Jay Ajayi Is Too Valuable to Run into the Ground

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Do the math 28 x 16 = 448!

That is the pace (after week one) that our star young running back is on for the season. Did I miss something? Don’t we have two other capable RB’s behind Jay? I am concerned with the handling of Jay Ajayi and my concern goes back to training camp when Jay suffered a concussion.

Jay Ajayi is by far one of the top pure power runners in the game if not the top. Miami needs to handle him better and running him 28 times in game one is not good management. Adam Gase needs to do better and share the load with Drake and Williams.

The problem is neither Drake or Williams are the power runner that Ajayi is but that is when Gase needs to design plays and blocking schemes that better suits Drake and Williams. Drake should be utilized in both the run and passing game with the intent to get him in the open. Screens, sweeps, in the slot, ect. Williams also has the diversity to be effective in those kinds of plays. That should be part of their weekly planning to bring those options to the game and REDUCE the amount of touches for Ajayi or we will lose or top RB to injury because you cannot abuse him to the tune of 28 rushing attempts a game and take that kind of pounding that his style invites without risking injury.

Hopefully the players HEALTH and longevity are more important than winning and monitoring the touches per game is paramount so as to avoid what is the inevitable should the Dolphins continue to abuse Ajayi.

I still think that was what sent the best RB of all time to wear a Dolphin uniform Rickey Williams to retire despite the media’s portrayal of it being about cannabis or bad Quarter Back play as he later said. Ricky Williams ran for an average of 387.5 attempts per year and a whopping 392 times in 2003 (383 in 2002) where he retired in 2004 the following season. The two years before Ricky Williams, Lamar Smith was also abuse by Dave Wannstedt running over 300 times a season.

Dave Wannstedt was a fool who was willing to abuse one of the best RB’s in the history of the game rather than provide a balanced attack that did not involve running Ricky over 24 times per game on average. That is abusive and a lack of concern for the player.

I don’t consider Adam Gase to be the fool Dave Wannstedt was but I do feel it to be the same mistake to run your star RB that many times a game, no matter how much rest you give him throughout the week.

Hopefully this is the only game they abuse Jay Ajayi by giving him 28 carries in a game and with his great creative mind along with his coaches find ways to reduce his carries and increase the role of of the other RB’s on our roster.



Our Underappreciated Giant

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He signed a very lucrative contract in 2015 making him one of the highest paid players at that time putting him into QB money. Six years for $114,375,00  contract with a 25.5 million dollar signing bonus and 59.95 million guaranteed, with an average annual salary of 19 million dollars.

For some that is money he can never justify earning and one is right to question paying so much to one player on a team needing 52 players to contribute to a win.

I am here to tell you I feel he is worth every penny and has worked his ass off and played at a high level and this signing has been good for both Ndamukong Suh and the Miami Dolphins. I have watched Suh evolve here in Miami and he’s become more open and likeable, he has conducted himself professionally on and off the field and he is truly the anchor and foundation of our defense.

Ndamukong Suh has played lights out since being in Miami and you need look no further than our first game against the Chargers as he forced them to abandon to run game and try to pass their way to a win that ultimately failed.

Anthony Lynn said: “What I saw early was Suh dominating up front, and I got away from that,”

That has been the way big Suh has carried his business since signing with Miami the unfortunate thing is you will always find some folks who will blame Suh for our defensive Inefficiencies due to his contract.

Yes he is highly paid but that is what it took to get him on our team and I do not regret having the BIG GUY for one minute.

If this team can solidify the LB and back end play to match the front line we will have a top 10 Defense in the NLF this season and it all starts up front and we have the best in the game IMHO anchoring of front line.

For a team to abandon their run game based off the play of one player who was essentially blowing up their line and when you hold that team to 44 yards rushing and their top young star RB to 14 yards in 9 attempts, for a 1.4 YPA says Big Suh is worth his weight in Gold!

It’s time for our fans to realize how blessed we are to have the best in the game anchoring our defensive front. Let Stephen Ross worry about the money….

A Slow Start for Miami’s 2017 Draft Class

Miami’s 2017 Draft Class (minus one player) is M.I.A. First round pick Charles Harris ( AKA Black Ice) has truly been invisible since they put on pads back in training camp. Our second round pick Raekwon McMillan (the one who showed the most promise) is out for the season after being injured on the first play of our first preseason game playing special teams. Third round pick Cordrea Tankersley is in development mode and not ready for prime time despite being needed to compete with fellow Clemson alum and inconsistent starter Byron Maxwell. Fifth round pick Guard Isaac Asiata is also in development mode despite a true need to solidify the LG spot on the team. Hands down the best surprise of our 2017 Draft class is Fifth round pick DT Davon Godchaux who has supplanted Jordan Phillips as the starting DT next to BIG Suh!

