Starting Off 2014 Behind The Magic Eight Ball?

Just when you thought things might finally be on the right track the Dolphins have back to back setbacks with two key players on the team. Last week we found out Mike Pouncey will miss at the very least 4 games and depending on his recovery and potential suspension from Bully Gate it could be longer. So our starting “Pro Bowl Center” will miss a few regular season games while he heals from hip surgery. Now today we find out that our #1 pick from last year who came to camp heavier and bigger, seemed to have had a reason as he tested positive for banned substances and received a 4 game suspension.

The season has not even started and we are down two key players the team is counting on. As the saying goes if it were not for bad luck this team would have no luck at all! How will these two key players absence affect the team? I am sure the Dolphins are taking the next man up approach to this, what else can they do? But realistically this is not good news to lose two potential impact players especially when the Dolphins have brought in a 32 year old past his prime guard in Daryn Colledge to add some more depth and flexibility to the line as they give others like Shelly Smith, Sam Brenner or Nate Garner a shot at replacing Pouncey.

Miami will have 5 new starters on the offensive line to start the season and with the importance of chemistry and time together it is starting to look more and more like a true area of concern again as now we will have to get the right players to work as a cohesive unit and gel (ASAP) as the season approaches. I suspect we might still have yet to acquire the player or players that we need to make sure we do not have a repeat of the abysmal play of the 2013 offensive line and hopefully Ryan will have on his track shoes (just in case) and not repeat his standing in concrete and refusing to run when needed last year.

Dion Jordan’s suspension is extremely disappointing as I was hoping that he would start the season off healthy and ready to redeem what can only be described as a poor rookie campaign no matter the reasons. Now he will have to sit out the first 4 games of the season and will have the stigma of being a cheater using banned substances so another black eye for a team that seems to can’t get away from bad publicity. Dion has the size and abilities to be special and to have this setback in year two is not good news for him or the team. Yes we have Wake and hopefully Olivier Vernon will continue to cement himself as a true threat opposite whoever he lines up with. Dion will have to live down this error, I do not know the particulars about what he tested positive for at this time and if it was deliberate or accidental but this is not good news.

So we are already behind the eight ball with two players sidelined before the start of the season. This is an important year and could be Joe Philbin’s last year if expectations are not met. I hope we don’t have too many more setbacks as far as players’ ability to play without injuries and/or suspensions popping up. Miami cannot afford to lose too many more starting caliber players and expect to compete in what I feel has become a tougher division to play in and against the AFC East.

Are you starting to be concerned?  I am! The photo up top shows the answer I received once I pulled out all the stops and reached into my bag of tricks and shook the old “Magic Eight Ball”  and asked should we be concerned and the reply is there for you to see…..(sigh!) I was hoping for a more definitive answer! Maybe you can help…


Chime in and let us know are you concerned?


One Comment on “Starting Off 2014 Behind The Magic Eight Ball?”

  1. madenglishman says:

    Hopefully Vernon builds on last year and Wake is fully fit and back to his 2012 level so not a complete catastrophe.

    Jordan creates a real problem for the coaching staff as the only things he can’t participate in are the 4 games he is banned for – So do the coaches use him in camp and pre-season as if he was available for game 1 or do they give more time to Shelby or even Fede.

    Obviously we don’t know the circumstances of the transgression but I am of the opinion that it has happened once and is therefore more likely to happen again with disasterous consequences. Jordan could be very good maybe even elite but he has had a very very bad start to his career. Was his bulking up due to the stuff he was taking? He has created too many question marks at the moment.

    The OLine is of concern but I think it will be more than adequate and the play calling will mitigate some of the deficiencies even if it means more rushing than expected for Tannehill.

    I am trying to be optimistic but it is hard – hopefully Moreno lights it up in the pre season otherwise that’s another dud.

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