Matt Moore is Fools Gold

It astounds me how looking at Matt Moore folks see two different QB’s. When I look at Matt Moore I see a guy who is not a true QB he is a goof ball and an undisciplined player. He will tease you and play well against the bad teams, he has been in Miami for so long that he is endeared by so many and some even feel he is the best option at QB even if Ryan Tannehill were healthy and starting.

For the life of me I do not get these folks some of them prominent Media personalities who just feel Matt Moore is some person I just don’t see.

The term is back up QB syndrome:  Anytime a team is struggling, the most popular player with the fans is the backup quarterback. “If only that dumb/stubborn coach would play the backup QB, everything would be great!”

Recently Sean McDermott Buffalo Bills head coach was so convinced his backup QB Nathan Peterman (a fifth-round developmental rookie) was a better option than Tyrod Taylor his starting QB who is ranked 20th in the league and had a winning record but was not playing maybe as  well as the coach would like that he went to his rookie backup and Peterman completed just six of 14 passes in first career start and had five interceptions in the first half, including one that was returned for a touchdown on the Bills’ first drive of their 54-24 loss in Los Angeles.  Needless to say he went back to a much more appealing Tyrod Taylor.

Matt Moore does a great job of coming into a game and winging it, it looks great and many are fooled into thinking that if he were to be the starter his impromptu starts would translate into the greatest QB in Miami since Dan Marino.

Matt Moore has been in Miami for 7 years and he should have a better grasp of the offense than anybody or as much as the starters his followers want him to supplant.

Let’s look at Matt Moore games he actually started in just his last two seasons. Not games he came in after either Jay Cutler or Ryan Tannehill was injured in.

Matt Moore was given the reigns when Ryan Tannehill went down against the Arizona Cardinals last year and was lost for the rest of the season. The following week Miami played the New York Jets in New York and Matt Moore Balled out he threw for 236 yards and 4 TD’s to beat the Jets 34-13. The next game was against Buffalo in Buffalo and once again he leads Miami to a 34-31 win.

Miami final game was against a much tougher opponent the New England Patriots but we had them at home. The Patriots beat Miami 34-24 to end the season. Miami made the playoffs and would face the Pittsburg Steelers who they beat earlier in the season, so there was some hope that we would have a shot to advance beyond the first round.

Miami lost the game almost by the same score they had earlier beaten the Steelers (30-15) final score 30-12. This season Matt Moore has started one game that was against the Ravens who beat Miami 40-0

So Matt Moore has started 5 games in the last two years and is 2-3. One theme is consistent, Matt Moore plays well against the weak teams but is not as successful against  the better teams

  1. 2016 @ the Jets win 34-13
  2. 2016 @ Buffalo win 34-31
  3. 2016 vs New England loss 34-24
  4. 2016 @ Pittsburgh loss 30-12
  5. 2017 @ Baltimore loss 40-0

The last three games that Matt Moore has started Miami had been outscored 104 to 36! And still many are screaming for Matt Moore to start.

I feel this guy has been more of a distraction than anything and it is time to move on from Matt Moore after the season and I will follow this up with an article why in the near future.


Jay Ajayi is the Winner!

Jay Ajayi was traded to the Eagles and finds himself in the middle of a playoff and possibly Super Bowl hunt. The only place that maybe he would have landed better was New England, who is now taking their game to the next level.

The Eagles are currently on the top of the NFC Conference with a 9-1 record (best also in the NFL) and look like a team on a mission and even though his touches will be down for now with a shared backfield that includes LaGarrette Blunt and Corey Clement but make no mistake about it Jay will eventually end up being their top RB and if he can stay healthy will thrive very well on a team has a solid offensive line.

As the Dolphins ship is both stinking and sinking Jay Ajayi was spared this disaster season and landed on a team that has a good chance to make it to the Super bowl.  For that he should be very thankful.

Not being a hater I hope Jay continues to do well and look forward towards his future as the Eagles top running back.

A High Draft Pick Is the Best to Hope For

Let’s face it, I have seen enough! Now all I hope for is that Miami will end the season where they appear to be headed, picking high in the 2018 NFL Draft.  This can truly be a blessing in disguise. It is obvious that we were all deceived by the success of last year and was full of false hopes for this season but 11 weeks into the 2017 season we now know that the pig with lipstick was truly a pig!

I have never seen the Dolphins go through the humiliation they have on National TV 2 out of 3 games and with a 4th national game against the Patriots coming up being a possible 3rd national blowout!

I say lose the rest of our games (I Know they will not try too) and get a top 10 pick the higher the better and take advantage of that opportunity. Is there a young QB we can target with that high pick? I am not asking any of my readers to agree with me in rooting for losses but at least understand that my position is not a negative IMO but a logical conclusion of what truly is best for our Dolphins. So don’t hate me if you disagree but just agree to disagree if you cannot get on board my reasoning.

The good thing about getting a high draft pick is it will be a top pick in every round. Miami get to pick at the top of every round where by the way talent level is best.

