Loving This Draft!

I am loving the way Miami is drafting this year! Defense was a huge need and despite some foolish banter by some talking heads in the media the Dolphins  know what they needed and have stayed true to their draft board that was weighted heavily towards defense as it should have been.

Remember that there is part ll of free agency that begins immediately after the draft as some teams will look to purge their roster of some good but expensive veterans as they have drafted a rookie to replace them. So if they don’t get an OG or a DT early in the draft and they take a chance on one later in the draft that they plan to develop than worry not because they know what they need.

I will do a review of all the draft picks as soon as they are done so enjoy the rest of the draft and stay positive….!!!!

Fins Up!


Draft Trade Options For Miami

Jarvis Landry, center, was fired up after catching his fourth and final touchdown of the season.

I do not like the draft spot the Dolphins possess it takes me back to the days where Jimmy Johnson and mistakenly the eventual hire of Dave Wannstedt as Miami’s head coach always had our Dolphins win just enough to be to low in the draft to get a blue chip prospect and this year it just seems that there is really no one special that will be there for our 22nd pick because the end of the first round is a dead spot as far as value.

The greater value is either trading up to get a better prospect or trading down to get more picks as the Dolphins could use more picks in the 2nd, 3rd or  get a 4th round pick, I am not picky as to which one they should do but I just don’t want them to stay at 22. Now it might be out of their hands because as the saying goes it takes two to tango so, Miami will need a participating partner in any trade options and the question is what will they have to give up to trade up or what should they demand to trade back in the draft?

Lets look at some potential trading partners in this upcoming draft. The team that strikes me as the best possible trader is the Cleveland Browns they have 11 picks in the 2017 draft and 11 picks in the 2018 draft that’s 22 picks in the next two years.

The Browns have been perennial high pickers in the draft and still are one of the worst teams in the NFL so maybe they need to start leveraging their picks into potential trades that will get them a quality player.

I have one such player that the Dolphins might want to consider moving on from and I am sure some of you would not like to hear this….Jarvis Landry. Yes I would have no problem putting him on the trading block if his demands are beyond what Miami feel they should pay him and wide receiver is a position that Miami has unbelievable depth at. They also have a young inexpensive receiver Leonte Carroo that they paid a ransom for in last years draft that needs to get on the field.

The other player that could be traded is WR DeVante Parker as he is not living up to his draft status and has been the subject of much deserved criticism considering his potential versus his production. Parker shows flashes of greatness but has had injury issues and questions about his conditioning and how he cares for his body.

Or how about trading Carroo because he was somewhat of a disappointment last year despite coach Gase taking some of the blame for maybe putting too much on the rookies plate.

Can Miami make a deal to get the 12th pick in the draft and trade their 22nd and one of our young WR’s?

How about trading back in the draft? I actually do prefer that than getting rid of any of our young WR’s because we are just an injury away from having a need for Caroo to step up.

Can the Dolphins find a potential partner to trade back in the draft offering their 22nd pick for another 3rd round pick or to get back a 4th round pick they traded last year for Carroo?

I am sure the team has considered many options as to what they want to do but one thing is for sure Miami needs to get their Defensive side of the ball younger and starting with this year that needs to be their focus as you know I was one of quite a few that felt they dropped the ball in last years draft by not drafting heavily on the defensive side of the ball and feel it would be a mistake to not focus on defense this year and probably next year too.



Starting Left Guard Jermon Bushrod?

It’s that time of the year when some folks are obsessing about the NFL draft and panicking about what their teams should do. I am here to tell my fellow Dolphins Fans to relax the Dolphins is in very good shape going into the 2017 NFL draft. Mock drafts are galore, as you can go on line and search and find thousands of them. Rest assured I have already put together the perfect draft for our Dolphins and I have just as good a shot being correct as any of the talking heads. I recall one year the so called “Draft Guru” Mel Kiper did not have one of his first round picks correct. If you look at my mock draft you will see I at least have a clue as to what are the Dolphins needs are if not having the correct player they will choose.

