Miami Dolphins 2018 7 Round Mock Draft (First Take)

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Needs: LB, DE, TE, RB, G, QB

I am not sure when or how the off-season has become so exciting for me as a Dolphin fan more so than even the regular season especially considering the past decade or so of mediocre Dolphin Play we always have that hope that somehow the draft can magically fix what’s wrong with our teams

After going for so many years with a team that seemed to be lost in the wilderness. I actually happen to like what they have from the management to the coaching , yes I know I’m disappointed just like all of you with last season but I think that now it’s time to stop with the fire everybody mentality when we have some setbacks and realize that we potentially do have a good mix of management and coaching that hopefully will get this team back to the playoffs and a very near future but more importantly a team that will sustain winning hopefully for a long time.

As you know free agency is the first part of the off-season for the most part Miami Dolphins as we mentioned earlier have already made some coaching changes to try to upgrade the coaching staff around Adam gase and we know free agency takes on a long life it’s early part of free agency that starts in March then it last even be on the draft after team to draft in they might still feel that they have certain holes or errors that they need to fix and generally some other teams drop a player or two because of either age or expense and every once in awhile you might find a cherry the drop from the tree not sure the Dolphins have had that much success when it comes to free agency lately but there’s always hope

Now let’s get to the business of the draft Miami have 8 pics this year and just below I have listed their selections but they’re subject to change if the dolphin should ever decide to do what I feel is a No-No trade any pics before the draft glad the same time I am open to Miami maybe making a trade during the draft if they can pick up more pics later because the more pics you have the greater chance you might find especially in the mid to later rounds that one player that was under value or underrated who becomes a star player on our team but first of all let’s look at the draft order just below

Chris Grier is our GM even though I have a feeling Mike Tannenbaum plays a heavy roll in helping Chris or working with Chris maybe even twisting his arm in putting together the draft board I’m sure they will all say it’s a collaborative effort between them and Coach Adam Gase, no matter how they do it I am somewhat in disagreement with the way Chris Grier says he likes to draft by taking the best player available on the board no matter of position the Dolphins are not deep enough to do that in my opinion they still need to draft specific players of need until they fill and plug every hole not only on the starters but also down the depth line.

They need to keep drafting young defenders to turn this defense into the championship defense that can complement to offense well.

I am expecting Miami to address the Guard position in free Agency so drafting one again in the early rounds will not be needed as last years draft choice Isaac Asiata who basically red shirted last year will also be in the mix for a starting position hopefully.

  • First round: No. 11 overall  Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
  • Second round: No. 42 overall Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE, Kansas 6′-4 ” 241 LBS
  • Third round: No. 73 overall Kerryon  Johnson, RB Auburn 6′-0″  212 LBS
  • Fourth round: No. 107 overall Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin 6′ 5″ 250LBS
  • Fourth round: No. 126 Luke Falk, QB, Washington State Cougars 6′-4″ 223 LBS
  • Fifth Round: No. 138 (traded to New Orleans for Stephone Anthony)
  • Sixth Round: No. 169 Jalyn Holmes, DE, Ohio State Buckeyes 6′-5″ 270 LBS
  • Seventh Round: No. 197 K.J. Malone, OT, L.S.U, 6′ 4″ 302 LBS  (from Tampa Bay because of a 2017 draft trade)
  • Seventh Round: No. 203 Sean Welsh OG  Iowa 6′-3″ 290 LBS

I reserve the right to change my picks as the Draft nears and most likely will soon after free agency is in full effect and we see how Miami utilizes free agency.

Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments…

Now Is Not The Time For The DolphinsTo Draft A QB In Round 1

Many are on the Draft a QB in round one band wagon and mostly because quite a few are still not sold on Ryan Tannehill. Ryan has been good not great, he has yet to crack the top 10 in QBR in his now 8 year NFL career.

I too sometimes waffle back and forth on whether the Dolphins should take a QB with the first pick in the draft. It is easy to look at the success of the recently drafted young QB’s like Carr, Goff, Mariota, Winston, Prescott, Wentz, Watson and say is one of the top rated QB’s in this years draft the next young stud?

But on the other hand what about some late bloomers who have been in the same boat as Tannehill throughout their careers like Matt Ryan, Alex smith, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Kirk Cousins to name a few. Tannehill has the potential to achieve the success that the forenamed veteran QB’s have had recently and put their teams in position to make a run for a SB just like this year SB MVP Veteran backup QB Nick Foles.

My point is as frustrating it might be for some of you Tannehill detractors there is still to many greater needs the Dolphins SHOULD address in this years NFL draft. Miami still needs to address the aging defense and that can be only accomplished through the draft, Not free agency.

