is not worth what they are paying him. He is a poor cover corner who is not a good tackler and so far was beaten like a drum and what few good plays he did have do not warrant the money he is earning he is not a #1 CB in fact I even doubt he’s a #2 CB.

Miami needs to shy away from trying to convert players from the natural position they play into something they are not or will take time to develop. Players like Tony Lippett and the offensive line stacked with OT playing out of position at guard. Is it that hard to draft a good Guard? Is it that hard to find a top Guard in free agency?

I have no problem developing players but the problem is that they need to get solid veteran players in position as starters and draft young players with the goal for them to legitimately beat out that veteran player.

The Dolphins have boasted for years how they are one of the youngest teams in the NFL and I feel there is a direct correlation between their continued losing records and the youth on the team as young players are not ready for the NFL coming out of college and the best way to develop them is with veteran players and the lack of quality veteran players have prevented the Dolphins from developing their young draft picks as coaching can only go so far.

I would like to see a much more veteran presence on this team next year and then start drafting TBPA at the positions of need until we have them covered and then draft TBPA from that point on.

As for now we are who we are and I still feel a 9 win season or better is achievable but this 4 game home stand will be the determining factor because if the Dolphins blow these home opportunities things will go south fast.

Stay Tuned….

Fins Up!

Miami @ Cincinnati Review


Miami in a short turnaround week played Thursday Night in Cincinnati against another playoff team on their home turf for the third time in 4 games of this short 2016 season and they played the most lethargic of the 4 games and had no chance to win unlike the first 3 games where there was some possibilities where you can see Miami had some chance to pull out those other 3 games.

Injuries, player replacements, benchings, and the same things that have plagued this team so far this season reared its ugly head the entire game minus one brilliant play early in the game on their first drive.

The Dolphins Defense despite some problems covering A.J. Green (a top WR in the NFL) did enough bending but not breaking to win that game but unfortunately our offense hit an all time low in performance and if they can’t find a way to fix this anemic offense soon this will be a long season one that should spell the end of Ryan Tannehill as our starting QB.

How pathetic was the offense?

Other than the 74 yard play to Kenny Stills the Dolphins gained only 148 more yards the rest of the game and they mustered only 8 first downs the entire game.

Offensively their 3rd down conversion rate has to be reaching an all time low and the time of possession continues to plague our Defense that has been averaging over 80 snaps a game, this is a result of far too many 3 and outs this entire season by the offense.

Miami did seem to run the ball a little better and they also defended the run better but neither is good enough and both sides of the ball have much room to improve. A.J. Green was able to have as many yards just about as our entire offense.

Miami decided and rightfully so to bench starting cornerback Byron Maxwell as his play has been pathetic this season and his stock on my stock report is as low as it can get.

Unfortunately Tonny Lippett who played decent was no match for their star receiver A.J. Green and he had a field day against our secondary. The good news was the play of rookie CB Xavien Howard who shows signs of potentially after more development being a sold CB for the future.

Defensively we had some improvement against the run but we still allowed some long plays and because of failure to put pressure on Andy Dalton  who did a veteran job of moving in the pocket to avoid pressure (Unlike you know who?) we were torched in the secondary as our lack of experience and talent was glaringly evident.

Miami now enters what should be the best part of their 2016 schedule as they will have home games throughout the next month 4 in a row and we will be able to define the team this season based off of how they protect their home turf.

One thing is for sure if they can’t do better on offense that what we have seen so far this will be a brutal season with a brutal end for some players….

Hopefully a turnaround and a 3-1 or 40 and 1 home stand is just the medicine the doctor orders for this ailing team.


TDS Weekly Power Rankings:Week 4

TDS Weekly Power Rankings
Denver Broncos
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers
Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Falcons
Houston Texans
Oakland Raiders
New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams
Cincinnati Bengals
Carolina Panthers
Arizona Cardinals
San Diego Chargers
Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
Detroit Lions
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers
Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears

Weekly Predictions

Miami Dolphins 23
Cincinnati Bengals 24
Indianapolis Colts 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 28
Buffalo Bills 19
New England Patriots 28
Tennessee Titans 16
Houston Texans 20
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears 25
Carolina Panthers 28
Atlanta Falcons 32
Seattle Seahawks 22
New York Jets 20
Oakland Raiders 21
Baltimore Ravens 26
Cleveland Browns
Washington Redskins 28
Denver Broncos 31
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
Los Angeles Rams 18
Arizona Cardinals 27
Dallas Cowboys 27
San Francisco 49ers 25
New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers 34
Kansas City Chiefs 23
Pittsburgh Steelers 22
New York Giants 17
Minnesota Vikings 24

It’s Time to Man Up!


The one thing that will determine if Adam Gase is the answer is how he handles adversity and folks we have adversity!

Now truth be told upon looking at the schedule when it was released I expected the Dolphins to be 1-3 at this stage of the season and even though it’s a tough feeling to be in this situation, especially when you consider they should have won in Seattle and should have  taken advantage of New England once Garoppolo went out the game.They also should have lost to Cleveland so 2-2 is the best they could be but 1-3 is not that surprising.

