Is Pouncey trying to self destruct?

I am convinced that he just does not get it. Time and time again Mike Pouncey has put himself out there to the detriment of his personal and professional well-being. The latest “news” involves Pouncey and his twin brother Maurkice at the Cameo Nightclub last night during the celebration of their annual birthday party.

Though the incident has not been confirmed, New Times has reported that a man named Riquan James was jumped by four bouncers and the Pouncey twins at the nightclub and was also called a gender slur. Allegedly, Vasquez had a swollen face and a chipped tooth after the incident. Although details about the incident are unclear at this time, this is another case of poor judgment by Pouncey. According to police an incident report has not been filed at this time so and Vasquez took to twitter to vent his story.

Whether this incident turns out to be small or an overblown story, it has become painfully evident that Pouncey does not know how to monitor or control his actions. From bullying, to Free Hernandez t-shirts, to ill advised tweets it just does not seem to register with him the negative impact his actions have. Just look at his behavior since the Wells Report and you would never know that he had a NFL punishment or sanction pending for the upcoming season.

After his last incident of tweeting regarding where he was going to be taken for dinner by our number one draft pick, I stated that given everything that has happened with Pouncey, he was only a serious injury away from losing millions of dollars. It is almost certain that with his play so far in the NFL Pouncey that Miami would have worked out a long-term deal to keep him happy in Miami if it were not for his off the field behavior.

Surely enough the hip surgery followed recently and thankfully for Pouncey’s sake it is not career ending and should not affect his play. I’m betting at this point, The Dolphins are glad that they didn’t sign a long-term deal with him. Let’s see what becomes of this story and go from there. Unfortunately, I’m afraid Pouncey is going to maybe have too much free time the next few months. Yours Truly, saysMikey.


2 Comments on “POUNCEY IS AT IT AGAIN”

  1. madenglishman says:

    Initial reports are saying the Pounceys weren’t involved. Also here in the UK you don’t get jumped on by bouncers unless you’ve done something wrong in the first place so something doesn’t read right.

  2. saysMikey says:

    Hi ME- The Miami Beach police are still investigating the attack as of late yesterday- You are probably right about the bouncers having to take action- I just hope M. Pouncey didn’t throw in his two cents worth- he just does not have a clue to keeping things “low profile” thanks, saysMikey.

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