Miami needs to get another young pass rusher to work along with Charles Harris in developing the next generation of pass rushing legends  like our aging Cameron Wake and our HOF recently retired Jason Taylor. Miami also desperately needs to double up from last years 2nd round selection LB Raekwon McMillan 

In fact I would love for the Dolphins to take a LB in round 1 and a pass rushing DE in round 2 before addressing the QB and even take a TE before drafting a QB and maybe even another Guard  before drafting a QB if at all.

This team has too many needs that should be addressed during the draft than a QB so it would be a wasted pick to take one in the first 3 or 4 rounds.

Ryan Tannehill is good enough to lead Miami for at least the next 3-5 years but he will need the Dolphins to surround him with help on both sides of the ball to assure the success we all desire.

So as much as I would love to draft a QB (and I still think they should) it should not be before they address more important needs this team must address. A developmental QB is what we should be looking for somewhere after round 4.

Now is just not the time to waste a top pick on a position that we are not in desperate need of like the QB position.

C.J Anderson To Miami?

If you recall two years ago the Miami Dolphins almost took CJ Anderson from the Denver Broncos in free agency but John Elway matched their offer and C J stayed in Denver. Fast forward to today where Miami currently hired the Denver Broncos former running backs coach  Eric Studesville  and Miami needing to add to that position and C.J. Anderson and the Denver Broncos seems to be on Rocky ground possibly headed for a divorce, is it possible that the Dolphins in free agency will make a move to once again to try and acquire C.J. Anderson and have a backfield of Anderson the veteran and Kenyan Drake are young stud running back?

The Dolphins could use more veteran help and to have Anderson and draft another young RB in the draft just might be what they should/Could do. He falls within my parameters of what kind of free agents we need to start bringing on board as he is 27 years old.

Stay tuned for further developments as we shall see as free agency is just around the corner.

Reviewing The 2017 Rookie Draft Class

Now that the season is over let’s take a look at our rookie draft class as a unit, overall I’d  give them a B as they all played well at times and there’s promise for all of our rookies.

Unfortunately we lost Raekwon McMillan early in the preseason playing special teams in the first preseason game (I still don’t understand that) I know that they think everybody should play special teams this kid was supposed to be an important piece of our defense and I just don’t think playing special teams and risking injury four important players is in the Dolphins best interest.

No, I’m not the coach but I’ve learned over the years that it doesn’t hurt to question some of the decisions made by some of these coaches and that one is still a head-scratchier for me as to why Raekwon McMillan was playing special teams when he got hurt.

One pleasant surprise and probably the most impressive rookie was Devon Godchild as he played consistently well throughout the season I’m pretty sure there’s some rookie mistakes he’s made some things that he’s learned but he is a valuable part of the rotation and will be for  a long time to come and Vincent Taylor who was drafted right after him also had a pretty decent year that helped create a solid rotation.

The DT spot is now a strength as these young rookies did a good job and I think also lit a fire under Jordan Phillips to help him grow up!

That is one position the Dolphins need not concern themselves with this off-season because we have three young players along with one of the best and the game on our defense so that was very good drafting by the Dolphins to bring in these players who should have a very good future with Miami moving forward.

Miami’s first pick in the draft was Charles Harris defensive end out of Missouri who also play well this year, he did not have as many sacks as we all would hope but he seemed to get better and stronger as a season went on and he was always putting pressure on quarterbacks that will eventually lead to stacks. I see a lot of good with this kid and the great potential for the future he needs to spend the off-season in weight room training and getting stronger and maybe add a few more pounds but this kid is a keeper.

Another rookie who stepped up in a big way (even though there’s some room for him to improve his game) would be corner back Cordrea Tankersley as he supplanted Byron Maxwell as a starter on the corner back spot and now we have two young corner backs that hopefully will grow into the future as shutdown corners for the Dolphins.

In round five Miami selected Isaac Asiata offensive guard out of Utah they decide to Red-shirt him as he did not play a game this year but look for him to come to Camp next year ready to compete for starting job I wouldn’t put it past the Dolphins to maybe take a shot at another Guard sometime in the 2018 draft this year as well or maybe an offensive tackle the only other pic that did not play much was 7 rounder Isaiah Ford wide receiver out of Virginia who I think was injured throughout the year and at most is on the practice squad but as we all know receiver is one of the least needs of the Dolphins as they are loaded at the receiver position.

I look forward to every draft as it is the most exciting part of the off season as it brings new hope for every team to try and make it to the next level.

Hopefully Miami will continue to draft well as this is the future of our teams success or failures.

Fins Up!

Taking A Look at the top QB’s in the NFL Draft


In light of some speculation of the Dolphins taking a Quarter Back in the 2018 NFL draft and some even wanting it to be with our first round pick #11 for now I thought it would be nice to show you who these players are and let the speculation begin.