My problem is with the demeanor of our young head coach after the team lose. Now no one should take losing well but as the leader of the team he needs to not be moping like the world is ending because that sends the wrong message to everyone, the media, the fans and more importantly the players.

He wanted the job and now he needs to find a way to fix the problems or at least be more resolved to make appropriate changes throughout the season and during the offseason  to improve the team. Some tough decisions needs to be made from his play calling on offense (Is he the best person to do this?) to the players he currently have on the roster starting with Ryan Tannehill!

But ultimately his job is to lead this team and a true leader needs to show confidence even when doubts  creep up in your mind. We don’t need a bipolar personality and when before the public and media we need a strong leader who can acknowledge that we have problems but he is determined to fix the problem no matter what but to pout and mope is not the answer nor what we need to see out of our young head coach!

It’s time to take this first year as a learning experience and asses the entire team and make the appropriate changes where you can but always show strength and lead by example!

I like Adam Gase and I do believe he will eventually be a very good head coach and hopefully the Dolphins will give him all the time he needs to get it right because we need to stop this  purging of coaches before they can even get their people in place and I have confidence that Adam can get things together but not without the growing pains any new first time head coach will face.

I like the coaching staff they have and now it’s just a matter of getting rid of the players (Talented or not) that are not a good fit for his system. No matter who that might be!

So a word to Adam Gase welcome to the NFL and especially the AFC East where the best head coach maybe in the history of the game resides and it’s time to grow up, man up and fix this team!

It’s Getting Hard to Defend Ryan Tannehill


As one of his biggest supporters for 4 years I’m starting to feel it’s time to jump off his bandwagon. Ryan Tannehill’s play is just not where we need it to be at this stage of his career and going into his fifth season we should have better basic performances from Ryan. I’m just not sure he has the ability to give us what we need. Granted he has been through a roller-coaster of coaches, offensive coordinators and he is now learning a new system. The problem is the same issues that has plagued him under Joe Philbin  still exist, like his poor pocket awareness and now that is amplified by his turnovers.

I’ve always been defending him up to this point but after last nights game I am now convinced the the problems we have on offense falls mainly on the shoulders of Ryan Tannehill. He cannot make  plays consistently enough, we need somebody who can make a play at critical points in the game and that falls on the quarterback’s shoulders. I am no longer sure what Tannehill can do at this point. It’s still early enough in the season that things can change but things really look bleak.

Miami have 4 home games coming up, hopefully we can see some improvement from our anemic offense.  If they continue the same issues that seem to plague Ryan Tannehill like his poor pocket presence and his turnovers it just might be Matt Moore time, as this Ryan Tannehill experiment needs to end and Miami’s scouting department needs to scout QB’s for our first pick in the 2017 draft or we need to look at a veteran free agent QB to bring in this off-season.

There is just a host of things that really rubbed me the wrong way with Ryan Tannehill and I can no longer try and defend his play from this point forward, many fans have been given up on him but being the ultimate optimist I was holding out hope and blaming others for what is now apparent the major flaws of Ryan. Last nights game opened my eyes and I was focused on the play of our Quarterback and he is not the answer.

I can no longer sweep his poor play under the carpet and hopefully our young head coach will have a “Come to Jesus” meeting with Ryan and let him know he needs to do better or he will be benched. The sad thing is he is who he is and i do not see him getting to much better and that is just not good enough.

Like I said it is still just 4 games into the season but so far our offense has really put this team in a bad spot because our Defense is playing way to many snaps per game due to the 3 and outs and turnovers by the offense.

No that our defense is not without their own problems but overall they played well enough to have won the game last night despite the offense doing all they can to give it away.

So as of this article I am officially putting Ryan Tannehill on the HOT SEAT and will have no problem if the coach decides to give Matt Moore the starting job to transition towards another QB next season.

This Team Is Headed In The Right Direction!


I know you don’t want to hear this after so many years of folks saying it but truly patience is needed more than anything else this time.

In Adam Gase I believe! Yes we have the right guy and he is going to fix the issues it’s just not going to happen overnight and before some of you panic over our 1-2 record (maybe 1-3 after Thursday) let’s keep everything in perspective.

One man’s facts are another man’s excuse so I will give you a little of both, but outlined as facts.

  • Fact: This is year one for everybody so there will be some growing pains
  • Fact: Miami has played two SB contenders on the road and one team (Cleveland) that was determined not to lose and fought like hell to win.
  • Fact: Miami could easily be 2-1, 3-0, or 0-3 right now
  • Fact: Talent is here and the attitude change is beginning to take transformation.
  • Fact: We have the best coaching staff we have had in years and they will get this team together.

So there you have it my excuses labeled as facts that I happen to like the direction this team is headed from the management and coaching standpoint and I believe they will get this team on track.

We might have to temper some expectations but rest assured this team is headed in the right direction and it will take less than 3 years to be a true contender. I am not sure what some are expecting in year one with Adam Gase but my 9-7 record or better is still achievable as this team gets past one of the toughest opening schedules I have ever seen for Miami, 3 out of 4 games against playoff teams on the road.

The good news is our entire division has the same schedule and we are still tied for 2nd place in the division and reside 10th in the AFC conference. We will after Thursday Night have 4 Games at home and that will be a deciding factor as to what we have this season.

So hang in there!

Fins up!