This team needs both youth and talent and with what appears to be a competent GM (Still New at it) in Chris Grier Miami can add to this roster some of the top rated college players in the upcoming draft.

I know it has been painful to watch this disaster of a season as of this writing and unless by some miracle they find their way and win out to me the next best alternative is to just tank the rest of the way and look forward toward an off season of changes that will bring us some new young talent that can make the future exciting and full of legitimate hope.

I am tired of hoping on any player on this roster and even though I know we cannot get rid of everybody and start from scratch we can at least hope to be in a position to bring in some of the young talent coming out of the 2018 NFL draft and I am focused on that draft as Miami is 1 loss away from where I feel they do not need to make the playoffs and winning any game from that point on is just pushing this team further down the draft board.

If the Draft were held today Miami would pick somewhere around 14th I would love for them to move up in the top 10.

Now with my perspective doesn’t this lemon of a season seem more like potential lemonade?


From Hero to Goat to Hot Seat to Where?

Adam Gase is not having the best season in his second season as Miami’s head coach. Once loved and trusted due to his doing a great job getting the Dolphins to the playoffs last year. After a rough start to his coaching career the Dolphins ended the 2016 season winning 9 of their last 11 games.

After that accomplishment Adam Gase could do no wrong. “In Gase we trust” was often heard by many. What a difference a year makes.

This season has been just the opposite as games they pulled out last season they are losing and now carrying a 4 game losing streak with both New England and Buffalo on the docket twice and the Broncos and Kansas City they just might not win another game this season.

What Adam Gase inherited was a team with a very fragile fan base that have for the past decade endured some pretty bad coaching and personnel decisions  and what is compounding the frustration against Gase is the very thing that he did right last year. In fact it would have been better in his first year to have had the season he is having in year two.

There are some angry fans out there that are already calling for our young coach to be fired. I do not think a firing is warranted but I do feel he will be on the hot seat starting next year and hopefully after reassessing  this roster the Dolphins management (Who will also face some heat) will make the right moves to either lower expectations (my recommendation) or revamp and move forward with the belief that they are close.

Our young head coach is getting a valuable lesson this season that hopefully will allow him to grow and develop as a head coach. He is not alone and should not be hung out to dry. Chris Grier and Mike Tannenbaum also are part of the personnel decisions that now seem to have not worked.

Adam Gase had maybe more clout than he deserved after last season’s success and this humbling season will only serve to make moving forward as a group with team management work better as he will now be forced to rely on the decisions of the GM when it comes to personnel and Adam needs to focus on improving as a coach and evaluating his coaching staff and maybe just maybe learn to delegate some of the workload he has taken on (Like Play Calling)

This second season can turn out to be a blessing if they learn as a group from the things that went wrong.

Miami Dolphins Stock Report: 2017 mid Season

The Miami Dolphins Stock Market Report:

(Definition of the 4 categories the players fall under)

  1. Players on the Rise: These are players who I feel can start for this Dolphin team they are playing the best on this team and are very good examples for the rest to try to live up to…Some can even be starters for any team in the NFL.
  2. Players stuck in Neutral: These are players who might have potential but so far have been average or unimpressive, sometimes due to injury, some are just collecting a check but is not thinking of the short life the NFL provides it’s players (an average of 4 years) if they don’t capitalize on their opportunity now they will soon be looking back at the wasted youth and say “I wish I would have done more” NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP! They can either do one of two things move their stock up or down but staying in neutral will eventually be deemed as falling stock.
  3. Players whose stock is falling: These are players who for some reason like suspensions, injuries or just not playing to the standard they need to make the team, they are not living up to their potential or pay, either way it’s not a good thing for them or the Dolphins. It’s time they crap or get off the pot. Because they will end up traded or cut if their stock continues to fall.
  4. Players under the Radar: These are players who can “if given the opportunity” take it to another level; they are young and full of potential and if properly coached can be special. They could also be players acquired in the off season (like free agency or trades) but have yet to play in a Dolphins uniform.

Players on the Rise:

Kenyan Drake, T.J. McDonald, Ryan Tannehill (even on I/R)

Players stuck in Neutral:

DeVante Parker, Ndamukong Suh,  Kiko Alonso, Andre Branch, Xavien Howard, Charles Harris, Cordrea Tankersley, Davon Godchaux, Vincent Taylor, Mike Hull, Cody Parkey, Matt Haack   Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey, Jermon Bushrod, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, Damien Williams, Matt Moore, Cameron Wake,  Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Bobby McCain, Chase Allen, Laremy Tunsil,  Mike Pouncey, Jermon Bushrod, Alterraun Verner, Jordan Phillips, Lawrence Timmions,

Players whose stock is falling:

Jay Cutler, Julius Thomas, Jakeem Grant, Ja’Wuan James,

Players under the Radar 

(All Players on I/R)

Reality Settling In


Even as much of a homer that I am, holding out hope until there is none the party is over, the fat lady has sung and this season is history. I am not sure how I feel about now. Maybe just maybe this season will turn out to be a blessing in disguise because it’s apparent we all thought this team was better than they apparently are and this off season is a time for BIG CHANGES!