I personally do not feel QB is a first round need though I do agree that it should be addressed sometime in the first 5 rounds I think Miami should go for a developmental QB sometime around or after round 3.

I use CBS Sports NFL Draft Prospects as my guide:

  • Mason Rudolf, QB,  Oklahoma State  6′-5″ 230 LBS
  • Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 6′-3″ 200 LBS
  • Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA 6′-4″ 220 LBS
  • Sam Darnold, QB, USC, 6′-4″ 225
  • Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 6′-0 216 LBS
  • Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming 6′-5″ 240 LBS
  • Logan Woodside, QB, Toledo 6′-2″ 201 LBS
  • Mike White, QB, Western KT 6-4″ 225 LBS
  • Kyle Lauletta QB Richmond 6′-3″ 215
  • Nick Stevens QB Colorado State 6′-3″ 200 LBS
  • Riley Ferguson, QB, Memphis, 6′-4″ 210 LBS
  • Luke Faulk QB, Washington State 6′-4″ 225 LBS
  • Chase Litton QB Marshall 6′-6″ 223


I will have my mock draft in the very near future and one or more of these names will be on my list.

Stay Tuned!

TDS 2018 Miami Dolphins Draft Visit Tracker


This is a early list of college players that The Miami Dolphins have visited with to date thanks to  I will update this list as soon as I get more information no matter the source…

Player the Dolphins have had visits with

  • Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming (SR)
  • Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (SR)
  • Ja’Whaun Bentley, ILB, Purdue (SR)
  • Trayvon Henderson, S, Hawaii (SR)
  • Christian LaCouture, 3-4DE, LSU (SR)
  • Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma (SR)
  • Skyler Phillips, G, Idaho State (SR)
  • Ja’Von Rolland-Jones, DE/OLB, Arkansas State (EW)
  • Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State (SR)
  • D’Montre Wade, CB, Murray State (SR)
  • Damon Webb, S, Ohio State (EW)
  • Ralph Webb, RB, Vanderbilt (EW)
  • Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky (SR)



Taking A Look At Grier And Tannenbaum

The Dolphins have failed In Free Agency the last two seasons but have had some success in the draft and in this article we will review the moves good and bad and suggest some changes in the way they have operated these past two years together.

Let me first start off by saying I wholeheartedly endorse the Dolphins management I happen to like both Chris Grier and Mike Tannenbaum but at the same time you can see some  mistakes that they’ve made and the worst part about it is it appears that sometimes they repeat the same mistakes over again especially when it comes to free agents, so I have some suggestions to make changes in the way they sign free agents.

First of all no more taking other teams high price players that they’re trying to dump these guys are being paid top dollar and a team is trying to dump them that should be a warning sign there’s no greater example than what now is obviously of failed trade when Miami took Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso off the Philadelphia Eagles hands.

In hindsight It looks as if the Eagles got the better of that trade and also in getting a young stud RB that Miami wanted to get rid of and might I say a little to cheep for me.

Maxwell is back in Seattle and Alanso is still being exposed  he Lacks the speed and the mobility to play outside linebacker especially in coverage against tight ends where we’ve seen him exposed time and time again,  he is not strong enough or big enough top play the MLB position.

No more taking old players who teams are dumping like the Steelers did with their linebacker that we picked up Lawrence Timmons who started off going AWOL and being disciplined then he played well then he hit a slump and at best he had an average year in Miami and he is already 34 years of age.

The Dolphins in past times had a philosophy of only picking up free agents that are looking for their second contract that will put them in the mid twenties and not someone who’s being dumped or let go because of age.

Miami needs to continue to do the one thing that they’ve done well and that is build through the draft they seem to be doing a good job in drafting, there are few areas where I’m disappointed especially the first season together when I strongly believe and complained that they should have drafted heavily on defense only to finally do that this past draft. And they still need to invest in youth on the defense side of the ball this year in the draft. They need to stop looking to draft TBPA and pick the best player in the positions of need until they are so deep that they can just take TBPA. They are not there yet.

Remember Leonte Carroo  being drafted when we had Landry, Stills and Parker? A wasted pic when Miami had so much depth at the wide receiver position outside of needing a Quarterback and a Tight End or two Miami should concentrate heavily on the defensive side of the ball they can use another young linebacker who’s athletic enough to handle the position they also need another defensive end to partner with Charles Harris but also be able to spell our aged good veteran Cameron Wake.

Hopefully Miami will learn from the mistakes the past two off seasons of hits and misses involving  free agency and the draft like signing Andre Branch after only one good year to a multi-year contract and also extending Kiko Alonso after only one decent season when they still had to remove him from the middle linebacker position their failure to find a way to get Jarvis Landry paid last year will end up costing more this year so there are some things that they can do better but for the most part I like the chemistry that exist between our management and coaching staff because ultimately that will lead to success as long as they are on the same page