Another pleasant surprise (just not as pronounced) has been sixth round pick Vincent Taylor who also has managed to get playing time in the DT rotation.  Last but not least seventh round pick WR Isaiah Ford suffered a knee injury during training camp and had surgery in early August just posted he is off of crutches…..

This is just about the slowest start for a draft class in Miami that I can think about in years. Hopefully this is just a case of slower development for these players and not a case of draft bust that would be one of the worst draft classes in history. It is way too early to make a call but this class has truly been invisible to date and the early returns are underwhelming so far.

Cody Parkey Breaking Records and Making news

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Miami Dolphins newly acquired Kicker Cody Parkey was named AFC Special Teams Player of the week

Cut and Paste from the Dolphins article…. 

Parkey was honored for his performance in the 19-17 victory against the Los Angeles Chargers during which he was 4-for-4 on field goal attempts, including the game-winning 54-yard kick with 1:05 remaining in regulation.

Parkey is the first Dolphins player to be named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week since Week 1 of the 2015 season when Jarvis Landry was recognized after his punt return for a touchdown was the difference in a victory at Washington.

It’s the first time a Dolphins kicker has won the award since the 2010 season when Dan Carpenter was honored in Week 6 and Week 8.

Parkey’s four field goals against the Chargers set a new franchise record for most by a kicker in his first game with the Dolphins. Parkey joined the Dolphins on Sept. 3 when he was claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Browns.

Parkey’s four field goals against the Chargers set a new franchise record for most by a kicker in his first game with the Dolphins. Parkey joined the Dolphins on Sept. 3 when he was claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Browns. He tied the Dolphins record for most field goals in a season opener, first set by Garo Yepremian against San Francisco in 1973 and later matched by Uwe von Schamann against Buffalo in 1983 and Caleb Sturgis against New England in 2014.

Parkey’s game-winning 54-yard kick was the longest field goal in a Dolphins season opener, topping Yepremian’s 53-yard kick against the 49ers in 1973.

Lawrence Timmons: (Dog House or On the Way Out House)?

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One thing that can piss a coach off more than just about anything, especially one with structure and discipline is for something that upsets that order. Adam Gase said he has two simple rules “Do the right thing and be on time” well as you probably already know Lawrence Timmons went A.W.O.L this past Saturday night when they checked for curfew approximately 9 p.m.

It was so bad that the Dolphins filed a missing person report and the police found him the next day at LA Airport prepared to board a flight to Pennsylvania to see his child that he claimed to miss. This is a bizarre story that doesn’t cut the mustard and the fact that this guy just dropped off the face of the earth for about 12 hours and considering if you read the missing person’s report he was last seen at 12:45 Saturday afternoon and was not found until Sunday with a weak ass excuse. Also reported but not confirmed is he told police he knew the team was looking for him but didn’t care.

After a very hard fought win and throughout all the turmoil this team has been through for this guy to go A.W.O.L the night before the game is unthinkable and potentially unforgivable.   As much as he is NEEDED you cannot allow any player to disrespect the team, his teammates and the game by doing whatever the hell he was doing because he feels he is above the team.

We need not speculate anymore what should happen as Coach Adam Gase laid down the hammer again and suspended him indefinitely leaving his future in Miami in doubt and that is exactly the right move because he needs to get his head together and this time off will show us exactly who he is. If he accepts his discipline and toe the line Miami might just allow the 4 week suspension (The max they are allowed to suspend him)  be the end of the matter but he also will have to suffer the unknown as Miami can just as well decide to cut ties.

One thing for sure this guy had been a very stable force with the Steelers and he has won his teammates over from all reports some of them are willing to forgive and forget. The coach on the other hand MUST MAINTAIN HIS CULTURE and discipline or else others will look at this incident and feel they can do the same.

I do not know what the final outcome will be but one thing I eco that many will agree is that whatever the decision is I TOTALLY TRUST ADAM GASE! He has decided that nobody is above the rules and for a young coach you bet your ass the players are paying attention!

Things like this is what makes Miami’s win even that more amazing thanks to a head coach and his staff who have so far mastered the ability to adjust to just about anything and not allow it to distract them in their ability to win games.

After all these years of head scratching controversies with previous head coaches ever since Don Shula was forced to retire it is apparent that the Dolphins have finally gotten it right with coach Gase who took the narrative away from Timmons with this one necessary disciplinary action.

Next Man Up!

TDS Review Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers

Miami entered the game a 3.5 point underdog and even I bought into the idea that it was too much for the Dolphins to overcome considering they were playing a quality opponent on the road. Just think about what this team has been through and it becomes easier to talk about after a win. They had to miss their week one home opener against Tampa Bay due to the hurricane; they had to relocate their practice facility across country leaving their families amidst the aftermath of Irma. They lost their 2nd round draft pick Raekwon McMillan they were grooming to play middle LB,  Koa Misi  was placed on I/R and newly signed LB Ray Maualuga  was out Sunday with a hamstring injury and with that in mind having poor depth at LB, Lawrence Timmons our starting OLB goes AWOL the night before the game due to personal issues…..

