Taking a Closer Look at “THE TRADE” & Early Free Agency


The Dolphins made a trade that some want to criticize because that is all some folks tend to do no matter what the Dolphins do. Despite the fact that we have new management who appear to be on the same page and so far seem to be working together, the naysayers are in full force. There was a time when the off-season brought about hope no matter what.

Some Dolphins fans need to turn in their card and it’s time to maybe root for some other team because I am so sick of everything being looked at with skepticism and extreme negativity. Enough is enough!

The perfect example is the recent trades by the Dolphins to trade down from the 8th spot in the draft to 13th in exchange for two players who potentially could be starters and/or at the very least add depth to a roster that is in sore need of better depth and more competition.

The other move that’s been criticized was the loss of two players who were drafted by the Dolphins played out their rookie contracts and hit it big in the free agent market. Now it is true had the Dolphins tried last year to extend the contracts of both Olivier Vernon and Lamar Miller we would have avoided letting them hit the free agent market.

Truth is that both players have been in Miami their entire NFL careers these past 4 seasons and neither of them made that much of a difference that it helped Miami get past the consistent mediocrity and maybe just maybe we will get to another level with the players that will eventually replace both OV and Lamar.

So many are complaining about both the trade and letting go two YOUNG drafted players who some feel should have been retained.

I will address both issues. First let’s review the trade:

Miami traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for Cornerback Byron Maxwell and Linebacker Kiko Alonso in exchange for trading down 5 spots in the draft that have them drafting 13th instead of 8th.

From the Dolphins perspective they get 2 potential starters (Highly likely they will both start) and they feel that at pick number 13 they will also get another starter.

Some who choose to look at the glass being half empty feel that Miami made a huge mistake dropping down 5 spots in the upcoming draft, really?

I find their position to be premature and in fact it will take at least a year at the minimum if not longer to really judge this move.

The Dolphins feel confident in the decision and I always start off giving the new management the benefit of the doubt than continue with the same old tired line of what the past management teams have done. Get this through your heads, there is no correlation between what happened with both Joe Philbin and Tony Sparano both of who we can all agree did not deserve to be head coaches and in fact most likely will never again get a shot at that position. Can the same be said of Gase?

A close look at Adam Gase says this guy is the right person to have been given a shot at Head coach more so than both of the last two head coaches the Dolphins hired. In fact I suspect that even if Adam should not reach his potential here in Miami (I am hoping he does) he will get another shot somewhere else.

Back to my points:

I personally feel really good about the trade because they are trying and that is all any fan should expect from the team. To me this is a good gamble even if they get one starter out of the deal, but to have the potential to have 3 starters for just dropping down 5 spots in the draft it just seems like anyone complaining fails the see the big picture!

So time will certainly tell if they made the right move but they get three shots at making that decision a smart one, I’ll take their odds.


The other decision that seems to be overly criticized is the loss of two young players entering into their 2nd contracts after their rookie contracts ended. Miami lost Olivier Vernon and Lamar Miller both starters and both solid players. I really would have loved to have retained Lamar Miller (who have yet to be replaced) and I really have no problem letting OV move on. Not just because of his contract he received but also because I feel he benefited from having Wake and Suh on the D line and in fact I personally feel had he been a better player he should have easily had double digit sacks with what he had on the defensive line last year especially when you see Suh often was double and tripled team last year on the line and with the clueless DC we had these past few seasons Kevin Coyle who’s defenses continued to drop in ranking ever since he arrived in Miami and took over a defense that was ranked top 5 (I think they were 3rd) overall in the NFL. (Check the search engine for Kevin Coyle and see how your Dolphin Seer called him out early and often)

The loss of OV was mitigated with the signing of Mario Williams and that fact is evident when you simply just compare their history in the NFL and who really is a better fit for the Defense we will employ with the new DC Vance Joseph.

Click the links below on both Olivier Vernon and Mario Williams and look at the difference in the size of the men and their history of production. If you do you will find it hard to even question the decision to allow Vernon to walk especially considering what the Giants paid OV compared to what Miami paid for Williams.

Olivier Vernon:


Mario Williams


Yes Williams is 5 years older than OV but his production up until last season was more than twice what OV produced in Miami. From 2012 – 2015 Mario Williams have 42.5 sacks to Olivier Vernon’s 29 sacks.

As for Lamar Miller all I can say is yes I wanted him back but we all know that in his opinion the Dolphins under Joe Philbin did not utilize him as much as he wanted and that was a point of contention with his camp so it was already a difficult situation coming into the off-season. Lamar is an explosive RB good person and a solid RB. He is not with his flaws like any player as he did not possess the power needed to get the short yardage and the fact that the past coaching staff felt the need to limit his touches once again only time will tell if that was the wise move as Miller will get a shot this year with Houston to prove the Dolphins wrong.