Let’s get to my main point for this article it involves the offensive line and how one particular south Florida sports writer/ wannabe Dolphins GM is fixated on Miami drafting an offensive Guard with their first round pick number 22, something that other mock drafts are also projecting. Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel is on the radio and in his print making his case that the Dolphins are in need of more Guard help and that in his mind that is Miami’s number 1 need to address and that they should do so early in the draft.

The history of his concerns goes back for quite a few years as Miami has whiffed on finding a legitimate starting Guard in the draft and in free agency and the last time we had a pro bowl starting Guard he was dismissed due to the bully-gate. (See Richie Incognito) I feel the Dolphins have their starting offensive line in place and there is no great urgency to draft a Guard in round one as being promoted by Omar Kelly.

The big concern is at the Left Guard position next to our young LT Laremy Tunsil who will be moved to that spot this year after playing left Guard his rookie season, as Miami traded our former pro bowl starting LT Branden Albert to Jacksonville to give Tunsil his spot.  I have no doubt that the Dolphins will be drafting one or more Guards in the upcoming draft I just find it hard to believe with so much need on the defensive side of the ball that they would even entertain the thought of drafting an offensive Guard with their 22nd pick in this year’s draft.

Miami have their starting offensive line in place, I feel that includes the Left Guard position. You know the first thing they will say when being asked about the offensive line come training camp is other than the Center, and both tackle positions the Guards will be an open competitive battle in camp and I feel Jermon Bushrod will be our left Guard this season and any rookie Guards drafted will have to compete for playing time along the line.

Jermon Bushrod in my opinion should be on the left side of the line and the only reason he was not there last year is because we had the rookie LT get playing time at the left guard position before moving him over to the left tackle spot. Tunsil played very well at his position and the Dolphins felt more than comfortable enough to move him to his natural LT spot this season.

Jermon Bushrod played better last year than some have portrayed at the right Guard spot but he will play even better being moved to the left side of the line and can be a huge help to our young LT as he gets the nod to be the starting left tackle this year. Bushrod played all 16 games last year at a position that he had to adjust as he played on the right side of the line despite the fact that he played on the left side of the line at LT most of his career.

Miami should not let a rookie start next to Tunsil but he would be better served to play next to a veteran player and Bushrod would be the best player on the line to help both Tunsil and whoever we draft this season at the Left Guard spot.

What do you think about this subject?

Let us know in the comments

Phins Up!

Miami Dolphins 2017 7 Round Mock Draft

This is my official first shot  at a 7 round mock draft for Miami this year  it will remain fluid as I might change it as we get closer to draft day but so far these are the players that I have selected :

1st Round – 22nd – 22nd overall

Zach Cunningham,OLB
Vanderbilt, rJr

2nd Round – 22nd – 54th overall

Dion Dawkins,OG
Temple, Sr

3rd Round – 33rd* – 97th overall

DeMarcus Walker,DE
Florida State, Sr

5th Round – 22nd – 166th overall

Deatrich Wise Jr.,DE
Arkansas, rSr

5th Round – 34th – 178th overall

Jeremy Sprinkle,TE
Arkansas, rSr

5th Round – 40th – 184th overall

Jon Toth,C
Kentucky, rSr

6th Round – 22nd – 206th overall

Josh Harvey-Clemons,SS
Louisville, rSr

Miami Dolphins 2017 Draft Prospects Tracker

Thanks to quite a few sites like Walter Football who track all visits per team I have compiled the list specific for our Miami Dolphins and will try to keep it up to date. Here are the names of the most recent post to date.

Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss
Chris Wormley, DE/DT/3-4DE, Michigan
Dan Skipper, OT, Arkansas
David Jones, FS, Richmond
Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
Devin Chappell, SS, Oregon State
Eddie Vanderdoes, DT/3-4DE/NT, UCLA
Elijah Lee, ILB, Kansas State
Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA
Jonathan Allen, DT/3-4DE, Alabama
Jonathan Calvin, DE, Mississippi State
Jordan Herdman, ILB, Simon Fraser
Jordan Willis^, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas State
Malik McDowell, DT/3-4DE, Michigan State
O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
Orion Stewart, S, Baylor
Raekwon McMillan, ILB, Ohio State
Rudy Ford, S, Auburn
Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina
Sam Tevi, OT, Utah
Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
Trent Taylor, WR, Louisiana Tech

More names:

  • S Justin Evans Texas A&M
  • S Josh Jones of N.C. State.
  • DL/DE Dietrich Wise Jr. Arkansas
  • DE Carroll Phillips Illinois
  • DE Johnathan Calvin Mississippi State
  • LB Dylan Cole Missouri State



Low Risk High Reward Signing?

Miami took a shot on given a good player a second chance despite being suspended for the first eight games of the upcoming NFL season if you did not know the Miami Dolphins signed T.J. McDonald strong safety to a one-year contract despite the fact that he’ll miss eight games of the season he got into some trouble and pleaded no contest to a DUI but reduced charge the influence been drug-related.

With that baggage many teams passed on him, but at 26 years of age and a proven history of playing pretty well I think this is one of those low-risk hopefully high-reward moves that the Dolphins are making.

It’s no secret that the Dolphins need help on defense as their defense ranked 30th in the League last year against the Run and overall they did not do as well as many of us expected.

Thus the overhaul of the defense in addition to the fact that they need to get younger and Isa abdul-quddus being released due to neck injury potential career-ending injury. They need more help at Safety.

Miami  needed another safety now that’s not  to say that they’re not going to draft one coming up and I still recall we drafted a young kid last year who was the safety in college.

As you know you can never have enough players in the secondary so Miami took a risk, this young guy has a second chance and after he is done with his suspension he should be able to come in and fit in somewhere because he gets to go through the whole offseason program and his suspension start on the first game of the season.

This is what T.J. said about his situation.

For me, definitely this is something that will never happen again,” McDonald said on a conference call Friday. “I’ve learned, I’ve owned up to it, and I definitely want to grow from it. Priorities change. Everything has changed.”

McDonald, 26, played in all 16 games for the Los Angeles Rams last season and recorded 64 tackles, two interceptions and one sack. The Rams figured that punishment from the NFL would eventually come down on McDonald but were going to move on from him anyway.

This league is full of second third chances and in some cases even more (see Dion Jordan) I have no problem in this move and wish the young player and the Dolphins success in this decision.

Dion Jordan’s Disappointing End


Well it’s finally over Dion Jordan was waived by the Miami Dolphins today after a complete disappointing fruitless career in Miami.

So many of us had hoped that somehow this guy would turn it around, that some way he would come into camp and live up to his true potential when he was drafted out of college 3 years ago.

That will no longer happen for him in Miami and he will have a hard time getting another chance in the NFL.

Some team just might be tempted to take a chance  he is still young enouh to tempt someone into taking a chance on Dion.

Dion’s time in Miami is going to be viewed as one of if not the biggest draft bust in Dolphin history.

It’s just time for both to move on Miami with a promising 2016 season to build off of and a  new GM,  head coach and operations manager have a plan in place and a roster in place that they feel comfortable with, as their goal is to make sure they have in their locker room players who really do love football and anybody can question the love of football in Dion Jordan’s heart.

What a huge disappointment this whole situation has been with Dion Jordan and I see this as an opportunity for the Dolphins and their fans to move forward and for Dion Jordan to hopefully find a way to exercise his demons and even if it does not get him back into the NFL hopefully he can get his life together to live as an asset to society and not a liability.

That chapter is now closed and as we look forward to the 2017 NFL draft hopefully we’ll find a better replacement and a more productive player in this upcoming draft to fill the role and the void left by a disappointing Dion Jordan.