Despite all the distractions the Dolphins go into Los Angeles and come away with a win. BE HAPPY FOR THE WIN!!!!!

Now as they always say there are some things to work on with this team. The first thing that came to mind was their conservative play in the first half and even down the stretch. The announcers belabored the fact that the Dolphins were maybe to conservative and I too felt they were too conservative. On the other side Jay Cutler has been known as a turnover machine throughout his career is it possible Adam Gase knowing his history decided to keep the reigns tight early on in the season and want to gradually let him loose? This one fact cannot be denied Jay Cutler had ZERO turnovers in the game.

The Good: (Game Balls)

Cody Parkey, Jay Ajayi’s running, the offensive line play, Jay Cutler’s performance, DeVante Parkers performance, Big Suh, the Defensive front, LB’s, (especially Mike Hull and an undrafted rookie from Southern Illinois  Chase Allen) and last but not least COACHING (Adam Gase and Matt Burke)

This was a much needed win and even though I would have loved to see Miami open up a little more I will be happy for the win. There were so many things going against this team leading up to this game that I am sure as the season moves on we will look back at this game as the beginning of hopefully something special.

Miami’s next opponent will be the New York Jets in New York and despite some counting an automatic win it is a division opponent and anything can happen this team is not at that stage where they can count anybody as an easy win.


TDS Preview: Miami at Los Angeles Chargers

The Dolphins will finally get to start the regular season after their original regular season opener vs. Tampa Bay was rescheduled due to hurricane Irma.  This game should be a very good matchup as both teams have potentially explosive offenses and both defenses can put pressure on QB’s. The Chargers have the advantage as they are playing their home opener (in their new temporary home) and they played last week. Miami gains some advantage because they did not play last week and have some film on the Chargers who did. I expect the game to be a lot like last year’s game, a high scoring contest with a win/loss within 6 points. The early games are very important, Miami cannot start this season  1-4 like last year as the brutal schedule (especially at the end) requires that the Dolphins get off to a better start if they want to make the playoffs this season.

Last year I predicted a win for the Chargers but Miami was able to take that game; I will once again pick the Chargers because I find it hard to believe we will go on their home field and take two games. As with my comments last year I HOPE I AM WRONG

On to the matchups:

The Chargers rank 22nd in total offense (249.0 yards per game), 18th in passing (185.0 ypg), 19th in rushing (64.0 ypg) and 13th in points (21.0).

Defensively, the Chargers rank 17th in total defense (321.0 ypg), 12th in passing (181.0 ypg), 26th  in rushing (140.0 ypg) and 22nd in points allowed (24.0).

Miami have yet to play (No Stats )

Both teams have the potential to explode on offense and I expect this game to be a high scoring contest. I love both RB’s as Melvin Gordon is from my home state and I watched him play and even wanted the Dolphins to draft him but Miami drafted DeVante Parker one spot ahead of the Chargers who traded up to draft Melvin Gordon. Jay Ajayi is the better runner of the two but Gordon is a better duel threat as his ability to catch out of the backfield has proven to be more polished than Ajayi so far.

The Dolphins have some of the best and divers WR’s of any team in the NFL and in fact collectively I can think of no team that can match what Miami have at the receiver position. The Dolphins also brought in TE Julius Thomas with the hopes that he can regain his stellar playmaking ability he once had with Coach Gase in Denver.

This game is the first game in a Miami uniform for QB Jay Cutler who came out of retirement to replace Ryan Tannehill who was lost for the season early in training camp. Cutler was an excellent replacement option for the Dolphins and from my perspective an upgrade over Ryan. All eyes will be on Jay Cutler and his play, a good showing will instill confidence in the players the fans and the skeptical media that seems to have underrated Miami this year.

Defensively Miami have questions that have lingered for years about their run stopping inefficiencies, last year they had the worst stats in the history of the Dolphins. Miami also lost first year DC Vance Joseph who moved on to coach the Denver Broncos. Coach Adam Gase promoted LB coach Matt Burke who will for the first time on any level be a defensive coordinator; he is tasked with the goal of fixing the inefficient run defense and still put pressure on opposing QB’s.

In addition to their run defense they have some questions at the CB position as Byron Maxwell is still up and down with his play this year much like last year and in the preseason he really looked bad which opened up the possibility he could lose his starting job. Keep an eye on that side of the ball.

The Chargers are a very good opponent to match up against and this is a good game no matter what because the Dolphins finally get the season going.


Chargers 28, Miami 27 (Hope I’m Wrong Again!)