This season has been doomed from the start. It actually started last year with them winning 10 games and making the playoffs. That raised expectations for a team that when you really look back at was playing a weaker schedule that they were able to with a little luck and grit pull off wins and keep most games close.

The reality is when they played late in the season against New England and in the playoffs against the Steelers that was who they were and looking at how this season has gone so far with a much tougher schedule the Dolphins have been exposed as a not so good team.

They have been blown out twice, shut out twice with one game against the Jets where they avoided a shutout with a last minute worthless touchdown.

Miami needs to go back to the drawing board and face the reality that they are not good and wholesale changes need to be made. Ones that will both lower expectations and get the cap back in line.

Now is the time to be wise about their next moves and nothing and NO ONE should be off the table.

Miami needs to do one thing and that is CLEAN HOUSE and start from scratch. No more with thinking they are close because they are not!

It’s time to get younger on defense and purge this team of high priced players because it is a waste of money to pay these high salaries when our Defense cannot hold up our offense is inept and this team is so far from where they are even in the hunt for contention.

This is no rant or some way to vent after another disappointing loss more than a reality check for me as my heart deceived me into believing that the Dolphins were being underrated and hated on by the experts as I was sold that this team was better than many thought and that they will show everybody.

Well after a very strange season starting with another poor decision made last year where Ryan Tannehill and management thought they could avoid surgery on his knee when I was truly skeptical and just knew that was a bad decision. That was the beginning of what has been a season of distractions that has exposed Miami for what they are a below average team that needs to be overhauled.

I am not talking a change in the coaching or management I happen to think with continuity they will get it right but they need to face the facts and do a complete rebuild from the ground up and draft the future Dolphins team that can be a contender.

I am a hopeless fan that supports this team to the end because that is who I am. I just hope that as I enter the final chapter of life that they can fix this team before I move on to wherever I am headed after this journey I have had in my life on earth.

I have been blessed and spoiled none the less by the Dolphins of the glory days and for that I guess I can be thankful as I have watched this team over the last decade plus toil in mediocrity and build false hopes that have never come to fruition much like this 2017 season.

I am now hoping for Miami to land a top draft spot so they can pick from the top of the pile and hopefully get some young prospects that will turn this team around. I will start looking at the draft and writing articles on future prospects we might pick as they regroup for next season.

I just hope the team realizes that they need to rebuild and lower expectations in order to properly build a contender.

National Embarrassments Almost Over!


Just one more national ass kicking to go?

The National spotlight has not been kind to our Dolphins in the third of four prime time games (If they don’t reschedule game 4) Miami has tanked in two of them and lost one that they should have won. Once again the offense stunk up the joint and the once surprising Defense has now joined the offense in stinking up the place.

I did not think Miami would win the game but was hoping they would keep it close. That did not happen and now at 4-5 they are two games away from my NFL Draft talk as I start to look at the needs for next season as this one is closing out fast.

I am really shocked that the offense is as bad as it has been consistently throughout the season I am baffled that they are not taking more shots down the field and I am also baffled that Damien Williams is starting at running back over the bigger faster Kenyon Drake.

This dink and dunk offense is both boring and frustrating to watch and to have the speed, height and talent that they do at Wide Receiver position and to throw short passes even when down by 20 points is crazy.

Taking shots down the field can create big plays and you have two things that can go well, a catch for a long play or pass interference call but to not even attempt to throw the ball down the field especially when down by 20 points is mind boggling!

This team is lost in the wilderness and the schedule is unforgiving as we have yet to play New England or Buffalo and we have Tampa, Kansas City and Denver on the schedule and maybe just maybe we can win at least two of the remaining games as this season is looking bleaker by the week.

The only true highlight was the Kenyan Drake 66 yards TD run that was our first rushing TD of the season. The game was lost in the first half just before halftime when with less than a minute to go instead of running the clock down and going into the half down 10 -7, Jay Cutler throws an interception and that was a major momentum changer as the Panthers would turn that mistake into a TD that put the game away.

The Panthers (having deferred in the first half) took the first drive in the third quarter and really put the game away, and they were unstoppable from that point forward.

This has been the most disappointing stretch of games I can ever recall as this team has been an embarrassment on to many occasions and nationally.

They barely avoided a complete shutout against the Jets, only to get shut out in London vs. the Saints. They lose to the Ravens 40-0 and now this latest 45-21 beat down is proof that the preseason projections that I refused to believe were correct this team most likely will not make the playoffs and will need to reevaluate  the way they are spending money on these high priced players.

Defensively they are breaking down and they need to infuse more youth in this unit. I am at a loss for words as to what needs to happen to fix this team that fooled me into thinking we had a shot.