Dallas Tomas a different player this year.

Thomas has stood out this offseason

Dallas Thomas was one of the draft class players from last year that was decidedly underwhelming as a group and individually. He was nursing a shoulder injury and was not 100% physically and in addition it was apparent that he had not put in enough time on his playbook. According to coaches he was just not ready even though he took snaps with the first team OL last camp.

This offseason Thomas has looked like a new man a was singled out by Coach Philbin for his offseason work both physically and mentally. Markeyh and I have both have been wondering which of the heralded 2013 draft class was going to step up this year and it looks as though it may be Thomas with Dion Jordan’s setback. If you would have asked me if I thought we would be in this position with our OL prior to the free agency this year I would have said “no way”.

As good as Pouncey is and as much as he could be a potential long-term solution at Center, I am certain The Dolphins are considering other options. It just doesn’t look at this point like he is going to grow up. If we had James, Thomas, Pouncey, Smith, Turner, Garner, and Albert all available what an awesome looking line that would make. Like every other team, however, we have to deal with the reality of what is now and not what could be.

Considering the Pouncey setback, the news on Thomas is just about the best we could possibly get on our OL. If Thomas were to make it as the starting Left Guard he would join former Tennessee teammate Ja’Waun James. We all know The Dolphins will be starting five new players on the OL this season and as it is shaping up now this has the makings of a solid line. Only Pouncey’s absence at Center keeps this OL from the makings of an elite group and even one that would have some depth with the above players. We now need Brenner to really step it up at Center. To use one of our other players at Center would actually require two changes for example using Smith at Center would require a change at Guard. Bringing in a player from another team without any Dolphin experience at this point would not make sense either. By mid-season I think you are going to see an exceptional OL. Yours Truly, saysMikey


3 Comments on “Dallas Tomas a different player this year.”

  1. madenglishman says:

    I don’t understand why Nate Garner isn’t being given reps at center , after all he did start two games last year and by default has more experience than Brenner.

    Tyler Larsen whilst being an outside bet wasn’t too shabby during his college years and should be given a chance.

  2. markeyh says:

    I am sure they will consider who is the best option at center. Training camp and the preseason will settle any questions.

  3. saysMikey says:

    We do have time to get this right with the least amount of damage to the quality of our OL. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy because I still believe we are going to be much improved over last years unit. Thanks, saysMikey.

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