Ochocinco In Miami?


I am keeping close eye on this situation, Ochocinco (who’s not had much success in New England) would be the exact person Miami needs to complement our unimpressive WR’s group on this roster and a guy who will have a lot to prove should he be cut in New England which is a great possibility. (He also would spice up Hard Knocks HBO should pick up some of his contract) 

Chad is a very fun guy and has a great personality and he would sell tickets in my opinion. I am not comfortable with our WR’s but if Miami add this guy to our team I would feel better. I feel he will have a chip on his shoulders and lot to prove as NE has basically wasted his last few years it’s like he turned onto a dead-end street for whatever reason.

Some have reasons why he is not thriving in New England; I have heard rumors that the offense is to complicated for him and he’s been slow adjusting to it, why they have not made whatever adjustments needed to involve him more is beyond me because before going there he was one of the better WR’s in the game IMO. I feel it’s a case of Bill Belichick taking away from him what really makes him so special, his personality. That team is full of guys who are molded into a “TEAM PLAYER” mentality and they do not want players who bring any kid of attention to themselves they must walk in the “PATRIOT WAY”.

So Chad much to his credit has done just that, and to me that has hurt his game. He needs to be allowed to be that fun-loving trash talking (in a good way) somewhat cocky guy he was with the Bengals. I know that many conservative folks in the NFL with a stick up their butts (Like Bill Belichick) just will not allow that on their team and as I said that to me has ruined a very funny and entertaining person who actually delivered every Sunday….

I don’t know about you but I miss that Chad. I know he’s in some reality show but I am not a fan of these stupid shows that attract voyeurs, only to show just how classless some folks with money can be.

One thing for sure is Ochocinco is a talented WR who would instantly upgrade our WR core he would be the best WR on this team. So if his days are numbered in New England I say Jeff  Ireland should have his eye on this situation and give him a call if they part ways, and invite him to Miami.

I for one would welcome him with open arms and unleash him on the AFC East and the rest of the NFL. He did not fit in NE but he sure would in Miami! At the very least he would make it fun watching the Dolphins if they would be willing to let him be himself and do whatever it takes to make sure he thrives in our offense. Some will argue that if they did not want a diva like Brandon Marshall they surely would not want Ochocinco?

I would strongly disagree with anybody who would put Brandon Marshall who was a Diva and CANCER and Ochocinco on the same level. (yes he does have some Diva in him but most WR’s do)  

Ochocinco is a fun-loving competitive team player  if you doubt that just look at how he has conducted himself in New England? The guy’s career has taken a huge hit and yet he has not caused any issues and seems to have tried to do whatever he can to fit in. He’s not been himself but he has molded into the  team player Belichick wants. That is a huge sign that he gets it and it don’t have to just be about him.

Make no mistake about it, whoever gets Ochocinco and allows him to return to being  himself  will get rewarded with one of the top WR’s in the game and have some fun along the way, why not Miami? They sure as hell SHOULD be looking to upgrade the WR’s on this team. I still feel the one mistake they made this past draft was not taking a WR in the first 3 rounds and I will address that in a later article.

What do you think? Would you wantOchocinco In Miami?” Considering the WR’s we have on this team?

Or is he done in your mind or too much of a diva so let someone else deal with him?

Would he make the Hard Knocks Show a hit for Miami? And is it important?


10 Comments on “Ochocinco In Miami?”

  1. Ned peckerhead says:

    I have to agree w u on this one chad is still a good reciever and would add a presence on the field that would prob command a double team IMO and w r other great mismatches ie bush miller fasano egnew etc would allow them to exploit inferior defenders. IMO Miami looks great on paper and with 2 previous SB winning coaches coming from a long time contending team like GB I’m very excited about this year my prediction is 11-5 winning a wildcats spot.

  2. markeyh says:

    I am really trying not to be too excited but I can see an 11-5 season….

  3. markeyh says:

    Ochocinco has been cut! This article was timely now is the time to kick the tires on this guy for every reason I listed in this article….

  4. Warren says:

    Chad would easily be our No 1 reciever and return 2 true ocho form.

  5. markeyh says:


    I totally agree Miami has NOTHING to lose by bringing him in to compete. Just think how it would look if Chad comes here and returns to his better days? Our Coaches would look like geniuses…..if not no loss because many will say he is washed up. He needs to succeed wherever he lands…so once again WHY NOT MIAMI!!!!???

  6. […] I hate to boast (not really) but this signing of Chad Ochocinco Johnson was the right signing at the right time for Miami and when you look at Hartline being injured throughout most of the camp and the youth of our WR’s this team was wise to listen to me to make this signing. (See my first article on Chad Johnson) https://dolphinseer.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/ochocinco-in-miami-2/ […]

  7. […] Could/Should Miami Bring Back Chad Johnson? Posted: September 27, 2012 | Author: markeyh | Filed under: Miami Dolphins |Leave a comment » I was one of the first to project Chad Johnson coming to Miami in fact while he was still on the New England Patriots roster I posted my article “Ochocinco in Miami?”. (https://dolphinseer.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/ochocinco-in-miami-2/) […]

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