Jake Long’s Worth?

Big Jake

He is considered by many to be the top LT in the game, and not just by us Dolphin fans. He has been voted to the pro bowl every year he has been in the NFL; he is a quality person ON AND OFF the field. He is by far one of my favorite O-Linemen of all time big Jake Long.

Some fans too this day think it was a mistake to take big Jake over Matt Ryan who was taken by Atlanta but I have never felt that way because when you look at their career production you will see that Big Jake has proven to be one of the best at his position while Matt Ryan even now is not a top 10 QB in the NFL.

I am sure Cleveland fans will argue that pro bowler Joe Thomas is the best LT in the game but without getting into it everybody can agree that Big Jake is one of the best at his position and in my opinion he should be properly rewarded with a new contract that pays him as one of the top LT’s in the game. Joe Thomas signed a 7 year contract worth 84 million dollars last year that averages out to 12 million per year and surely Jake is worth every penny of that and his contract should be similar in dollars as well as length of contract for the next current Dolphin who should be in the Hall of Fame if he stays healthy and plays at this level for the next 7 years or so…

Now more than ever I can appreciate his value as we have drafted a young QB who just might be our answer at that position for the next 10 years or more and it’s truly comforting to know that Jake Long will be there to protect him. No more stupid decisions to play big Jake in meaningless games with the potential for him to suffer injuries and what was even worse is that Jake did get injured in that game…

I have zero regrets that Miami selected Big Jake as their top pick in 2008 and I hope they do him right by extending him a contract that pays him his worth and assures he retires as a Dolphin because I do not ever want to see him in a Jets, Pats or Buffalo uniform. To many teams treat their veteran players the wrong way how many veteran players who have played at a high level and deserve to be paid as one of the top players they have shown to be are not being paid?

I hope Miami will not do that with big Jake because I can not think of a more deserving player to get rewarded for his hard work and professional way in how he handles himself than Jake Long.

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7 Comments on “Jake Long’s Worth?”

  1. Boss says:

    I agree with your point about Jakes talents my question to you is where this team is as it relates to position in the division, do you really think we can afford a 12M dollar tackle? We could get 2 top level safety’s or one top 5 corner which will advance us as a team more than the luxury of having a elite LT. Honestly who do we have worth protecting like that?

  2. stangerx says:

    Markey — I love Jake, but the question that has been going through my mind is whether or not you actually need to pay for (which after this year we would have to decide to do) an elite LT in a West Coast O.

    This offense is about quick releases, which lessens the need for such protection. If the play goes longer it is normally cause the QB is scrambling, with again takes away from what one OL guy can do to protect the QB.

    As Boss pointed out, it is not so much about the quality of the player as whether making Jake the highest paid player on the team is wise when you could build elsewhere. And they did draft Martin…..

  3. markeyh says:

    I am truly starting to consider that but I am a firm believer in LOYALTY and Jake is that player who feel Miami can make a statement to everybody that they reward hard workers and proven players like Jake. So it’s worth it to me in so many ways!

    I want him to retire a Dolphin!!!!

  4. Fang says:

    Seems to me that the salaries for the very top players is coming down. The new CBA is spreading the money to all of the top players instead of just a very few. Big Paul was franchised last year and his contract was close to 12mil. This year he signed for about 6mil, I think the reason for that is teams are not going to overpay a veteran any longer, because they can draft a 1st rounder as a replacement for much less money. Therefore the money saved in Big Pauls contract can be used to keep a few more potential FA players.

    It is a better idea to resign Jake at this time, but his injuries have really been a problem for him. I don’t think the Dolphins will re-up him until they know that he is sound once again. Players should not get the big money because of there name, they should get it because they earn it.

    Think of Jake like this. If your best and highest paid cook is missing time because he is stoned or drunk most of the time. Should he get a raise, or should he get a new contract ? I don’t think so. Everyone knows the NFL is a what have you done for me lately game, and lately Jake has not been himself and missing games. If I’m the Dolphins I’m thinking to myself ( show me what you got Jake !! ) and I’ll extend you a fat contract.

  5. markeyh says:

    “Think of Jake like this. If your best and highest paid cook is missing time because he is stoned or drunk most of the time. Should he get a raise, or should he get a new contract ?”

    Well I would not agree to that analogy more than to say the cook missed time due to food poisoning…and if he is one of the top cooks in the world you would pay him…I like that analogy better…

    PAY JAKE!!!!


  6. rumblefish57 says:

    Both sides of this issue have merit. If Big Jake wants to retire a Dolphin, he should sign longterm for about 8 mil a year, and re-work his contract as team salary cap needs arise in particular seasons. He’ll still retire with alot of money, and show a selfless, what’s good for the team mentality that oldschoolers who played their careers on one team had.
    Free agency and greed have pretty much made career one-teamers extinct, and it will take a high degree of loyalty rarely seen anymore for him to be a retired Dolphin vs a retired NFL player.

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