Joe Philbin…… THE COACH! (Revised)

Joe Philbin

In looking at Joe Philbin you don’t see that guy who is flashy who is a big name who quite frankly I can say many of us prior to him being hired didn’t know who he was…

But in watching him and listening to him talk I can say the one thing that stands out to me is this guy is a COACH! He looks like a coach and sounds like a coach! “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’s A DUCK”!!!

He also posses the mannerism that I want from a HC, A guy who is not so insecure at his job that he needs to yell and scream and divert attention from his insecurities and put it on the back of his players.. He seems very smart, witty, and as I was looking at one of his interviews he just seemed like what you want from a coach.

I never had that feeling with Tony Sparano. The guy never impressed me and seemed to be driven by “Stats” rather than having an ability to coach. If you look at his time here I can say he did a very poor job of player development and I blame that solely on his lack of experience and developing naturally by being a coördinator before being promoted to being a head coach.

No more rain man “arright” & “OK” followed by stats that I could care less about as he explained why Miami was out coached again..

I use to always say we had a HC who was playing Checkers and not Chess.


Now I feel we have a few chess players on this team’s coaching staff and I for one can’t be more pleased.I do not know what this season will bring but let me say with Philbin and his staff I am confident that we will get the best we can get from our team and that is all anyone can ask. Well coached and disciplined and keep in mind that this team is STILL one of the youngest teams in not only our division but the entire NFL.

No more playing checkers, this is chess baby!


I reserve the right to take this back if this team flops like they did with Cam Cameron…. 🙂

This is a revised version of my original Article I posted on a fellow Dolphin Fan’s blog called “Dolphin Mob” they are a bunch of great guys who are passionate about this team as much if not more than me if you want to see the original version it is here…

On my sidebar I also have links to other great Dolphin Fan sites That I enjoy and visit. Some of these sites have Dolphins Fans who I have had some spirited discussions with over the years but are to me like family.

I look forward to the day we all can unite and have one big tailgate late in the season where the Playoff hopes are on the line and we have one of our division rivals standing in the way……that would be a great game to attend and I pray it happens in my lifetime.I finally have a good feeling about where this team is headed.

Yes, “Homer” is talking again….



10 Comments on “Joe Philbin…… THE COACH! (Revised)”

  1. Ned peckerhead says:

    I absolutely agree on r coaches being a good fit for this team. Good coaching is just as important as good playing that why the best teams in this league have good coaches. U can have all the talent in the world but have bad coaches u won’t win but if u have good coaches and less talent u can still win. And having 2 coaches coming from and helping build a great franchise like G.B. and having them instill the same winning strategy is what’s going to take Miami to the next level. I think if we had the proper coaching last year we would have won some of those 1 point and other close games when we had the lead in the 4th quarter.

  2. rumblefish57 says:

    I agree, Philbin does seem ta have the mentality to be a successful HC.
    His DC choice was solid, a man who’se forte seems to be in an area previously considered a weakness on our squad,
    Now if he just made thw right choice for OC. The Aggie connection is in place, just need ta see if it translates to pro level.
    Yer site is lookin good man! It’s obvious that u put in some time, and efforts starting to pay off.

  3. markeyh says:

    I could not agree with both of you more, I do feel Coach Sherman being the HC of Green Bay for a few years will be a good OC I am just concerned about him staying long. If Miami starts to turn that corner I am sure he will be one of the top Guys to be considered for the next vacant HC position.

  4. Incognito1948 says:

    Can I just comment on coach Joe – in my mind I have already compared his professional approach to that of the great coach Shula. Is that a leap? Only time will tell but I can say this with confidence – he by all accounts is the best coach the Miami Dolphins have had since coach Shula and IMO the players will respond by playing hard and having the will to win – I firmly believe this 2012 team will be the best Miami team we have seen in a decade. I believe coach Joe will win rookie coach of the year. You read it here first. A team is only as good as its coaching staff. A great coach can win games with mediocre players where a poor coach will lose games with great players.

    “the only way to ignore ignorance is to be deaf dumb and bline” Alan Kaye

  5. Incognito1948 says:

    Oh, love the comment comparing playing checkers to chess that was a great analogy

  6. markeyh says:

    I truly hope you are right but I still favor Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban who I feel were two very good HC’s we had that for whatever reason did not work out. But Philbin sure could change my mind quickly…

  7. markeyh says:

    Thank you!


  8. markeyh says:

    “A team is only as good as its coaching staff”

    I agree 100%

  9. student1776 says:

    I agree that Philbin seems like a thinker and has a strategic vision at least of the offense. He also seems more secure and engaging. I think that it is relatively easy to look good compared to Sparano, a man who was in way over his head, a man who, like Wannstedt basically surrounded himself with mediocrity (other than Nolan) and retained mediocre cronies long past when they should have been exited. I think it is absurd comparing Philbin to Shula, the winningest coach ever and an intensely demanding man with a totally different personality. In personal style, Philbin is more reminiscent of Bill Walsh (but again has to do a lot to ever really belong in the same sentence.

    That said, I feel good about the Philbin hire. I am worried that Sherman is a crony but hope he works out. I most worry about the fact that this is a rebuilding year. W have a good general level of talent but few top talents. Our fan base is on such a hair trigger re losing that they will basically be baying at his heels after the first loss. Reality is that it will take time to fill our remaining holes, develop Tannehill into a starter and teach the new systems on offense and defense. One characteristic of almost all the winning teams I know of is that it took a while for them to win. Shula was an incredible exceltion but there is only one Shula.

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