With all that being said the truth is the RB position though important is not as critical as it is made out to be and we drafted Lamar in the 3rd round a few years back and with that position being devalued Miami will have plenty of opportunity to address that position in the draft (See my mock 7th round of some names at RB that might be around) or even after the draft as some team just might draft a young RB and drop a veteran back that Miami can pick up. There is even speculation that the Dolphins are looking to trade for a veteran RB. I am not a fan of that because I do feel it can be addressed either in the draft or sometime after.

In the mean time the one thing no matter who the RB’s will be is addressing the O-line and the problems that existed during Joe Philbin’s time in Miami. I do not feel Miami should use our first round pick to address the RB position but at the same time I also would have no problem if they did go for the best RB in the draft by all projections

( Ezekiel Elliott http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/ezekiel-elliott?id=2555224)

Here is a list of the top RB’s to consider: (http://gbnreport.com/2015-nfl-draft-player-rankings/top-running-backs/)

I started The Dolphin Seer because of the extreme negativity that existed towards the team I love. I wanted to put a positive spin on what has become too much negativity. Thus my motto “Accentuating the Positive Eliminating the Negative” sill apply.

Dolphin bashing is the in thing for so many, including our own fans. Yes we have had our share of bad times, but for me I still have found memories of a Miami team that dominated the division and was a consistent winner. In life we often have to take the good with the bad.

Maybe just maybe they have put together a management team that can finally get this team to live up to their potential. I for one will give them the benefit of the doubt and you naysayers please give it a rest and let this team do their jobs and reserve your judgment for a later time you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Go Miami!



4 Comments on “Taking a Closer Look at “THE TRADE” & Early Free Agency”

  1. getterdone says:

    i like the ‘Trade’. The only question mark is the injury history of the 2 Eagles players, but both are said to be fully healthy now. Both are young, 28 & 26. Both have demonstrated good production as starters.

    Another plus is not losing any of the full allotment of draft picks we started with.
    We only moved down 5 spots in just the 1st round, where our draft board likely still had a couple of guys we were targeting anyways. This is where fans & media don’t know that the Phins will likely still get their man in the 1st round.

    The 2 young vets we acquired are like getting 2 extra picks for the move down. Alonso was a former 2nd Round pick. He’s still on his rookie contract.
    Alonso fills a great need @ MLB. Sheppard was cut loose, & Misi isn’t suited for the middle full time.

    Maxwell restructured his deal, will cost less than the rightly departed Grimes & his circus sideshow! He too fills a need, is bigger & more physical than Grimes who was wearing down, going on 33yrs old.

    The team wanted to retain OV, but wasn’t going to back the brinks truck up for him. He was real good, but not All Pro good. The hole left by him was quickly filled by a much more affordable Super MArio, who isn’t past his prime. He was misused in Rex Ryan’s 3-4 D last year.
    Phins DC Vance says we are going top still be a 4-3 with some Wide 9 looks up front. This is the same D that Jim Schwartz ran when Mario had a big year previously in Buffalo. Incidentally, it’s the same Defense that Suh played great in Detroit under Schwartz.

    Then to fill another need at DE, we signed Andre Branch coming off his rookie deal @ 26yrs old.
    A former 2nd Rd pick, he also will see the field. He struggled a bit in Jax with nagging injuries, but is ready for a fresh start. He’ll compete with a likely rookie DE that we draft.
    Plus don’t forget we still have Wake returning, Fede, and Chris McPain is said to be moving back to DE full time, instead of OLB. Oh, and Dion Jordan could be back if he’s cleaned his act up.

    We are going to be able to get after the QB just fine. We’ll also likely draft a CB early, and another LB. The defense should turn around nicely in 2016.

    The only thing I have been personally disappointed about so far this off season is the loss of Lamar Millertime. He was becoming a star & all pro in my eyes.
    He was greatly underused in the Philbin era, but still got offered huge money for a RB in the open market.
    He too was offered to stay, so it wasn’t like the Phins didn’t want him. There is a Cap, and not every team can keep all of their UFA’s.

    His loss wouldn’t have been such a disappointment had the CJ Anderson deal went through. That one hurt. Damn Elway for playing games…lol.

    but Ajayi looks very promising & expect Gase to add another RB in the draft & somewhere down the line in FA with a vet.

    We also restructured both Suh & Cameron to help make these aforementioned moves possible.

    So I say, sit back and relax Phin fans. Get behind & let the Gase era begin!!!

    Go Dolphins!

  2. markeyh says:

    Well said my friend!

  3. […] Miami initially had the number 8th pick in the 2016 NFL draft that they traded down with the Philadelphia Eagles picking up the Eagles 13th pick along with two veteran players. They got CB Maxwell, Byron  and LB Alonso, Kiko both players are projected starters and both are coming off disappointing seasons in Philadelphia who decided to have a fire sale of some of former  head coach Chip Kelly’s players he signed. (See Taking a Closer Look at the trade) […]

  4. […] go back to THE TRADE if you recall the last year the Dolphins traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for Cornerback Byron […]

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